Faithfulness Fridays

The Promise Gifter

“I will do this very thing you have asked, for you have found favor with me, and I know you by name.” (Exodus 33:17)

Welcome to Faithfulness Friday!  Are you uncertain about tomorrow?  Of course.  We all are.  But we need not be fearful.  I see so much reaction in panic and fear.  The Lord tells us multiple times in His Word not to fear.  He is in control.

Our God is faithful and true.  He will get us through the next few weeks/months.  The future may look bleak, but we have He Who is Most Powerful upon which to gaze!

I wrote this verse on the chalk board “cheese tray” (that my daughter made and gave me for Christmas) last week, as it sits on an easel on our kitchen buffet.  This helps me remember.

Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy. (Psalm 34:5a)

After chemo on Monday, I’m sure I don’t look too radiant.  No matter what, we can feel radiant.  We can be joyful – from Him, our source of all joy.  The Lord is our True Answer, our Faithful One, our King!

Let’s begin today by viewing another Old Testament highlight of God’s faithfulness, shall we?  For full meaning and context, read through chapters 32-33 of Exodus.

After reading about the rebellion of the Israelites so soon after witnessing God’s miracles, do you wonder why God didn’t leave them with “skid marks” in the dessert sand?  The end of chapter 32 explains that God was ready to do just that.

Why would our faithful God continue to travel among these people who had no heart for God?  No love.  No obedience.  So much waywardness.

The Israelites worshiped other gods when they had our Perfect Father with them every step of the way.  He traveled in their midst.  Among them.  As a part of their traveling caravan.  Their physical Guide and spiritual Guide, as well.  How could they abandon the Lord in their hearts by worshiping idols?

Are we any different?

In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 9, we also see a later account of Moses reminding the Israelites of the events that occurred when he came down the mountain with the stone tablets.

Remember and never forget how angry you made the Lord your God out in the wilderness.  From the day you left Egypt until now, you have been constantly rebelling against him.  Even at Mount Sinai you made the Lord so angry he was ready to destroy you.  (Deuteronomy 9:7-8)

God knew their rebellious behavior before Moses descended the mountain and found the Israelites in sin.  Moses had been on the mountain for forty days and nights, having no food or water, while God inscribed the commandment stones with His finger.  Moses was distressed greatly when God told him what was happening with the Israelites at the foot of the mountain.

When Moses saw for himself, he was so distraught that he prostrated himself before the Lord for yet another forty days and nights and begged Him to spare the people.  While on the mountain, God had told Moses he would destroy them and make another great nation from Moses.  Moses prayed, fasted, pleaded, and begged for those forty extra days.

Back to our chapters of study today, we see the result of God’s anger.

Go up to this land that flows with milk and honey.  But I will not travel among you, for you are a stubborn and rebellious people.  If I did, I would surely destroy you along the way. (Exodus 33:3)

Moses didn’t want the Promised Land without the Promise Gifter along with him.

Do you?

And, then … God changed His mind.

I will do this very thing you have asked, for you have found favor with me, and I know you by name.
(Exodus 33:17)

What faithfulness!  When we approach the Lord in earnest prayer, He responds.  If you read Moses’s account of his prayer in Deuteronomy 9:26-29, you’ll see that Moses spoke to God as a friend, honestly and openly.  Not a pretty, perfectly-stated, churchy prayer.  Just as we should pray, in true relationship where we can be honest and plain-spoken with the Lord.  He is our true friend.

Walking with Jesus gives us that.  I pray blessings for you and your family.  Be safe and stay home.  Be responsible for the sake of all but without panic and fear.

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow~




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