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Lysa Terkeurst – More Than My Virtual Friend

Does it grieve you to see others in pain?  I am filled with love, compassion, and thankfulness all at the same time today.  Let me explain.  Lysa Terkeurst (whose name I always struggled to spell) is someone many of you know from her best-selling books, speaking engagements at Christian women events, and all things Proverbs 31 Ministries.

I’ve grown alongside Lysa for the past fifteen years at least, as we are in the same stage with our now-grown children.  While raising her kids, she taught me to give the Best Yes, my fave from her completely inspiring writings.   She came out publicly recently with her personal story of life-shattering disappointments, and it was shocking…riveting…so filled with pain.

I didn’t know she’d been going through marital problems since 2016 because she continued on in ministry for many months, quietly, while in great pain.  But there’s more – before marriage troubles were over.  A sudden (near death) health problem resulted in surgery to remove most of her colon.  Afterwards came a diagnosis of breast cancer.  I first heard Lysa’s story on Focus on the Family’s Daily Broadcasts two days last week.

The second broadcast gives most of the complete story in one episode.  Many of you will watch this and nod “yes” in understanding of her emotional statements.  Jim Daly said it correctly – both infidelity and prodigal children have the pain of betrayal in common.

There’s so much in that video that shows spirit-filled discernment!

Just as God told Lysa to trust His timing and to love her husband, God gave me two directives early on in our prodigal season…that He would bring our child back and to show her His love.  Talk about a lifeline!  Showing our daughter God’s love became the barometer for all future decisions in dealing with her.  Lysa often referred to God’s words to her as her directive, too.  What a gift the Lord’s words were – to us both.

Let’s look at other similarities in our separate stories, shall we?  Maybe you can relate.

Parallel #1:  A season of devastation.

Whether through marital betrayal or betrayal of a prodigal child, the feelings are deep and damaging!  In the interview, there is mention of what happens to us physically when we don’t emotionally process those hard seasons properly.  Ahem…illness, which brings us to the next two events.

Parallel #2:  First Illness

While Lysa’s first illness ended after a successful surgery, it nearly ended her life.  The first illness in my own life came with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, which isn’t deadly but can cause crippling, leaving the future to be uncertain.  Lysa and I both have seen the hand of the Lord in our care.  Praise God!

Parallel #3:  Second Illness

While Lysa’s cancer had quick resolution, the scars it leaves behind are permanent, constant reminders and evidence of God’s providential care.  I’m so happy she should have no more issues with breast cancer!  Lung cancer from my second diagnosis (#2 of the 1-2 punch like Lysa) that doctors say isn’t “curable”, will continue to be a life-long concern.  God has provided amazing ways for me to live for what may be many years with a mostly normal life.  God is so faithful, and He proves we can trust Him!

I look forward to reading Lysa’s book that I ordered through Amazon.  Order your copy below* if you are interested in reading all that God has for us through Lysa’s story.  (I receive a small compensation when anyone orders through the link below or any link on my site.)

It had to be extremely hard for Lysa to go public with her personal life.  It’s biblical – all for the benefit of those who are in a similar situation (2 Corinthians 1:4).  Those who have been through (and survived!) hard trials are called to help others experiencing the same or similar seasons.

Hence the reason for this blog in the first place – to encourage you  in the hard seasons of life.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  See you next week.  🙂

Because He lives~

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  • Pam Richardson

    Kim, thank you for sharing the video. I knew some of Lysa’s story, but not all of it. It is an amazing story of grace. Praying for you dear friend and wishing you a most wonderful Thanksgiving❤️🙏🏻

  • Rhonda


    You are also my virtual friend, but you are so much more: a faithful sister-in-Christ, an encourager, an inspiration and a living testimony to LORD of LORDS and King of Kings!! I pray that you will have a wonderful week of Thanksgiving with your family!!!! Glory to God!!!

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