Find Your Life Verse in 2 Simple Steps

How to Choose Your Life Verse in 2 Simple Steps

Has the question of having a life verse come to you before?  Do you have one?

In my study of Psalm 23 with Jennifer Rothschild*, I read her question with a quandary.

“What is your life verse?”

Do we really need one?  Do you want one?  Is it helpful (a question hubs and I often ask)?

My number one question this year:  Is it relevant in my current season?

How to Find Your Life Verse in 2 Simple Steps

This verse came to mind because it reappears often in my current season.

For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun!
Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland so my chosen people can
be refreshed. (Isaiah 43:19)

I truly do sense that God is doing something new in my life.  I love the hope in that.  Don’t you?  There have been many things “new” for a while now, but not in a good way.  When thinking of new things, what comes to mind are things I cannot do – former things I can no longer do.

You can probably imagine my anticipation of something new God is bringing that will be positive and exciting.  And for my good.  Yes!  {I’m more than willing to share that verse with you if you love it as much as I do (wink).}

God’s promise to make a pathway through the wilderness brings me comfort.  With a cancer journey, there will be wilderness.  Things are very uncertain.  We have seen already God laying out the pathway He wants me to take.  In any future dry wasteland, I look forward to refreshment in Him!

I love all the promises in that one verse and how they fit my life perfectly right now.  As far as having a verse for this season, I’m sticking with that one for sure.  Check!  But, as far as a life verse, I couldn’t say it quite fit.

Find Your Life Verse in 2 Simple Steps

In contemplating how to arrive at a life verse, I noted the criteria for arriving at something meaningful and appropriate.  It’s a short process really, much shorter than I expected.  Two little steps.  It’s so easy – almost too easy.  If you’d like to arrive at a life verse, I hope the simplicity of my process inspires you.

How to find a verse that applies to your entire life.

  • Recall special verses that have specific meaning to you.

It may take a while to compile your list of possibilities.  Look at it as a process.  In your Bible study during the next few days or weeks, make note of verses that have extraordinary meaning for you.  This step may come surprisingly easy if you have a few of your very favorites at the ready at all times.

  • With each verse, consider . . . does it apply to every season?  In every stage?  At every age?

As the journey of life takes us through different seasons, we are sometimes drawn to a special Bible verse or scripture passage that is especially meaningful during that time (as in my case).  But, is it one that follows you through life’s entirety?  Think about it.

Our entire lifelong journey covers a huge expanse. Myriads of memories. Of experiences – happy ones and sad too. Of topics vastly contrasting or coinciding. Join me for Two Steps to Finding Your Life Verse. Click To Tweet

As far as my life verse decision, I continued with the homework in Jennifer’s study that day.  Shortly, she directed me to look up certain passages.  This one grabbed me due to my history with it – the Lord and me.  (In the book I’m writing, I call it my “her-story”.)

But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you.
O Israel, the one who formed you says,
“Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.
I have called you by name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1)

When I was thirty and taking part in a Precept Bible Study, this verse spoke very personally to me at that time.  I’d been asking God (pestering truthfully) about whether or not He wanted me to be baptized again.  When I accepted Jesus at six years old, I only understood things as a naïve six-year-old.  At thirty, I knew God in a whole new way, intimately, and more personally – unlike what was possible at age six.

In a pleading, pestering, prayer about that baptism issue (again!) one day, God broke in and said decisively, firmly, resolutely,

You are mine.

It wasn’t audible exactly, but the feeling was so strong, I knew immediately it was God and that, without doubt, He was there with me.  The Lord settled the issue, and I never doubted again.  Only a few weeks later, when I bumped into the verse in Precept homework, it grabbed me – just as it does every time I read that verse!  It was so meaningful to see words in the Bible repeating what He spoke to me only days before.  God is so good to show us confirmation again and again to bring down our doubts, our fears, our insecurities . . . to one simple summation.

It became clear within minutes that, since that verse has so impacted me repeatedly through life, it HAS to be my life verse.  So there you have it!

How to Find Your Life Verse in 2 Simple Steps

To answer my question, “Is it helpful”, yes, it was and is helpful.  And, yes, I find it relevant. Due to the special focus, the Lord used my chosen life verse to minister to me more often this week than ever.  I think the life verse is helpful, beneficial, and relavent to inspire intentional thoughtfulness – and seasonal verses, too.

If you’ve chosen a life verse, do you agree that it is helpful?  If not, is there a verse in your life that speaks to you similarly?  Could that be your life verse?

How about a seasonal verse?  You know how I love the chatting back and forth.  I want to hear all about your life/seasonal verses you’ve chosen.

Because He lives~

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