Trusting God

It’s in the “Trusting”

I know personally how hard it is to embrace a prodigal season.  When your child turns their back on the faith you exampled to them throughout their growing years, it is devastating.  Their betrayal of you and to God is so painful. The idea of embracing  this season seems sickening.  Your heart is broken.  I get it.

How could God allow this to happen?  You may ask, “Why, Lord?”

When faced with any hard season, trusting God is essential.  It’s especially hard when you fear for your child and all they will endure.  You fear the damage that will be done to them while they are away in rebellion.  In their rebellion, your child is not listening to God.  They are expressing their free will.

But, how do you trust God with that?  How do you get there?  We may have a deep faith in the Lord, but as I discovered,  t-r-u-s-t-i-n-g  Him is different from faith.  When our prodigal suddenly left us, we were shaken to the core.  That probably happened with you if you’ve had that experience.

Spiritual gifts testing prior to that time showed that faith was my #1 gift.  I knew I had a deep faith, but trust was suddenly very different.  Prior to that time, I never realized how much work I had ahead in the trust department.  Do you struggle with trusting God?  (Please tell me I wasn’t alone here.)

I found it took a daily commitment to trust God with my circumstances.  Literally, if you have trouble trusting God with your situation, each morning you should pray and commit your trust to the Lord for that day.

Trusting GodIt feels hard to commit to trusting the Lord indefinitely as a broad statement about everything in general.  Sometimes, we grab the worry and mistrust back as a knee-jerk reaction.  Restating your commitment to trust God with your child’s rebellion each day takes away the tendency to take the trust back from God again and doubt Him.

He is faithful to give you the trust you need when you’ve verbally stated the commitment each day.  Our hope is truly in Him alone!

We met only a couple of people who had experienced similar situations with their former prodigals.  They would tell me our child would come back.  They stated it confidently as if they knew for sure.  Their child had returned, but how could they know mine would?  I always asked them how they could know  it would really happen for us?

These days, on this side of our trial, I get their viewpoint.  They didn’t know our situation exactly.  It’s not about how well  or poorly  we raised our kids.  It’s not about how faithful we’d been to God.  But, they know our Lord.  He is faithful to keep His promises!  It’s not about us.  It’s about Him – our Lord Period.

So, trust Him.  Commit to trust your child to God’s care today.  And, then get up tomorrow and commit to trust Him again…and the day after that…and on and on until you just do.  You trust Him without question – because it’s a habit.  Your hope is in Him.


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  • Penny

    Kim, This was so uplifting,.Thank-you for sharing your message of hope, trust, and faith (in God), for He is all three.

  • Pam Richardson

    Kim, trusting God is truly a choice. I find worry and fear can overtake me. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that we can always trust God in every situation. Wishing you a joy-filled Wednesday sweet friend!

    • Kim

      Yes, Pam. I realized at the time that my lack of trust was pure disobedience. It is for sure a choice, and the Lord will help us trust Him more if we will simply ask and make a new commitment to trust Him. Happy Wednesday to you, too! 🙂

  • Robin

    Faith is up there in top of my spiritual giftings as well.
    And you are soooo right about faith and trust not being the same! I struggle with trust in a lot of things. But my husband DOES NOT. He says “I’ve seen too much to go back now. “ indeed he has. ( But so have I ! So what is my problem???? Lol) He is a great example for me.

    I have learned to trust him where the kids are concerned. Mostly. Lol. I still have that knee-jerk reaction at times. Lol The prodigal child is enough to make you CRAZY with worry. So I just don’t do it anymore. I “just know” God will bring him back. That is the faith talkin here. I have to remind myself EVERY TIME the boy does something off the wall that GOD’S GOT THIS! (The song “I Got This” runs through my mind. My friend leads it in church.)

    And funny you should post this TODAY. I just read a word from someone and shared it with my husband and Pastor. “In quietness and trust is your strength Is 30:15
    Linger in God’s library where there is Quietness, reflection, reading, meditation, absorbing

    But you must stay under the canopy of My Word. Do not move from My Word. Stay covered, sheltered and immersed in My Word in this place and watch and see how the wolves will be chased away. Deception and lies will flee and you will move into deeper realms of My truth.”

 So the KEY to trusting is to STAY IN THE WORD. The more we do, the closer we get to Him, the easier it is to hear Him, and the easier it is to TRUST Him. “

    • Kim

      Amen, Sista! Sounds like trust comes easier for your husband. What a gift to live with a good example! Thanks for sharing these words of Truth today! The closer we remain to Him through His word, the more we are covered in all things. Hugs!

  • Maria Isela Sandoval

    Amen Kim! It’s not about us… it’s ALL about HIm!! 🙂 Just this morning our Father has been encouraging through His Word, and I’d like to share a few words from a devo from Sylvia Gunter:
    “When we trust, we have the rest of Jesus by entering into it. Jesus provided a key when He said, “Learn of me, and you will find rest for your soul.” He did not say learn facts about Me, but learn Me, learn My ways, learn to receive from Me.
    Let Perfect Rest, the Lord of glory Himself, live uncontested in you and transform you by living His life through your spirit, from the inside out. Talk to him often until you hear the dove of the Spirit saying, “You are my beloved son or daughter. I am well pleased with you.” Big hug and prayers!! Mari

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