Spiritual Seeds Planner Giveaway

Spiritual Seeds Planner Package GIVEAWAY!

Welcome, December!!!  There are exciting things in store for us – this month and next year!

You all have been very patient with me, and I thank you.  I apologize for not being present throughout 2020 to encourage you in every phase of our nationally turbulent season.  I thought of you as I prepared for Thanksgiving visitors last week and wondered how you were doing.  I prayed for all of you who might be in a very personal and specific (beyond COVID19 quarantine stuff) tough season.

How hard it is to have a thankful posture when in a tough season!  As sister embracers, we must remember that God is for us.  He is working things out for your good.  He gives us many promises for which to be thankful.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.
(I Chronicles 16:34)

Today, I am very thankful for the Spiritual Seeds Planner creators, Leann and Julie.  We met on Zoom over the weekend, and it was fabulous to meet these sisters.  I hope to find a way to share them with you, too.  I’m planning many Facebook Live and Instagram posts in the coming days.  More on that later.

These two Spiritual Seeds Planner sisters are also sisters in Christ.  Their hearts are for our Christian growth – yours, mine, and theirs.  They recognized they needed what we all need, and they did something about it.  Their planner solves practical needs and spiritual needs, as well.

I expressed to them in our Zoom call that I always wished for a planner for scheduling my time along with incorporating aspects for my spiritual growth.  I continually need help with my focus.  Daily!  I need plenty of room for spiritual note-taking/journaling.  And, I need it all in one.  And now I have it (and you can, too).  No more keeping track in two separate books!

The Spiritual Seeds Planner reaches that goal, meets both needs.  As expressed in my last post (How to Make Plans for 2021 . . .), I am very excited to get started using my new Spiritual Seeds Planner. 🙂

Spiritual Seeds Planner Giveaway

Julie and Leann are the best!  They quickly offered a way to let you, my readers, in on the excitement by giving a planner to someone for free.  Not only the planner, but a Planner Package, complete with planner, sticky notes, pen/pencil pouch, stickers, and SSP Tote!  (A $55 value, but worth so much more!)

Yes, it’s a GIVEAWAY!  Hooray!

How to enter win your Spiritual Seeds Planner Package:

  1. Simply share this giveaway post with a friend (or all your friends) on some sort of social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.
  2. Be sure to Like or follow me on that platform, and Like or follow the Spiritual Seeds Planner sisters, too.  (See our social media links at the end of this post.)  Be sure to enroll for SSP blog posts at bottom of this page on their SSP site , as well (not required but you don’t want to miss out on a single thing, believe me).
  3. Comment below, stating which color you prefer and where you shared the giveaway (leave link if possible so we can easily find it).

As I share details about the planner, I will “talk to you” through Facebook Live and Instagram stories.  You can enter by sharing and commenting on those posts where I will be personally showing the features of this awesome planner package.  (Please pray I don’t lose my nerve, y’all. Wink.)  I have so many exciting things to share.  That includes early start helps, planner community groups to join, and fun things like that.

BONUS:  Each share and comment on a different platform or post gets you another entry!  How fabulous is that?!

All entries from now through December 15th will be tabulated, and the winner will be announced on December 16th.  Woohoo, an early Christmas present for the winner!  🙂

Spiritual Seeds Planners

December is the perfect time for this planner giveaway.  As we celebrate our Savior’s birth this month, we can also celebrate the coming new beginning next year – a year for hope and not hopelessness.  A life of intentional Christian living and planning, all spiritually planned out with the Fruit of the Spirit year-long focus will be so wonderful in one book.

So, are you ready to get started?  After you enter, stay tuned (by subscribing to my posts) for more exciting things the SS Planner girls have for us to enjoy this entire month, ways we can get started today, even if you don’t have their planner yet.

Good luck to all of you.  You are all winners in my book!

Because He lives~

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