What Would You Do?

What Would You Do If Faced With ISIS?

Have you ever wondered how you would react if an enemy held a gun to your face and demanded that you renounce Jesus Christ or die?

Early in my faith, I questioned my ability to stand strong.  My faith in the Lord had not fully developed yet.  It isn’t always easy to predict what we’d do in that moment when faced with possible torture and probable death.  Do or die.  What would it be?

It’s quite possible that you know without doubt what you would do.  I now know and thank our Lord for many tough seasons of preparation!  Trials are the refining seasons some of us (me!) need for what I call do or die  spiritual growth.

In each hard season along life’s journey, I learned deeper trust in our Heavenly Father.  I thought I had it firmly ingrained  until our prodigal season happened.  Satan’s presence surrounded me and filled our home. How could that be?  I didn’t understand.  How was the devil allowed inside our home where Jesus lives in all who reside here?  Satan even appeared to me in the middle of the night one night as the snarling, drool-dripping, long fanged, ugly, hairy beast of darkness that he is.  And I knew.

Oh, he is beautiful and looks enticing and believable when tempting you to sin.  But, in attack mode, you see him for what he is.  Nastier than nasty.

When satan (yes, little s!) entered our home and I realized He had spiritually kidnapped our daughter, I pictured myself standing in our yard outside the kitchen window, hurling my spear into the ground and declaring ALL OUT WAR on that evil deceiver.  It was GAME ON!  That’s when I knew.  I could now face ISIS or any death threat, firmly, with Jesus by my side.  Securely.  And not waiver.

You don’t mess with my children, and satan had gone too far.  Mama Bear was awakened and riled!  Or, maybe I should say Mama Lioness.

Lioness Awakened

Fierce looking, isn’t she?

I praise God for providing resources to fill my mind with His goodness, love, positivity, inspiration, and on and on…throughout my days by use of podcasts and YouTube sermons streaming through earbuds connected to my phone.  Of course, every day begins with Bible reading/study and personal time with the Lord.  Nothing can replace that.  Additional input from Christian leaders, teachers, fellow embracers, and preachers serve as continued learning, reminders, and revelations of reasons to Praise the Lord.

This sermon by Lisa Bevere teaches of our lioness status.  How motivating and inspiring!  Lisa’s study of this fierce creature gives us such a great vision of how our future could and should be.  It’s rather long but worth the time investment, I promise you.

Are you emboldened?  Awakened?  Bring on ISIS and be fierce!

Because He lives~

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  • Karen

    I don’t have to wonder..I know, but I have to feel sorry for the true infadels who put me in that position. Somehow, I m sure I’ll leave my mark on them..and comedy will be involved..well, I’ll think it’s funny! I may get chastised a bit when He awakens me..but we moms are used to waking up to challenges!

    • Kim

      Thank you for sharing your stand on this, Karen. I’d like to witness the humor you “hit” the true infadels with! God clearly has gifted you with a sense of humor for His purposes. Embrace that! 🙂

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