TO BE or NOT TO BE in 2019?

TO BE or NOT TO BE in 2019

Happy New Year!  It felt good to flip over my calendar this morning to a fresh new day, new month, and brand new year.  I hope you enjoyed your holidays (holy days) with family and friends.  I so enjoyed the chats with you on my Tree of Hope  post.  You continue to bless me with your sweet, supportive comments, prayers, and encouragements.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I continually ponder and pray about what God has for me next.  How about you?

Surely you know that you are gifted with many talents.  Even if you think you lack talent for anything much, God equipped you with specific abilities for a reason—for your expression of His love, in celebration of His creation, for your enjoyment, and ultimately for your ministry to others.

Perhaps you have grown complacent in your Fall (or Winter) season of life.  Someone my age recently told me it feels like they have no purpose anymore.  Do you think you are finished with your ministry areas?  Perhaps you feel you can no longer make an impact – that you have no defined  purpose.

Personally, I feel a burden to pack all of what God desires for me into whatever time I have left.  My inner desire is to shout from the rooftops about the Glory of God!  Since I lack the gift of speaking, I minimize the occasions when I open my mouth on a platform or stage.

With self-care requirements and various health issues, scheduling time for impactful ministry can be a challenge.  Ministering to others for God’s Kingdom is my heart’s desire now that I realize I’ve wasted so much time.  Well, I shouldn’t say “wasted”.  Rather, years were devoted more heavily to raising children.  Now in the empty-nest years, I can expand my outward focus.

Have you asked this question?

What does God want me to do in 2019?

Maybe we need a new mindset.  God doesn’t want us to get all wrapped up in what we will do.  He created us as human beings, not human doings.  For those who love the Lord, we desire to be obedient to His call.  There’s no check-list for works which are dead.  No to-do list.  Only a to-be list.  We are to be His children, disciples of Jesus, so simply be who God designed you to be.

As Christians who love the Lord, we don’t earn God’s favor.  Is there something you’re trying to earn?  Give it up.  Jesus freed us from all that.

For we are God’s masterpiece.
He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,
so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.
(Ephesians 2:10 NLT)

Does that astound you - that you are the masterpiece of our Most High God? Click To Tweet

As God’s miraculous handiwork, we have a responsibility to be mindful of His design in us when considering future plans.  Does it inspire you that the Lord planned good things for you long ago?

Ponder it for a moment.

Years before our existence, He planned good things for us.


That proves it.  We are beings of our Lord’s intention!

Have you continued to accept God’s call for your life’s purposes?

Whatever our season of life, we are called according to His purposes.  No matter our age.  No matter our stage.  No matter our season.

I know it’s hard (sometimes impossible) to make plans for your future during a season of illness.  There are still things we can be in the “off” seasons.  Things that flow from a human being saved by grace.  Like being an encourager, sending notes by text, email, or snail mail, pondering kind words you can say to someone the next time you see them, or calling them on the phone for a boosting conversation that’s comforting for them and for you.  Be balm to their soul, like Christ is for us.

What is your word for 2019?

What word has God brought to mind repeatedly lately?  Maybe He’s trying to gather your thoughts into focus.  My word for 2019 is NOW.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Now.

Our Lord Jesus has been telling me that I’m not finished yet.  Apparently, He’s ready for me to shout His Glory from a rooftop in the form of writing again this year but in a different way than only blog posts.  Four years ago this month, God gave me a book title.  I had a sense for what He wanted me to write, but I didn’t hear that He was ready for me to do it.

Whatever our season of life, we are called according to His purposes. No matter our age. No matter our stage. No matter our season. Click To Tweet

I knew He would, without doubt, let me know when it was time.  I waited patiently out of my toughest season and into another long and hard one. While remaining in my current tough season, God finally started revealing His plan for writing that book.  It began three weeks ago, and I know.  The time is now.  That’s why my word for 2019 is NOW.

So…what’ll it be for you in 2019?  A focus word for the year?  Resolutions?  Or, will you have a new perspective of “who you will be“?

Because He lives~

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  • Belinda

    Here I am again but I hadn’t read this one before I read the latest one (make sense?). It’s funny that you would talk about a word in 2019 because it’s the second time I’ve been told this; just last Sunday I was talking to one of the ladies on the Praise Team I’m with at our church and sharing some difficulty I was having and she began to tell me to ask God for my ‘word’ for 2019. I’m still pondering that but I do believe God may be trying to tell me something here. Wow! I have a desire to use whatever time I have left on this earth to make it count for Him as I know I’ve wasted time; regretting, despising my actions of the past, the way I’ve hurt others and resented instead of helping… May God give me that purpose to move forward. I’m in my last year in my 50’s this year. I want to make it count.
    God bless, again.

    • Kim

      Thank you for sharing your heart, Belinda. We have several similarities, I see. You’ve just confirmed that I need to get that book written! Hugs!

  • Barbara Hahn

    I was seeking God’s word for 2019 and thinking about either Breathe or Be. After I read your blog I felt that my word is BE. Then the first point of the first sermon I heard in 2019 was, Be with Him from Mark 3:14. I felt that was God’s affirmation of my word. Looking forward to see what God shows me this year. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    • Kim

      I love that! Thank you for sharing your word for 2019 – and how you arrived there. I haven’t been able to get “be relevant” off my mind, so I guess I have a word for 2019 and a phrase. Ha! God has such a wonderful sense of humor! 🙂 I’ve noticed more “be” statements in scripture than ever before. Hugs!

    • Kim

      Welcome, and thank you, Jennifer. It’s so nice to meet more Christian women on-line. I love the thought of sharing “a cuppa” for real! Since I live in the boonies, it makes me feel like a true neighbor again. 🙂

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