How To BE Without BEing Stressed!

I’m afraid that I may have left you with the wrong impression in my last post (TO BE or NOT TO BE in 2019).  Did you take it that I said you should BE something spectacular?  To pile onto your already-filled-plate to BE more?  To BE better?  Maybe even to outBE others?  What pressure!

Part of BEing who God wants us to BE is BEing at rest in Him.
BEing at peace.  BEing content to simply BE who He calls us to BE.

Yesterday This morning in my happy place (where it’s just God and me, alone without distraction), I was reading the passages and questions from a 50-day personal growth study our church started on January One.  We are currently looking at the life of Elijah and how hard it must have been for him to be faithful to his calling in evil surroundings of Israel during King Ahab’s reign.  (Much like our world today).

How To BE Without BEing Stressed

The Lord led me to write down something new He wants me to BE.  Not that we need a long list like BEing a perfect Christian, wife, mom, grandmom, daughter, sister, etc.  (We must remember the goal is not perfection.  Jesus occupies that chair!)  Our goal is one of remaining close——BEing close to God in relationship.

When asked what God was saying to me right then in the study, I wrote that I felt God was saying to

write relevantly.

Before sharing all this with you in complete transparency and vulnerability, I looked up the exact meaning of the word.

  1. closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.
    “what small companies need is relevant advice”
    synonyms: pertinent, applicable, apposite, material, apropos, to the point, germane; More

    • appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest.
      “critics may find themselves unable to stay relevant in a changing world”

The words more connected and linked confirmed BINGO! That’s the feeling I had in those moments with God.  That’s where He was leading.  Not to be relevant to what’s trending or popular or viral right now.  Our relevance is through connection with the Lord and what is relevant to HIM.

Of course!  God wants us connected to Him.
He’s our lifeline…our power source…the source of our relevance.

I share this with you because that’s what I was saying about our BEing, not our DOing.  Who we are BEing encompasses all the aspects of any to-do list.  My desire is to write what is relevant to Him.  To speak what is relevent to Him.  To do what is relevent to Him.

Part of BEing who God wants us to BE is BEing content to simply BE who He calls us to BE. Click To Tweet

Add adjectives to your list of BEing without it affecting your stress…no additions to your TO-DO list!  Does that ring BINGO! for you?  What adjectives will become part of your BEing the woman God wants you to BE?

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