Aging Advice for the Fifties

How I Ruined My Friend’s 50th Birthday

Are you a menopausal mama who struggles to lose weight?  If so, I hope you’re encouraged by today’s post.  If you aren’t someone who struggles with weight, share this article with friends who might!  🙂

Do you often regret predicting what may lie ahead in someone’s life?  Why do I have to negatively share what to expect during mental pause (my term for menopause)?  Sometimes I really put my foot in it!

I apologized to a friend recently for ruining her big 5-0 celebration earlier this year.  I ruined it by giving her some (unsolicited) advice about aging through her fifties.  She actually thanked me for what I said to her that night.  Thanked me!?  Well now.  That’s sure grace and forgiveness right there!

In my then-fifty-six-years-of-wisdom (wink), I gave my friend no hope.  Smashed it.  Crashed it.  Whacked it!

Aging Advice for the Fifties

What a birthday present, eh?

My advice spoke of my own experience with shedding weight.

No.  Hope.

I’m here to tell you differently in my now-57-years-of-wisdom (wink again).  Recently, I discovered what works – a plan that’s adaptable with any type of allergy or whatever might be a problem area for you.  Wheat, gluten, dairy, whatever.  The best news is that the Trim Healthy Mama plan works for menopausal women.

Woo-hoo!  Thank You, Lord!

Following the THM plan, you eat every three to four hours – a protein and either (healthy) fats or gentle carbs.  I didn’t know protein was so important during menopause!

God designed our bodies to burn two different fuel sources – fats and carbs. When we eat a meal consisting of both types of fuel, we must burn through the carbs before the fat can be used.  When we give our body one fuel source, it works more efficiently as we burn through that fuel source and then start on stored fat.  (Yes, those extra pounds we’ve been carrying around.  They’re outta there!)

Alternating fuel sources gives you the nutrients needed for good health.

God gave us food to be enjoyed – for taste and for good health.  Man stepped in and made food that’s tasty and oftentimes unhealthy.  God made carbs, but man changed them.  Man put them in a box!  (Or some other type of packaging.  Regardless, it’s not necessarily healthy food.)

We think wheat bread is healthy, right?  Did you know that, in our reformulation and grain “improvements”, two slices of today’s wheat bread can have as much sugar as a candy bar?  Yep (source: Tom O’Bryan, author of The Autoimmune Fix).

You don’t eliminate entire food groups with THM – just certain foods like sugar, starchy white potatoes, white rice (pretty much anything white, processed, and unGodly).  Even natural forms of sugar like honey, agave, and maple syrup are cut out because they spike blood sugar.  Regulating blood sugar is a goal of this plan.  A healthier lifestyle (eating style) is the focus.

Read all about THM’s plan in the THM book, which also includes health information in general.  After eliminating harmful foods, I started incorporating healthful additions to my diet as I read about the benefits of many things new to me.  Amazon* is a good resource for the Trim Healthy Mama plan.  (I will receive a small commission if you use the affiliate* links below).

I recommend getting started with the basics before reading the entire book (but you’ll be hooked!).  I did that with the audio version of THM, using a favorite, the Audible* app (affiliate link below).  I listened and learned while traveling.

I didn’t expect to lose anything during the first month, but I lost ten pounds the first two weeks.  It’s totally doable when eating out.  What a pleasant surprise!

Your weight loss will be a little different from mine.  Just to give you an example, my pace has been five to seven pounds per month after the initial two weeks.

For protein, I eat eggs, roasted chicken, fish, and as much lean meat (beef included) as I want.  Thankfully, I love veggies and dairy, and I eat all I want on this plan.  Berries are also your friend and blueberries are the only thing you actually measure.

You eat until you’re full – no measuring or calculating required.  THM recipe books* are a big help (but it’s  doable without using recipes at all).  Pizza is my personal favorite recipe, and my husband likes it, too.   Woo-hoo!  Our Sunday night pizza ritual stands!

You won’t believe how easy it is to make the pizza crust – so tasty!  (But, you can enjoy regular pizza when eating out, if you prefer, by eating the toppings only.)

This is a plan you can stick with – a new eating style that keeps you full and satisfied with lean results.



*Affiliate link.  See disclosure here.

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  • Robin

    It’s great you found something that works! I know it feels great to shed unwanted weight! My Pastor cut out all the white foods too. He lost a lot of weight.

    I’m laughing because I’m one of those women who isn’t even IN menopause , cut out wheat , sugar, (and dairy! due to allergies) and STILL can’t budge that scale. A measly 8 pounds. That is all I ask! Lol

    I am not discouraged! The key is to heal the gut. THEN the autoimmune issues will start to subside and the weight will start to drop. I was doing well. My compounded thyroid meds were working. I did not need a nap every day. It seemed as though the Epstein Barr was in remission. Then I went and let the pain
    management doc give me a teeny weeny shot of lidocaine in my arm to test and see if I had a reaction. They want to do a procedure on my neck (car accident injury over 2 yrs ago). Oh I had a reaction all right.

    Lidocaine can cause chronic fatigue. It did. Ole Epstein is back in town! My gut issues are back like a hungry stray dog on a cold night! NNNOW…..Added are the nut allergies….they make my throat itchy and tight.

    Again I say I am NOT discouraged. God knows what is
    going on. One day at a time. Heal the gut. That is the plan. So if you are discouraged try what Kim is trying. And if you have a stubborn body like me, you may benefit from tweaking the plan to your body
    requirements. Nothing is ever as hard as it seems. You have to learn your body. I had to go to an integrative doc who knew what tests to perform to figure out my issues. Saliva and stool tests were included with blood tests. Dr Isabella Wentz has all that testing info on her website. She explains the whats and whys of lots of testing. And you don’t need a doctor to order most of the tests!

    I thought I’d include that since a lot of women
    have thyroid issues that are causing weight not to budge and they don’t even know it!

    • Kim

      I’m sorry you have trouble with your thyroid. On each visit to the gyno when I mentioned weight, they checked my thyroid. The answer is always the same…no thyroid issues let’s blame getting older – or stress. “Maybe you need to take it easier.” What? Most people aren’t on an autoimmune track, but some are on it and don’t know it. I know it now, so I’m not eating wheat, giving up dairy soon. You are right. God knows what’s going on with our health issues, and we can trust Him to heal it all! 🙂

  • Pam Richardson

    Hi Kim, THM sounds similar to Whole30. No white stuff, no processed foods, no legumes, and no dairy. I am excited that you found a plan that works for you, Congrats dear friend.

    ps I was a little confused, so you will have 2 separate blogs, if I am understanding correctly.

    • Kim

      Maybe similar, but THM offers freedom and flexibility at the same time. I like to focus on what I CAN eat rather than what I CANNOT eat. Curtain Queen Creates is now for sewing posts only. ETS is totally separate – for posts I can simply write, posts that don’t require projects as the basis. Projects have taken a back seat to taking care of myself – something I didn’t allow time to do before. Sadly, no more tablescape and diy project posts. I had to cut something out, but I wanted to offer something beneficial for those in our age bracket. Encouragement in our fall and winter seasons seemed just right! 🙂

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