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Let Scars Be Your Reminder

Are you experiencing warm weather yet?  I laughed at hubs last week because he appeared from the bedroom, dressed for the day . . . in shorts!  Me?  I still wear winter clothes, jackets, and even gloves.  (I’ve always been cold natured, but this is getting ridiculous!)  It’s a little warmer here, so hubs is anticipating hot temperatures ahead.

When thinking of hot weather, I’m reminded that we’ll be wearing cooler clothing that allows more skin to show.  That means, scars and other skin imperfections will be exposed.  I have a long scar on my face, of all places, where it is always exposed.  (Thanks to our dear Tennessee Walker, Scarlet.)  But, there are other scars hidden by soon-to-be-packed-away winter clothing.

Do you cover your scars?
Do you think scars are ugly?
Are they a source of shame for you?

Don't Hide Your Scars - Why_

We want to hide our scars.  They remind us of the pain in troubled times.  Scars can be a source of shame, and we want to cover any scars that might be exposed.  I don’t believe God intended for us to hide our scars, even the emotional ones.

When we are in a tough season, God walks with us through it.  The Lord is the Victor of your tough season!  While scars are a bi-product of the hard trials, they can be used to glorify God’s victory over the trial in the end. So let them show!  Advertise your scars (so to speak) as reminders of how the Lord stood with you and brought you through your trial as your Mighty Warrior – your Triumphant Victor.

Scars are evidence of God’s healing of our wounds, too.   Revealing the visible signs of the Lord’s faithfulness reminds you and others how He defended you in your tribulation.

Do you have scars from tough seasons you’ve been through?  Are they physical or emotional scars?

Because He lives~



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  • Maria Isela Sandoval

    Hey Kim:
    As always, I love your posts which are timely encouraging!

    As a matter of fact, as a child I had some scars on my legs and hands and it was really embarrasing for me to show them. As an adult I learned not to hide them, but give an explanation of how I got them, praising our Father for His Goodness! Two of my children (premature) have them, for through these small surgeries they were able to receive blood and nutrients while they were in the Neonatal ICU. While they were growing up and asked about these scars I’d gratefully explain they were the marks of God’s faithfulness and grace over their lives and that they’ve always have them as a testimony of His love and care for them!

    I praise our Father for these and ALL He has done in the lives of our family!

    Hugs and prayers! Be blessed my dear!


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