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“For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property.  To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability.  Then he went away.” Matthew 25:14-15

In my last post (A Season of Letting Go), I explained this summer season as a time of letting go.  Part of that process of getting most old things out of sight and out of mind is with finding ways to put those things to bed, so to speak.  To let them rest but with a productive end.  Yes, Goodwill or Salvation Army stores are a good transition spot for physical belongings.  But, what about virtual things?  For me, the nagging question was,

What do I do about the non-physical yet valuable things?
Like on-line stuff.  Sewing courses with electronic downloads.
On-line videos with detailed instructions.  Loads of information
gleaned from real life experience and practical application.

Was I to simply let it all disappear – two years of work compiling thirteen years of experience in a way others can use for their benefit – down the toilet?  How wasteful.  God wants us to manage our resources well.  Where’s the stewardship in discarding my courses or, in effect, burying them?

The parable of the talents comes to mind.

 so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. (Matthew 25:25)

With a push through bravery, I put the courses on a site called Udemy (, where people can learn from others who have published on-line courses.

Through my Curtain Queen Creates blog years, my heart’s desire was to simply write spiritual posts.  But, that wasn’t what God told me to do.  I was confused at first, so I did what we do when God gives us one step of direction at a time.  We take that one step and then the next and on and on until it somehow becomes what He had in mind all along.

I had no clue in the beginning.  It was fun, though, and God fed me a constant flow of creativity needed for those five years.  Two summers ago, my creativity suddenly hit a dead end.  That’s when I knew God was doing something new.  But what do you do with the old?  How do you make it end nicely, all prettily tied up in a bow?

When illness hits, you simply do what you can do.  You don’t worry about the rest because you can’t.  You have no choice.  The Lord will tie things up in a nice bow for you.  The ending His way.  Sometimes that ending is long and drawn out.  Sometimes it is quick.

When I had to close my course site, I notified course members in advance to download everything to their computer.  I felt very bad about having to do that.  I’m thankful to finally have a solution through Udemy.  I was able to give the course content for free to those who purchased courses from me previously, and rightfully so (and thankfully!).   It’s a win for me and for them.

Also, Udemy runs specials often for new customers.  My courses are often very cheaply on sale, and that’s OK.  They are useful again in the process!

Udemy has a huge customer base to whom they market many types of courses. Marketing is something I can no longer do.  (Far too time-consuming.)  If you (or other women you know) are interested in the sewing courses, here are the links to view them on Udemy.  (If you purchase one of my courses, I will receive a small commission.)

LEARN TO SEW Home Decor*
SEWING BASICS for Home Accessories*

Now I can mostly close the courses door (except to answer questions online occasionally) and focus on what God is doing now – here with you.  So you see, I have bravely closed the door to growing a site for the courses.  God will do what He desires with the courses, whatever that looks like.  The courses are set free from my control because they are His.

I’m so thankful that God led me to create this blog for encouraging women in our hard seasons (and good seasons, too).  He gave me the name of it before I knew Curtain Queen Creates would have an ending.  I was confused about His intentions, so I put the blog name (Embrace This Season) on the back burner and waited.  Until finally I knew.

Through the illnesses that came suddenly, the Lord gave me what I had desired all along – a blog mostly for spiritual posts.  I hope to encourage women like you who possibly are in the hardest season ever.  To tell you the Lord is with you.  He will get you through it.  You will see miracles again in your future when right now you might only see devastation.  You will be OK.  Praise God!

I also encourage you to care for God’s temple in you.  To be healthy so you can endure the tough seasons and remain strong so you can continue to serve the Lord through every season.  When you’re in the middle of the hard days, you may think your health doesn’t matter.  But trust me.  Your health will matter to you later when you come out of that season of destruction.  Even if you don’t feel like it, staying healthy needs to matter to you now.

My mouth (through my fingertips) can really get going, ‘ey?  Especially with places I’ve been.  Places where you might be right now.  When things seem so dark.  And hard.

My Curtain Queen Creates days were fun and positive and exciting.  At the beginning of Embrace This Season, the topics from dark and hard places seemed only negative.  Not fun.  Not positive.  Not exciting.  But I had to follow God’s leading in a new direction, and now He has blessed me with you!

God gives me ways to highlight the hope we have in Him.  And I am thankful.  The light of Jesus is always shining brightly for us and in us.  Even if we are in a tough season, we can truly face any tomorrow…

because He lives~


*See disclosure here.

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  • Diane

    Kim, how great you have found a way to share all that work you put into Curtain Queen Creates! You are so talented in many areas and I, for one, am so grateful for this new venture you and God have come up with. Finding inspiration from all of your posts lately. I am getting ready to start a part time job working in the middle school cafeteria. Cooking and serving is my love language. Lol. Not to mention it is only 1 mile from home. God has seen me through some dark and lonely days and I am grateful for the doors He is opening.
    Love and blessings to you sweet sister.

    • Kim

      That is wonderful news, Diane! It’s rare we get to do something we love and get paid for it. And the convenience is such a bonus. Thank you for sharing your happy news with us. Don’t we all welcome a fresh reason to smile? Praise God! 🙂

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