Prodigal Parent on Facebook

How Do You Get Up the Next Day and “Do Life”?

Picture This: The Prodigal Son’s Dad on Social Media

The Biblical account of the prodigal son doesn’t mention how the father occupied his time after his son left home.  Let’s envision what might happen in our current times.  Can you imagine it – the prodigal son’s dad on Facebook or Instagram (aka instantgram)?

In today’s world, would the prodigal father of Luke’s account post selfies and display himself publicly  in his devastation, misery, loneliness, betrayal, and fear?  I think not.  The grief of a prodigal is such a private matter that I can’t imagine putting it “out there” for all to see.  With the betrayal of a prodigal, it feels impossible to get up the next day and do life.

Why would we possibly do that life  on Facebook?  Also, you wouldn’t want the opinions that others may give you on the subject.  People can be brutal with their opinions from a keyboard.  They say things they would never say to your face.

Prodigal Parent on FacebookToo many times, I’ve seen people air their dirty laundry on social media.  In the past, when I shared a quote that I liked, one that was formulated by someone else, a few friends reacted in a way that told me they thought I wrote it myself and was “having a bad day” or “suffering from depression” or something not really going on with me at all.  I simply shared it because I thought it might help others.  (Not that I was experiencing it myself, but I saw value  in what was stated.  It was a good quote.)

Once posted, you can’t take it back for clarification.  It’s out there  for all to see and translate according to their own view of things.  (From afar.)

Much is inferred on social media postings.  It’s like when sending emails.  We lack the benefit of facial expressions, body language, and other details needed for full understanding.  There’s too much room for error when posting on social media platforms, so you have to be extremely careful with things you post!

My Number One Advice About Social Media

Stay away!  If your prodigal hasn’t blocked you from seeing their postings, you may be horrified and heartbroken at what you see.  Protect yourself.

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.
(Proverbs 4:23)

Keep your eyes on the Lord, not on your child!  You will lose heart and trust if you keep looking at your problem.  Fill your heart with Praise to God.  He will transform your life to a life of trust, hope and positivity rather than a life of hopelessness and despair.

Have you started the Praise Challenge  yet?  How’s it working for you?



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  • robin

    Oh yes…I have had to stop looking! I get saddened.
    The prodigal is now in the hospital….kidneys are not functioning properly. They will do a biopsy. His BP is high. His creatine is 2.6. They said he has lupus (before this) and last month he had kidney stones. He doesn’t go to the doc or eat right. Biggest hard head!
    All I can do is pray…and ask others with great faith to do so. My friend said,”He has something great in him that the enemy doesn’t want loosed.” I figured that a LONG time ago.
    A lot of this wouldn’t have happened had he not taken those “growth hormone” injections last year when working out (BEFORE the dirt bike accident).
    I’m keeping my focus on the LORD despite all the OTHER distractions coming my way.

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