The Hardest Seasons

The Hardest Seasons

I have a fairly long list of friends who are the topic of my prayers – and their prodigal (teen and adult) children.  Once you have a prodigal of your own, you identify with the emotional trauma others are going through.  It can be the most gut-wrenching of seasons!

Several weeks ago, as I recovered from sickness after my first chemo treatment, God and I had a discussion about the true desires of my heart.  My previous plans for this blog were suddenly blurry and uncertain.  I knew God was up to something, so I asked Him,

“How can I best help others based on my experiences?”

The Lord convicted me to use this blog to minister to women in the tough seasons – and the triumphant ones.

He led me to encourage women during seasons of a prodigal child, seasons of illness (like my season right now), and the good seasons, too – because there ARE good seasons ahead for us all.  When you’re in a dark season, it doesn’t seem possible to ever be happy again, but it will happen.  Trust God in it.  He will make it happen!

Be still in the presence of the lord, and wait patiently for him to act.  (Psalm 37:7a)

Before making changes on this blog to include a prodigal child season, I discussed the idea with our former  prodigal.  I told her I won’t share the parts that are hers to tell or private among our family members.  She is fine with me sharing in ways to help others through the prodigal season.  My husband and I didn’t endure those months of pain for no reason.  God gives us rough seasons  so we can help others later.  And later is here for me now.

God taught us to trust Him completely – each step of the way, from day to day during our prodigal season.  Please share this link (Embrace This Season) with friends of yours who have a prodigal.  Also, please share my Facebook Page with your friends on Facebook.  I welcome all who need to know they aren’t alone in this!

Today, I praise God!  He healed our prodigal.  The completion of that ugly season is now beautiful.  We prayed fervently for a miracle while living in devastation.  In His timing, God was faithful.  Because HE IS FAITHFUL.  Faithfulness is His very essence.  If you have a prodigal, that can happen for you, too.  I can say emphatically that if you raised your child in a Christian home, they WILL return.  You can stand on God’s promises!

If you are a believer in Christ, the Lord is already working toward the beautiful ending of your trial.  The ultimate victory is already yours through Jesus.  And, He invites you to participate through prayer.  I’ve recently learned new things about praying through a major illness (actually, two).

You may discover the encouragement I share here applies to your  particular difficult season, whatever that may be.  Hopefully, many of you are in a celebratory season!  Either way, God has revealed ways He wants me to encouragement you in our Christian faith.

I’m so glad you’re here with me!  God’s glad, too.  He knows how much I need your support along the way.  Isn’t God grand?  🙂


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  • Robin

    Awesome. Just awesome how your blog is evolving! I’m so glad you are listening to Him! And it goes without saying that your are still in our prayers!

    And now it’s soooooo evident WHY I stumbled across your blog that day waaaaay back! Not only do I have a prodigal “out in the world” doing stuff that is hurting him, and I’m going thru the health junk STILL, unable to figure the “root”, but I, too, was called to use my experience to help other women who have beeen through what I went through years ago, from the teen years through my 1st marriage (bad decisions that have affected the rest of my life, and also mental abuse) and am going through now with my wacky health issues.

    So YOU, my friend, are , and will be of great help to me!
    And I just realized I AM A PRODIGAL CHILD MYSELF! I can’t believe I never realized it before. Lol. Geez. Talk about not seeing what’s right in front of your face. Lol.

    I stopped worrying about “ the boy” and have decided to Let go and let God”. Not an easy road to take, but the alternative would make me sicker. He has what looked like discoid lupus but has symptoms of regular ole lupus ( but I refuse to claim it!) and is such a hard heed. I told him what to do, gut wise, he did it, started feeling better almost immediately, then stopped, and went back to his old way of eating. Now he’s complaining again and thinks that the rheumatologist is gonna give him some “miracle pill”. I explained what will happen in the long run if he does. More illnesses. Possibly WORSE.

    He says ok but I don’t think he follows up. He is “ too busy”. I remind him he has a son to raise. So all I can do is PRAY!!!!

    Anywho….Quincy says hello. He recently had his 1 st trip to AC Moore (and his 1st shopping cart experience). He was stresssed. He panted the entire time. He wanted to GET OUT and explore. Lol Ya can’t coop up a dog who is part schnauzer. They gotta sniff EVERYTHING. The next time I will just put him on the leash. But I will need ST to be with me to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t sneak in a leg lifting! Lol ! They let dogs in because Petco is next door. So once in a while we get a treat seeing one. I have to pet them. I can’t help myself. Lol

    Schnauzers are so focused on what they are doing it’s like LA LA LA LA LA when you talk to them. He is usually a VERY good listener, but not while in “ smell mode”. He reminded me of that yesterday when we were donating at the thrift store. He was in their back room sniffing and totally ignoring me. Lol. ( I got a free wooden cradle from a lady on FB and donated it. My prodigal had slept in one that I had borrowed from my friend. They are so great to have! I couldn’t let this one wind up in the trash just because it wouldn’t fit in the lady’s car for her to donate it to a thrift store!)

    Blessings to you on your new adventure! I’ll be following along!

