Your Table for Spiritual and Physical Satiation

Spiritual and Physical Satiation

Therefore God’s people return there and drink it all in like water until they are satiated. (Psalm 73:10)

As warm temperatures topped into the 70’s a couple of weeks back, I suddenly couldn’t resist the urge to set our tables for spring – both in the kitchen and in the dining room.  With no guests expected, why was setting tables so important?  (I had other things more pressing on my list, for sure!)

For many months of last year, I didn’t set tables at all.  After blogging for five years about lots of things in the home, like setting fun tables, God had taken me in this new direction of mostly writing and no home projects.  I miss the old days, of course, but I tried not to focus on what I’d lost and only look forward.  Only recently did I have the energy to maintain my home like before, and it brought joy.  Of course.

A Table Set for Spiritual and Physical Satiation

With only the two of us, hubs and I didn’t eat at the table together at home.  It happened in front of the television in our comfy chairs, his and hers, each night.  Our now-adult son laughs and calls our furniture arrangement the “old people” chairs.  (What do kids know?  They think anyone over 50 is old.  Ha!)

Hubs had lunch each day at his desk –  and still does on weekdays.  I ate lunch (and breakfast) in the kitchen alone.  The years of skipping breakfast are a thing of the past now that I know the importance of eating a little protein with every “food session” throughout the day.  I’ve set up a new Bible study spot at the breakfast table, where satiation from the Lord happens naturally for both the physical and the spiritual.  (Not that He needed my help.  God satiates us in His own divine ways.)

This was my table before setting it for spring.  You see the direction I was going already with the spiritual satiation factor.

Spiritual Satiation

The Final Days of Jesus study is a stretch in a little different direction for me, as I’m not one to “give up something for Lint”.  In my way of thinking, if there’s something in your life that’s an area of excess, we shouldn’t wait for only a short-term season to discard it.  I realize now I should have given up sugar for Lint all those years before I gave it up for reals.  Can we say sugar-addiction denial?

After starting through the Final Days study, I found benefit to the stretch. It’s never a waste of time to dig deeper into Bible study – and what a nice addition to my table time lately.  It causes me to linger with my meal in thankfulness and think more introspective thoughts.  Here in the south, we call that pondering.  🙂

Therefore God's people return there and drink it all in like water until they are satiated. (Psalm 73:10) Click To Tweet

Back to the point about setting our tables, meal blessings rarely happened over those earlier months of illness last year.  For sure when we ate out because we were together around a table – either the two of us or with others.  But at home, table time together was non-existent.  Sound sad?  We did this for months, not noticing a lack that went silently unnoticed.

God blesses us bountifully at the table, and not only with food.  I think that’s why I find it so enjoyable to set tables.  My fondest memory of a table gathering was when our kids were young.  I cannot tell you what we ate that night, for food was beside the point.  The kids excitedly set the dining room table after I announced we would eat in that room for a change.  A rarity.

Spiritual and Physical Satiation

Enthusiasm in our kids was contagious that night as they took joy in preparation, serving hubs and I and each other, and eventually satisfying hunger with food I cooked with love in our kitchen.

Why was that the most memorable meal,
when we don’t even remember the food?

Often God uses meal gatherings to reveal our deepest longings.  The Lord satiates the unique hunger in each person gathered around the table.  And, it often has nothing to do with food.  Yes, God satiates our physical hunger with the food He provides, but it’s the mystery of the non-physical yearnings that intrigue me the most – and how God satisfies them.

My memory of that one particular meal over many others that should rank high on a “special occasion” listing reveals my deepest longing.  Family connection, loving, caring for, and serving one another.   Weaving that connection into the hearts of our kids anchored my intentional act that night long ago.

With kids grown and gone now, we seldom have the opportunity to gather as a family.  I can count twice last year, maybe thrice that it happened.  Our son made a surprise trip to visit last weekend (a blessing for sure, and yay, the tables were all set!), but our daughter couldn’t attend.  I see already how hard it will be to get planets to align perfectly for gathering all of us together.  Those rare times will be special for sure!

A Table Set for Spiritual and Physical Satiation

What’s your most memorable time around the table?  What longings are revealed through your memory?  A need for belonging?   For family connection?  For community?  For fellowship?  Love?  Service?  Perhaps to fill a longing for a new season – either a yearly season or escape from a current tough season?

Is there a Bible study that satiates you right now?  Or, is God doing the satiating more organically at your table gatherings?

Because He lives~


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  • Eva Faris

    You always touch the heart Kim, thank you. Since everything seems so hurried and no kids at home here the best memories for me are the long past when all the family was here on earth . Like you it’s hard to get everyone together now. The beautiful memories of days gone by I will cherish forever and try when we can to make new ones.

    • Kim

      Thank you for sharing that I’m not alone in this – nor anyone else with grown children. I refer to my years when kids were young as my “princess” years. Life was so good, and days were sweet. But I refuse to live in only looking back to the “yesteryears” but look forward to what I hope will be wonderful times ahead. God has more goodness in store for us! One of my favorite verses: Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13). That one got me through many dark days, praise God! 🙂

  • Diane

    Hi Kim, I had somehow overlooked this post. I am so glad I went back to read it. This blessed me so much. Now that my sweet husband is dining with Jesus and my kids are grown, setting the table is a rare thing. I make it a point to cook for my son and his family often so they don’t have to plan, cook and clean after a long day working. I’m sure they don’t know it blesses me as much as them.

    Thank you sweet sister and blessings to you,

    • Kim

      Oh, what a blessing you are! It’s wonderful that you can say you are blessed by them letting you serve them. That’s a great way to look at it. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I’ll think of it that way from now on! Hugs, sweet friend. 🙂

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