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My Story, My Song

When God led me to create this blog about embracing the fifty and beyond season of life, I had no clue what was ahead, what was in store for me in my 57th year.  With the diagnosis of two diseases, I refuse to allow these struggles to bring a negative tone to my writing.

Yes, God is mighty, and He is with me!  Every Christian has great hope in the Lord.  We are assured of our safety as we cling to Him.

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I promise to give updates about general medical aspects here and there, but in no way will my sicknesses be a central theme of this blog.  God is our faithful Lord, and I refuse to live in fear.  He gave me a sense of humor, and I thrive on humorous things that occur in life.  `

I also thrive on Christian music and God’s Word, so you’ll see regular encouragement through songs and scriptures. This song by Big Daddy Weave especially spoke to me last week.

God is simply giving me a new story – or rather adding another rich layer to my life story.  A couple of days after hearing about the suspected lung cancer, I thanked God for it.  I knew already that the tests would be positive because the Lord ministered to me one night as I slept.  We know it’s God when He visits us.  We are His sheep, and we know His voice.  We know Him intimately, and vise-versa.

I also had to thank the Lord for the MS diagnosis in November.  Without that diagnosis, the cancer could have remained undetected until a much later stage.  I joke these days about my “certifiable brain damage” (proven in the MRI scans for MS treatment) – an excuse I use often when it’s obvious my thinking is miss-firing.  Ha!  Don’t you wish you had that excuse?  (It sure comes in handy!)  🙂

After these past three months of constant testing and doctor visits, our lives will soon calm to a slower pace of occasional treatments followed by rest, a special diet, and some swimming exercise. Losing my hair will bring a reason to wear all the scarves I cast aside during those recent hot flash years.  See?  Never throw scarves away.  You never know when you’ll need them again (although, I hope not for this reason)!

I plan to write regularly as I go through chemotherapy treatments during the months ahead.  And, I appreciate your prayers very much!  My family and I have great hope that the treatments will bring healing and extend my life in years.

If you’d like to read my update post at Curtain Queen Creates, click here.

I’m thrilled you are with me on this journey of faith through our fifties and beyond.  It’s always a scream to have friends along for the fun, right?  🙂

Blessings, my friends~

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  • Ellen

    Ok. We will laugh together! All my health issues started at 55 and I’m 68 today.
    Funny how my challenges have made me more thankful daily and deepened my faith.
    Walking with you since I can’t skip anymore!
    Who would have guessed! ❤️

    • Kim

      I’m so glad you’ll be along! If I get too serious, please remind me to laugh and joke about things. (I give myself plenty of material. Ha!) I’m glad to hear you’ve made it through past health issues. I’m with you on the thought of skipping! 🙂

  • Millie Swarts

    Oh Kim, I’ve been visiting with your Mom via nice long phone talks that I have become to cherish. Keeping up with you and committing to pray for you and your family. Of course I pray for complete healing but also for strength to follow this path that the Lord has you on right now and His plans that are always good and perfect even we can’t seem to understand them. It is so evident in all of your posts over the years of your total submission to Him!! No doubt He will speak through you as you use this platform He has gifted you with to minister to others in so many ways! Lifting you up and praising His Holy Name! Love, Millie

    • Kim

      Millie, thank you for giving Mom your listening ear. I’ve learned a new level of submission this month. I always said I wouldn’t “do” chemo if I got cancer. God had a different idea. Apparently, I have a lot of new lessons to learn. Ha! Thank you for your prayers. God is mighty to save and heal!

  • Lyn

    Kim walking this journey with you. I will always remember the journey we prayed through together and saw God answer is a great way! I still have those scriptures! I am sending you a big Hugs and a basket full of prayers. Miss you! Hugs!

    • Kim

      I have such fond memories of that difficult time. Your scripture prayers were (are) wonderful, and I use them still! It’s great to hear from you again. I hope you and your family are well. 🙂

  • Robin

    I’m sure I will be getting encouragement on this new adventure of yours. I am most always POSITIVE while going through what I am going through health wise. I said ALMOST. I have my moments, as we all do. It can be discouraging when you do something the doctor recommends and then you find out that it actually harmed you…like I did. Lidocaine is a no-no for someone with my issues. I’m all messed up again as of October. So back to the drawing board. Figures. LOL (So basement is only still part-way done but we did decorate the basement “chalet” for Christmas/winter.)

    And…..You are most certainly on our prayer list!!! Tomorrow I will let our ladies’prayer group know what is going on with you so they can do their thing! God is always the key…even when we feel like He is ignoring us or we feel like maybe it’s a punishment of some sort…even though we know better…God doesn’t PUNISH us with problems…..He may ALLOW it to draw us closer to Him, though. So we SHOULD be encouraged that he WANTS US CLOSER!!!

    I’ll add a chuckle for ya….our bodies aren’t the only thing breaking down recently. My hubby’s truck blew a head gasket so it’s parked til we have the extra $ to fix it. He had to buy a car… 2000 Kia that I have nicknamed Lil’ Rusty cuz it’s a little rusty! HA! That had a battery issue because it sat a long time and was kind of old. The seller ordered him a battery. Day 2…DEAD BATTERY…right after the big snow. AAA jumped him. He didn’t shut the door all the way so a few hours later….DEAD BATTERY. Ha! We called the car insurance at 2pm and they came out at 10:30 PM! (Lots of people needed something that day.) Storm broke the outside light….hanging from cord BANGING against the house all night in the wind….for 2 days til he could get to it. That isn’t getting replaced anytime soon. We bought a jumper box (the old one was DEAD. LOL) Seller wasn’t home when battery was delivered so it went back. Hubby needed to change the brake pads….lug nuts so tight he couldn’t get them off. After he did (a few days later using a friend’s compressor and air tool) it rained the day he did the brakes. One gave him a problem…took half a day instead of an hour. (time off from work) Car needed aligning before ST’s driver test Monday 1/29!!! More $$$. He said Thursday night, “The battery is fine. I don’t need a new one.” So he had told the guy “never mind” about re-ordering the battery. Friday morning DEAD BATTERY!!! LOL! He was late for work. He took my car and I had to cancel the chiro appt. New battery $135. Saturday…. MICROWAVE DIES. That is gonna be $220. Before all this the router died. This is just the short list. LOL ST driving is gonna be at least $1500 a year without her getting a car. Stuff keeps happening to cost us money we don’t have….LOL. We just laugh. He says “It’s just distractions to keep us from what God wants us to be doing. We have to stay focused!” Q says hi….he got his teeth cleaned today so he has been all wacky-dopey this afternoon and evening. (I’m going to figure out how to detox him from the anesthesia to keep his liver working properly). Life is just so INTERESTING isn’t it??? LOL
    I hope you got a laugh out of all of this craziness! 🙂

    • Kim

      Thanks for the laugh, Robin – and your prayers. We never know what each day will bring. Sometimes it really helps to laugh at the craziness. 🙂

  • Sandy Bass

    Kim, I have enjoyed all of your blogs so very much over the years!! Haven’t posed yet cause not sure you will get it. I don’t even post on Facebook cause don’t know how, ha ha. I know our Lord is with you through this battle and you are strong and will be able to overcome . WE are praying for you and for you to keep your strength up .Your Mom sent me this as I changed e-mails. My new one will be at the end of this post . Wish I had the perfect words to say to you but there aren’t any except God loves you and will never leave you or forsake you. Remember He is with us in the fire. I know your faith is strong and can’t be swayed.

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