    • Kim

      Robin, I knew of your health history and prodigal, but I had not put it all together with my blog topics. It’s an amazing match, isn’t it? God knew that, of course.;-) Hugs, and hi to Quincy!

  • Heather

    Hi, Kim. I am hoping that you are feeling better now. Praying that you feel better after your next chemo. I like your new focus for your blog. My father-in-law had Parkinson’s for the last 18 years and died earlier this month. This week was the three year anniversary of my mom died so it has been a rough few months for my family. I am happy to think that things will be better in the future.

    • Kim

      I’m sorry, Heather. Loss is so hard! One thing about hard seasons…brighter days are ahead for us both. Pain has lessened, and with the chemo pill, no sickness and fatigue like with treatments, so I’m very excited about that. So glad you are here. Thank you for praying. 🙂

  • Penny

    Hello Kim,
    What a joy to receive words from you today. I hope that you’re doing better, and pray that as you deal with this new walk in life, you will have the strength , and comfort you need from the Lord.Blessings to you & to your family,

    • Kim

      Thank you for praying, Penny. God answered our prayers with this new chemo pill. We are blessed with a God who loves us and takes care of us. 🙂

  • Deborah

    I’m so happy to hear from you, Kim. I pray God’s blessings and love and strength and comfort and encouragement for you.
    I don’t exactly have prodigal children, but I have three adult children that are struggling with life and the problems that life throws at you. They were raised in a Christian home, but none are walking with the Lord. They are not involved in church and I pray daily that God will touch their lives and their hearts. I covet your prayers for each of them.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    • Kim

      Deborah, I have experienced all the things you listed. Your prayers were heard by God and shown to me. So, thank you! I’m happy to pray for your adult children. We all have prodigal seasons when we wander away from God – for a time. His tether is never broken, and you can pray His will for your children. He always answers that prayer, and we know His will is the BEST! Jesus has dominion over Satan, so he doesn’t win. We can participate by praying that Satan be bound in his attempts – in the name of Jesus and by His power.

  • Rhonda

    Oh Kim, it’s great to hear from you!!! Thought about you and prayed for you often. I know your heart for our God and know that he will bless your blogging!!
    Just this week, one on my dear friends from my SS class was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We covet your prayers for her as she seeks direction on medical treatment (who and where to go).
    Prayers continue for you as well!

    • Kim

      I’m happy to pray for her, Rhonda. What is her first name? God will guide her perfectly as she seeks Him. She’ll look back later and see His hand at work. Such a comfort! Thank you for your prayers. Love and hugs! 🙂

  • Diane

    Kim, so glad to hear from you. I pray these next chemo treatments will be completed with much success and minimal suffering. Please pray for my husband, Mark. He had a blood clot in his leg and artery disease that manifested along with it. Had a cath done to clear blood clot and open veins which was not successful. Had amputation below the knee that would not heal, got pneumonia and had to be put on ventilator. Second surgery for leg above the knee. Cannot be removed from vent so a trache will be performed. Oh mercy! I pray this plan works so he is not just lying there on medication. But I know our God is merciful and can perform the miracles he needs. Thank you so much for your prayers and I will continue to pray for you

    • Kim

      Oh, Diane, I’m so sad for what you and your husband have been through! I will definitely pray for a miracle for Mark. God hears our prayers.

  • Pam Richardson

    Kim, it was a wonderful to see you in my inbox! You remain in my prayers. Thank you for sharing a beautifully written post. God uses our pain, hurt, and suffering so that we might help others. You are a blessing!

  • Marsha

    I have prayed for you lady!
    My prodigal checked out of our lives in 2009 (and left her wonderful job working for an outstanding evangelist.) It appears she was introduced to a much more exciting lifestyle in the big city of Nashville. It would take a book to write of all the associated heartache that accrued since. We’ve continued to trust God would heal her. He has begun that process as of Sunday, April 8, 2018. With every mental diagnosis under the sun, she called and asked to come home as I was dressing for church that morning. I told her of course, as long as she could live by the house rules. So far she is totally “normal.”
    I’m asking God for that kind of healing for your MS and cancer Kim, and rejoicing in your prodigal’s healing, too.

    • Kim

      Thanks for sharing your Praise, Marsha. I’m so happy for you (and your daughter)! I understand about house rules, and it’s good that you’re sticking to them. God is working His miracle right before your eyes – and began His good work before you could even see it yet. Thank you for your prayers. Actually, “thank you” seems so insufficient. Prayer is a HUGE gift, and I appreciate it so much. Praise to our God Who heals and sustains. 🙂

  • Sharron

    Praying for you Kim, and for all the other hurts in this blog! God is able ! He has brought me thru 4 major surgeries in 5 years ! He has “grown” my 2 children to a good place ! He has redeemed all three of my “prodigal” grandchildren! My children and grandchildren are serving the Lord and working in their churches ! To God be the Glory ! He is so able !

    • Kim

      Amen! Our Almighty, Powerful God can do all things! Thank you for sharing your story of encouragement to us all. I appreciate your prayers very much. Hugs! 🙂

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