The Best Remedy

The Best Remedy: Live Your Life!

If you are the parent of a prodigal, one of the best things you can do is to live your life.  Meanwhile, God will bring you peace regarding your prodigal.

A former prodigal shared that tidbit of information with us as we were waiting and watching for a sign that our prodigal was turning back to us.  Our friend said, “If your child is at all paying attention to your life in their absence, they’ll notice.”  Continuing on “as usual” sends the message to your prodigal that they are missing out.  Life is marching on, and you are living it.

It’s not that what they do doesn’t bother you (because it most certainly does!), but living your life as normally as possible gives them the impression  that you are continuing on – with or without them.  So, live your life!

Believe me, I know how hard it is to ignore your child’s rebellion and move forward as if everything is completely normal.  I know.  Nothing is normal.  Far from it.  Right?  So how can you move forward?  I believe this pastor’s sermon will help give you a new perspective.

Did that help you?  How I wish I’d heard this sermon during our trial!

Some dear friends of ours who currently have a prodigal visited this church in Texas on Father’s Day.  This sermon was for them.  And, it’s for you and me and all the other parents of prodigals.  Share this post with any and all of your friends who have prodigals.  Encourage them today through these words from Warren Samuels.

Most importantly, rather than looking at your prodigal problems, look to the Lord.  How hard has it been for you to stop focusing on your problem?  Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


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  • Rhonda

    Kim, Although I do not have a prodigal, I found that sermon to be one of the most compelling sermons I have ever heard and certainly filled with truths that can be applied in and throughout every phase of parenting our children. I plan on passing it on to every parent, no matter the age of their children.

    • Kim

      I agree, Rhonda, and had to share it! Thanks for passing along this wonderful sermon. I hope things are great with your family. Hugs! 🙂

  • Robin

    Even my parents have learned to stop stressing over the prodigal. We tell him things once. We don’t yell. We leave him to make his mistakes. He now has arthritis BAD and lost his job a few months ago. His is a mechanic so he can’t always grip things. Last week he had bad pain and went to the ER. Kidney stone. I had forgotten to turn my volume on on my phone that morning so I missed his call, his GF’s calls and texts. Nobody called the home phone. I found out later, after it was all over. He said the pain was as bad as when he broke 6 ribs, collapsed a lung and lacerated his kidney last July. Almost exactly a year before. God saved me from being stressed out! I would have freaked out and jumped in the car and driven 45 minutes to the hospital. I am sooo glad I missed it all!!!! Usually when I miss an important call on my cell the Holy Spirit will nudge me to look at my phone. And I usually see it soon after I missed it. Not this time! I’m sooooo glad! He is ok. He is a hard head. God keeps trying to get his attention. Even his GF ( who is unsaved) said to him “Maybe what you are always searching for is at church”. My famous line when the boy does why he does …..Lord! YOU gave him to me. You handle this!

    • Kim

      Isn’t it the hardest thing to sit by and watch their lives fall apart? We can pray for God to kick Satan to the curb on this one! I know you’re ready for your son to return to a life of peace, stability, and good health. I’ll pray for that, too. Hugs! 🙂

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