Your Rain

What Is Your RAIN?

All the evidence I needed. . . .

Rain was coming!!!

You may know I take a girl’s trip each year with a group of high-school friends.  This being the year we all turn sixty (yikes!), we planned an especially distinctive trip.  All spring, Covid19 created a looming question over the entire plan.  Just in the nick of time, things opened back up to the point where our trip could happen . . . exactly at the entrance to summer season . . . cautiously.

With a new plan altered from the original flight reservations, hubs drove me (with his motorcycle in tow by trailer) to Dallas to connect with the girls for our trip to Vale.

A side note just for kicks:

The name of our text group is OG Girls (OG for Oak Grove, our high-school).  Upon seeing a text with our group name, a young grand of one of us asked what OG stood for.

Old girls?” she asked.

Hmmm…(urgh).  We all agreed, old-er girls.  Not old.  Never that (wink).

Back to the story.  Hubs met a couple of other motor cyclists from my home town and toured the Colorado mountains while we suffered (ha)  NOT ONE BIT(!) in Vale for a glorious 60 Celebration trip.

The OG Girls were so careful with me, wiping down every surface when we entered our condo, continually cleaning and being cautious of all possible germ invaders.  (OG Girls GERM BUSTERS!)  I felt very shielded from the virus.  The trip was perfectly grand, with breath-taking scenery and loads of laughter.

OG Twister, anyone?  (Hilarious with older girls, y’all!)  Too physical?  How about Mexican Train (dominoes) ’til midnight and beyond?  Tons of fun and memory-making, but that’s not the highlight of today’s post.  The Vale trip was most certainly a summer highlight.  But, hang on . . . there’s more.

A highlight with a more long-term significance had occurred randomly along our drive to Dallas to connect with the girls.  I immediately saw it – the hand-sized cloud, like the one his servant saw after Elijah prayed for rain seven times in a row.

Finally the seventh time, his servant told him, ‘I saw a little cloud about the size of a man’s hand rising from the sea.’  (I Kings 18:44)

Throughout this process, Elijah prayed and waited and watched expectantly.  No lamenting.  No fear of getting no answer from the Lord.  No questioning God.  No matter what he didn’t yet see.  Elijah had faith that it would happen.

That tiny cloud was all the evidence Elijah needed.  God was moving to end their drought.  Rain was coming, so Elijah sent word to King Ahab.  Immediately.  He said to hurry.  Rain was coming quickly!

My “Hand-Sized” Cloud:

A simple text on my phone from our neighbor across the road.  Completely out of the blue.

 . . . also been wondering about your horses.
Our children are horse crazy right now and we wanted
to check if y’all would ever want to sell yours???

Last year, hubs admitted we should sell our “three omigos”: Davy, Scarlet, and Zep.


We had not ridden our pasture pets for several years.  Someone else could enjoy them more and make them “useful” again.  I enjoyed looking at them through our windows.  Hubs enjoyed the occasional care of them bodily.  Hoof treatments.  Fly management.  Worming meds.  Winter hay administration.  Pasture management.  It all seems so burdensome to me.  Where was the benefit of all that work?  And expense?

Hubs finally saw it as wasteful.  Not a burden at all, just wasteful of good horse enjoyment.  For someone other than us.  As I had discarded much in my life, hubs was ready to discard, as well.  Just that small part of his farm life dream. A tiny piece.  But a start.

My hand-sized cloud came in a text. What is the sign for which you watch? What is your rain? Click To Tweet

Until that text, hubs had no one interested that could be trusted to care for the horses properly.  (Would this buyer or that prospect turn them into glue?  You see what I mean.)  The man is serious about his animal care!  A good trait stemming from many biblical mandates like the following.

Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds, (Proverbs 27:23)

I’d given up on the idea, thinking hubs would never do it.  Never let go.  Never let them go.  You should understand.  Shedding the horse burden was only a tiny piece in the large picture of our future.

Finally the seventh time, his servant told him, 'I saw a little cloud about the size of a man's hand rising from the sea.' (I Kings 18:44) Click To Tweet

I shared in my last post how I’d lamented in my circumstances – and then changed my thought and prayer processes.  Praying with expectancy resulted in change appearing on the horizon.  Rain!

Your Rain

What is the rain for which you watch and wait?  It only takes a tiny cloud for a hint of what’s ahead.  Get ready.  It’s coming!

Do you watch expectantly? Confidently?  Our confidence is in the Lord!

Because He lives~

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  • Debbi Saunders

    Your post is very timely in my Life right now Kim and I found it encouraging and uplifting and a reminder to Pray with Expectancy! Thank you…. I enjoyed reading about your Girl Friends Weekend and I was so glad to see you sounding so well…. you continue to be in my prayers daily and I am praying with expectancy for your complete healing and restoration to full Health!!!

    • Kim

      Awe, thank you, Debbi! I appreciate your prayers very much, and I’m happy to help in some small way. God is so good, and He gets all the credit! Not sure where I’d be without Him. Thanks for sharing. You know that’s my favorite part. Love and hugs. 🙂

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