Where Are You, God

Where Are You, God?

Do you sometimes feel that God doesn’t hear you?  Do your prayers seem to end at  the ceiling?

God, where are You?

When you’re in a tough season and praying for a certain outcome in your circumstances, what’s a good way to pray fervently and know God is hearing your prayer?  The answer is this: by praying in alignment with His word…

by praying scripture.

Regarding your recent earnest prayer, what is a barrier for you?

Is it hard for you to draw near to God?  Why do you think so?

Why do we oftentimes resist spending time with God and digging into scripture?

What things in your day take precedence over what should be most important?

Don’t we find in the end that God’s will turns out to be the best for us after all?

Now all glory to God, who is able,
through his mighty power at work within us,
to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.  (Ephesians 3:20)

Studying scripture helps us learn the character of God.  When in relationship with the Lord, faithful Christians know what is acceptable to Him intuitively on many things,

because those who know Him know His character.

If we have doubts about His will, we need only to look at His Word.

This God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.  (Psalm 18:30)

Yes, God gives us whatever we ask that is in alignment with His will.  Know God, and then you can be confident to ask Him your combined agreed-upon will.  Asking for what you want does require agreement on the matter between you and God, just as forgiveness through faith in Christ requires agreement about your sin  between you and God and with faith in Christ for His forgiveness of your sin.

God loves you.  He wants the best for you, and He desires a relationship with you.  Imagine.  Our Almighty God, Who created everything in heaven and on earth, thought to create you  along with all the other magnificence of this world.  He made you with value for relationship with Him.

It’s up to us.  He is never pushy nor forceful.  God patiently waits for you and for me to seek Him, to know Him, so we can agree on His will and have the best outcome in our circumstances.

How will your prayer time be different today?


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  • Robin

    Some people read their bible as soon as they get up. Some of us have trouble with that. I don’t sleep well so I am tired when I get up. Getting up earlier to read ….oh man. I can’t see right for the first 10 minutes at least. Lol As soon as I get up (within 5 minutes of waking) I have to take care of somebody else’s needs, beit dog, husband, child. SO! I schedule my time to read as soon as I am DONE doing that. I make myself a cup of my hot bone broth protein concoction and sip while I read. And I often start my audio bible WHILE making my husband’s breakfast and lunch because it’s quiet in the house (until Q hears me and starts scratching at ST’s bedroom door to get out. Lol ) Summer time is actually harder for me since the schedule is different, with ST being home. And sometimes things happen… like I go back to bed after getting hubby out the door, and when I get up I have to rush to be somewhere, or I just plain FORGET ….nobody’s perfect. But I make up for it. Rare as it is that I forget to read, but when I do I read both days scheduled scripture reading the next day. On occasion I play the audio bible in the car if I am alone . And I just let it play instead of messing with it to read just what is on that day’s list. I may mess with it at a red light or something.

    We have to make an effort. No matter what tries to get in the way.

    Q says hello. He had a day off from school Saturday because he “ graduated” after only 3 of 6 classes. He starts his new “ grade” this Saturday. He will be in with the service dogs. Not sure if he is excited… or even cares. Hahaha. Well, he gets constant Apple and zucchini “treats” at school so I guess he doesn’t mind going. Lol

    ST has been walking and feeding him every day since school let out. She has had to deal with his tummy troubles that one week, and has had to get up in the middle of the night to let him out. The other day he woke her up with his carpet licking AGAIN. LOL She was outside at 4:30 am so he could eat grass. It settles his stomach. She had him annoying the heck out of her yesterday. I was in the basement on the couch for an afternoon nap. He wanted my attention so I told him to go away ( in a stern voice) so he went upstairs and nagged her. He wanted me so bad he was scratching on the basement door to come down. He barked at her a long while. She said, “Oh my gosh! He needs a family that is always moving around so he can busy himself with following them all day! He is the biggest pain! He wants you. He wants my food. He wants attention. He wants to go outside, just to go outside.” I’m guessing she can’t WAIT to get back to school and get a part time job! Lol! When she complains I say “Welcome to parenthood. Kids are much worse “ lol

    • Kim

      Haha! Yes, good lesson for ST. 🙂 It’s nice to hear that Q is so successful at “school”. And, you are right about things getting in the way or interrupting time with God. Satan hates that and uses every trick in his arsenal. Prayer is a good way to win that battle! And, determination never hurts, either. My phone Bible app has audio with the click of a button. Embarrassing when I accidentally (and quite by habit) turn the sound on in public. I work very hard not to do that in SS or church services. What a shocker that would be! Ugh. Bone broth. Good for you! 🙂

  • Pam Richardson

    I am sorry I am so late to reading, Kim. But I am glad I didn’t miss this wonderful post. Praying in God’s will is a prayer discipline. I struggle with that, I want God to answer my prayers as I want Him too. Your are correct, He knows what is best for us. Blessings sweet friend!

    • Kim

      Thank you, Pam. No quilt in being “late”. I was out of town for a week and couldn’t respond. Discipline has been a dreaded word in the past for me. But the benefits are definitely worth the discipline. Happy week! 🙂

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