Baobab Immune Booster

The Baobab Immunity Booster

With everything that’s going on right now with Covid-19, have you been searching for (and using) everything possible that can give your body more help in the immunity department?

I listened to the Trim Healthy Mama Podcast #168 last week (prepare for some potty crude-ness in this one, y’all).  I was stunned to realize that this Baobab sat in my pantry ready to boost my immunity but was just sitting.  Opened but unused.  Why was I not using it?

Frankly, it came down to taste.  I originally heard Trim Healthy Mama sisters say they put it in tea mixtures (aka “Trimmies”), smoothies, sprinkled on food, etc.  I tried it … and it was, quite simply, yucky.  (Sorry, THM sisters!)  They claim the flavor is fruity with a sherbet-like flavor.  Nope, not in my opinion.

But, wait … I tried it again since the podcast – because I had to give it another whirl, right?  It’s just so dynamite for our health! 

I added the Baobab powder to my chocolate mint (spinach) smoothy (note at end for recipe), and no Baobab taste came through at all.  My favorite smoothy was perfectly delicious, just like always.  A win-win with chocolate!  Or, was the mint making the Baobab a win?  Hmm. . . .

Baobab Immunity

All that to say … combining Baobab powder with flavors strong enough to mask the Baobab flavor makes all the difference.  So, maybe the sisters eat spicy foods when sprinkling on top?  You may like the Baobab taste better than I, but I advise using caution if you sprinkle the powder directly on food.  The shivers come to mind – wink.  (Again, sorry, sisters.)


Trim Healthy Mama tells us:

Baobab Boost* has higher antioxidant levels than any food on the planet (8 times that of the super berry Acai, and more than both blueberries and pomegranates combined!) It has more than twice the calcium of milk, double the magnesium and iron of spinach and is loaded with six times the potassium of bananas.

The podcast revealed even more health properties!  Here I was, being healthy by making smoothies with loads of spinach, only to find out that this simple powder has double the amount or more of health benefits.  It’s like at least two smoothy benes in one with no calories – in just the Baobab powder itself.

That’s not to say I’ll make my smoothies without spinach, berries, and such, because I’ll keep making them the same way.  I’m hooked on the flavor, so why change a thing?  Except for adding the Baobab Boost*, of course.

When using Baobab in a new recipe or concoction, my advice is to add a small amount, taste, then add a tish more.  Continue until you have the full amount included or until you detect only a hint of a flavor difference and stop there.

As far as quantity, a tablespoon is good, but begin with less and build up.  I started with a teaspoon, used 2 teaspoons the next day, and by day three I used a full tablespoon.  You could possibly experience digestion issues with large amounts right away.  I had no problems with starting with a teaspoon.  Baobab powder is a food (derived from Baobab tree fruit) rather than a vitamin, so you can’t get too much.

Baobab Immune Booster

You can get a good deal now with the THM Immune Booster Bundle*, which includes Baobab Boost Powder, Integral Collagen, and Pristine Whey Protein – all great for building strong immunity.  If you have issues with dairy, you may want to simply order the Baobab Boost Powder* separately.

The second product in the bundle trio is the THM Whey Protein Powder*.  I used the whey powder before discovering my dairy issues, and I do recommend it for those who tolerate dairy well.  It adds wonderful creaminess to smoothies and other recipes in THM’s recipe stash – plus adds another protein source to your diet.  THM has several whey protein powder flavors, so try them all!

I’ve heard that chocolate or strawberry Whey Protein Powder* mixed with milk of any type makes a delicious chocolate or strawberry milk snack.  Does that remind you of Nestle Quik™ when you were a kid?  Me too! 🙂

Integral Collagen* is the third product in the Immune Booster Bundle*.  Integral Collagen is tasteless and good in tea (to me, although Mom says she tastes it in her tea), coffee, lemon water, etc.  With a full scoop per day, you will likely notice shinier hair, smoother skin, stronger nails, etc.  Imagine what it’s doing on the inside when you see evidence on the outside!

I’ve talked about Integral Collagen* before and believe it should be in your regular arsenal of health boosting additions for restoring a strong temple.  Honestly, it would be good to include all three we discuss today.  Since the new Baobab Boost information screamed to me, “use it now”,  I decided you should hear about it.  And, since I found how to ingest it with good flavoring, I wanted you to know about that, too.

How are you holding up with all your sudden time at home (for most of you)?  Are you cleaning closets, trying new recipes, and such?  Do you have a pile at your back door for donation delivery when we get going again?  I do, too! 🙂

Have you heard of Baobab before?  If you currently use it, in what ways are your favorites?


*Affiliate links.  I will receive a small commission if you order when following the linked text above (thank you).  See disclosure here.

NOTE:  If THM’s supplies are low right now, check again soon.  They regularly restock their supplies.

Chocolate Mint Smoothie NOTE:  See recipe for Chocolate Cacao Smoothie in My Favorite Smoothies post (scroll to bottom of post).  Simply add two drops of peppermint essential oil, and Voila! 🙂

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