For They Know Not What To Do

They Know Not What To Do

It’s Labor Day as I write.  By the time I click “publish”, I will be hoping you had a blessed Labor Day.  As for me, I’ve been sitting here in my prayer chair, crying out to God since morning for a few particular children of a few particular friends.  And, I feel a burden.  As badly as our child’s sin pains us, imagine how our sin must pain our heavenly Father.

Then Jesus said,  “Father, forgive them,
for they know not what they do.”
(Luke 23:34a)

The circumstances were completely different when Jesus prayed those words in His final hour before burial and resurrection.  But, this is what came to mind when I thought about how we don’t take Him at His word.

Let’s face it.  Who among us is without sin?  Even when we try our best, we still fall short.  We don’t obey – maybe not deliberately but out of ignorance or laziness or some other hindrance.

I changed the wording from They Know Not What They Do to To Do for this post only – because we were given instructions for things which we tend to overlook.  God tells us what to do in His word. Can we consider my change in the wording just for today – to make a point?  Please understand me.  I would never attempt to alter God’s Holy Word!

Satan wants to keep Jesus’ power hidden from us.  Don’t let him get away with it!  He doesn’t get to win while we have the victory in hand through Jesus our Lord.

I’m surrounded by parents in our small town (and beyond) who have prodigals.  Some know what to do and some don’t.  Some who know what to do aren’t doing it.  Maybe they think by some “magic”, their child will return to them.

For They Know Not What To DoI’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but I AM saying that God gives us instructions for releasing His power for conquering evil in our world.  Why don’t we use it?  I can hear Jesus saying those words again to the parent of a prodigal,

over a daughter who is dependent on alcohol,
a son who is tied up with drug abuse,
a child believing same-sex attraction means
God created them to act on their feelings,

or one who is confused by gender issues but
chooses to be in opposition to God’s creation of them.
and the list goes on….

As you stand by, wringing your hands in silence and shame over your child, the Lord wants to shake you – to awaken you.

No!  This is your opportunity to glorify God.
Don’t just stand there, P-R-A-Y!

For today, before we get into the how to of In Prayer…Believe, let us pause to worship Him, to let your soul sing, and to allow the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart for what He has for us tomorrow.  (Hint: volume up and full screen is awesome.)

We need to spend time with Him, to trust Him…and rest.  He has your child (and you!) in the palm of his mighty right hand.

Until tomorrow~

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