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The Spiritual Seeds Planner Package Winner Is . . .

Happy hump day – and Spiritual Seeds Planner Package Winner Announcement Day!  🙂

For those of you that registered for the giveaway, thank you!  There were some who shared and commented on social media postings along the way (qualifying for the giveaway), those who don’t know me or any of you sister embracers who currently read along and embrace the seasons together.

The social media sharing to “put the word out” about the giveaway was fun, and I found other women in hard seasons who need embracer sisters like you and me.  The social part is always my favorite.  That’s why I always await your comments on each post to hopefully learn a little more about YOU.  YOU are the reason I do all of this!  Well, you and the Lord.  I can’t leave Him out (wink).

I was totally impartial in my old-school-ness of printing names on paper scraps, folding each one, giving them all a shake, and then asking visiting daughter (blind to what she was even doing) draw one folded paper scrap.  In my heart, I couldn’t help but hope the winner was one of you who faithfully read my (sometimes) randomness.

There was a point that I remember wishing I could buy a planner for each of you.  To give one to all of you who have stuck with me through this journey, sometimes with twists, other times with turns (What Now, Lord?), or when I get quiet and don’t write at all – like this past summer (and beyond).  You wait patiently, and all of you are winners, in my view.  I am blessed so by your faithful friendship and prayers.  So, thank you!

As I stood and watched my daughter unfold her drawn paper scrap and read what was on it, I was thrilled to hear The Spiritual Seeds Planner Package Giveaway winner is one of you who stick by my side, faithfully reading and encouraging along the way.  How selfish on my part, I know.  Sorry, but I cannot tell a lie.  I’m partial to you sisters who are with me in this embracing (like Embracing Another Test of Trust).

Now, onward with our winner of the Planner Giveaway Package.

Congratulations, Debbie!  The Spiritual Seeds Planner sisters are here to help you with Making Plans for 2021 (after our 2020 unexplainable year).

Spiritual Seeds Planner

Our winner, Debbie, is from North Mississippi.  She has four grown children and seven grands.  Debbie actively leads several church ministries.

Debbie said in her “registering” comment that she likes the brown planner.

Spiritual Seeds Planners

So, brown, it is! 🙂  All the colors are very pleasing, and the soft feel of the cover is perfectly scrumptious.  The Spiritual Seeds Planners make very good gifts, too!  🙂

Congratulations, Debbie!

For Debbie and the rest of you sister embracers, as we draw closer to Christmas day, I pray you look forward to cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit next year.  To get started, check out The Perfect Fruit Basket in 5 Easy Steps provided by the Spiritual Seeds Planner sisters.  They (and their planners) are such a blessing!

Virtual hugs, y’all!  🙂

Because He lives~

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  • Julie

    Congratulations Debbie! And thank you Kim for your support and efforts on this giveaway!

    We are immersing ourselves in God’s love during this Christmas season, and will jump into 2021 and planning our Fruitful year!

    God bless you all!
    Julie and Leann

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