Believe It To Receive It

Not Just Denzel and Me – It’s Biblical!

If you participated in the Praise Challenge, were you helped by it?  Did you run dry of reasons to praise God (although, I can hardly imagine it)?

If so, I’ve got good news.  Do you keep a running prayer list of those around you who need prayer?  Take that list and let it be a part of your praise list.  In the Praise Challenge download, you read about this concept there, and it’s so simple!  It boils down to praising God in advance for answering your prayers.  I referred to this in the post about Praying for the Prodigal – through scripture prayers.

Your prayer list should be on your praise list – right now, before you see how God answers your prayer.  Go ahead and claim the victory in that situation for God’s Glory and His Honor.  As I said in this post, if you are asking in congruence with God’s will, He will bring it about.  This is a great exercise in and commitment to trusting the Lord.

Later, when you look back on today, you will see that God was already working in your circumstances.  Our Lord is faithful and true!  I can guarantee – better than that, He  guarantees in His Word – He has not forgotten you.  He hears the prayers of His children.

Praise God for His grace and mercy, His understanding, His love and kindness, His peace, His wisdom – in advance for what’s already yours.  In a video titled Put God First that I shared on Facebook recently, Denzel Washington said it well.

Say thank you in advance for what is already yours.
(by Denzel Washington)

Who knew this Bible believing Hollywood star has it so right?  It’s not only Denzel and me who believe in praise and thanksgiving.  We have a sound basis that’s profound.  It’s Biblical.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
(Mark 11:24)

Do you have this same mantra – believe it to receive it?  I’m sure a preacher somewhere might dispute this, but God has proven His Word to be Truth to me too many times to let someone dispel what Mark tells us.

How about your prayer list?  Will you add it to your list for praise?


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