Your Cup of Trembling

What Is Your Cup Of Trembling?

Sometimes we feel we deserve the trouble in which we find ourselves.  That’s the case when we’re fully aware of our wrongful acts and intentions.  When my children disobeyed, they had consequences.  I made sure of it.  What better way to teach them?  Does that mean God does the same?

God cares for us, His people . . . His children.  Just like all children, we regularly mess up.   The Old Testament shows how the Israelites, over and over again, followed the circular pattern of blessing — turning from God — eventual full rebellion — consequences — repentance — and back around to blessing.  Full circle.

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I was drawn to this verse in particular and the feeling I get when reading it.

Thus says your Lord, the Lord and your God, who pleads the cause of His people.  “See, I have taken out of your hand the cup of trembling.” (Isaiah 31.22)

I imagine each of the Israelites holding a cup while trembling in fear of the future, dreading the consequences ahead.

In this particular Old Testament situation, God’s people were facing consequences for their sin and rebellion (Isaiah, chapters 30-31).

Your Cup of Trembling

By His grace, God rescues us – even when we’re in a mess of our own doing.  He hangs in there with us and doesn’t leave our side.  The Lord is compassionate.  Gracious.  Forgiving.  Loving.

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Do you fear some consequences right now?  What do you fear that causes your hands to tremble while holding your cup?  God is with you.  Cling to Him, no matter what.

Because He lives~

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