How Did They Know?

Did you have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend?  Oh, I hope so!

Both of our kids were home for a full four days of blessings…so refreshing after last year’s Thanksgiving day alone.  At that time, I was walking like a drunk person and was too embarrassed to go anywhere much besides church.  I sent my family to enjoy turkey and the trimmings at a tailgate we were invited to attend before their Mississippi State University football game.

While alone, I went on-line and researched all about Multiple Sclerosis.  I’d had the thought years earlier that my symptoms could be MS related but didn’t think they were bad enough to mean anything so drastic.  Wrong!  I pretty much confirmed that MS was the reason for walking issues since early October.  It was very depressing.  But…..this year, I am healthier and have a new excitement.  God is healing me.  So many answered prayers after hard seasons!  Our Lord is so faithful and worthy of praise!

Last week’s post about Lysa Terkeurst’s tough season reminded me that I have many reasons and ways to encourage others.  Our tough seasons are not for naught.

I cannot count nor individually name those who have prayed for me and my family!  Many also helped us through our prodigal season.  You never forget those who pray for and encourage you.  To those, I thank you deeply.

One situation in particular played out in my mind as I pondered this week’s encouragement for you.  How thankful we were four winters ago to receive encouragement from a friend and his daughter, a former prodigal.   What a tremendous gift to us while our prodigal was on walkabout.

After sitting with us (crying with us, sharing with us), they both left our home that day with hugs, smiles, and affirmations that our daughter would be back some day.  Definitely.


They seemed so confident.  Me, the doubting Thomas…I questioned, “How do you know?”  ……..    Without question or doubt, they knew.  They encouraged us and boosted our faith.


Since our daughter had skipped away (seemingly happily) from our family many months prior, what made them so sure she would return?  They didn’t know all that much about the situation…the details…our failures thus far…the control of others in her life…the influence of Satan in her surroundings.

Now that we’re safely on this side of her return, I can confidently say the same thing to you.  If your prodigal child made a sincere profession of faith in their lifetime (and if not, there is still hope as you’ll see below), your prodigal will return.  Period.

I don’t need to know the particulars of your situation.  It truly has nothing to do with you.  It’s about God and His grace…His promises…His everything.  God is faithful!  He is working in your situation…to bring your prodigal home…to restore His relationship with your child…and yours with her/him, as well.  Rest in that.

What Our Prodigal Would Say Now

As we discuss the waywardness of others since her high school days, our miracle prodigal daughter always assures me.

Mom, there is nothing parents can do about it.  Sometimes kids have a period of crazy and stupid.  They learn so much from it.  (She did!)  They will wake up one day and realize their foolishness.  Then they must deal with the shame of what they’ve done.  Until that point, they’re justout there’.


When I was at my lowest, I felt God with me.  He was there!


There is much pain and hurt wrapped around everything for a prodigal.  The love of God and their parents is their lifeline.


Not that your prodigal is accepting of loving acts on the surface.  It isn’t necessarily recognized as loving and is often rejected.  Deep within them, knowing you are there in the background, reinforcing this is not God’s will for their life, is an anchor for them.

If your child has never made a profession of faith, God will answer your prayers because of your righteousness and faith through Christ.  Not because of your child’s tether to the Lord through faith in Jesus.

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.
(Mark 11:24)


The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.
(James 5:16b)

Your job is to pray.  Fervently.  (For help, get these Scripture Prayers for the Prodigal.)

If you have a prodigal, good days are ahead.  God promises in His word.  And we as believers can stand firmly on His promises!

Because He lives~

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