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I’ve been waiting to share the Trustworthy study (by Lysa TerKeurst) sign-up details for joining the on-line study.  While some people like joining other women for group studies at church (and gab sessions, let’s be real),  you may prefer studying the Trustworthy material from home.

I get it.  I’ve done that for years.  (When you live in the sticks, what else ya gonna do?)

If you are a home-study girl, here’s the link* (no commission or reward is given to me if you follow the link) to sign up and join the on-line Trustworthy study.   After signing up, the companion weekly videos will come directly into your email inbox.

You can be lazy . . . or slightly sick . . . or plain unsociable.

No getting a shower . . . or putting on makeup . . . or getting dressed.

No driving to a study location . . . putting on your smile . . . or driving home in the dark.

And, if it’s night-time, you can wear your pj’s when studying alone.  Ha!

Personal secret, y’all:  Many nights at 7pm-ish, I put on my bunny slippers.  Pj’s and wobie (my soft, fuzzy, warm robe), too.  You know.  Settle in for the night.  ‘Cause you aren’t going anywhere, not even to Dollar General around the corner.  No joining the other Walmartians, either (wink).

Am I talking you into being a hermit?  Truthfully, I hope not.  Because most of us women need people.  Not just any people, though.  We need our embracer sisters.

If you just have to stay home, it’s OK . . . you can do just that.  But, please don’t cut off all social ties.  Stay connected with other Christian women.  We need one another.  You need your trustworthy friends because they can support you in recognition of your trustworthy God.

The on-line study begins on January 20th.  If you sign up for the study now*, the link to the first video session will appear in your email on the 20th.  If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder, your junk folder, or something similarly titled that blocks certain emails from going into your inbox.

Trustworthy Book

You will have the option to buy the book when you register for the study.  (Or you can order it from Amazon.)  There are five days of homework each week.  Not too much but the perfect amount.

Before you know it, six weeks will be complete.  It will be over.  And, then you will miss it.  You’ll wish for more study or to start another one.  Because reading and studying God’s Word is addictive.

Also, I bought the Trustworthy book with downloads to the videos back in November – because I didn’t want to wait to join on-line.  Sometimes we can’t wait and make an exception to our usual “don’t spend money on videos” rule.  And it’s OK.

Another reason for starting the study early was because I needed to be sure Lysa’s content was different from what I plan to share on Faithfulness Fridays.  Wouldn’t you know that she highlights completely different Old Testament stories than what’s in my old FB posts that I’m revamping and sharing?

I’m so relieved that we don’t overlap, even.  That it doesn’t look like I copied her at all.  Because I didn’t.  I wrote my posts five years ago, actually.

It can be worth it to get those video downloads to your computer because you can hold group sessions later at some point and share them with more groups of embracer sisters.

So, what would you do with the video downloads?  Keep them hidden – just to yourself?  Wouldn’t it be fun to invite your friends over for a weekly pj party?  For a Bible study in pj’s and wobie?  Ha!  I dare ya!

Because He lives~


*Not an affiliate link.

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