How Can I Feel So Good While Fighting Cancer?

It sounds strange, I know.  But, I don’t feel  sick!  I don’t even think I look sick (possible denial on my part).  Whether you’re in a season of wellness or illness, it’s possible to feel amazing!  God guides me and has proven it to me.

How Can I Feel So Good While Fighting Cancer?
  Step 1:  Feed Your Body

It’s true what they say:  You are what you eat.  When you eat healthy foods, you give your body what it needs to function properly.  Eating healthfully gives your body strength…you have energy…your hair shines…your skin glows.  What could be better than that?

Eat fresh fruit and veggies (mostly veggies) every day.  If organic food sources are available, even better.  Include protein at every meal and snack time (remember plant-based proteins).  Protein is a hormone stabilizer!  (I never realized how much of my problems were hormonal until I started getting regular protein.)  I now consider junk foods to be poisonous  and healthy foods to be medicinal.  Adding high-quality supplements for further support is also good.

If you have an autoimmune condition, it is beneficial for full health to eat grass-fed beef, organic chickens (and their eggs), and wild caught salmon.  These are available at Kroger, along with organic fruits and veggies. Walmart Super Center has a few organic items now, too.  Check Walmart’s freezer section for frozen organic fruit and vegetables.  (Frozen organic fruit is something Kroger doesn’t always carry.)  If you have a hunter friend, ask them for some deer meat.  It is awesome for your health.

There are many recipes using healthy ingredients for all types of meals.  Smoothies are a fantastic way to get massive quantities of veggies into your diet each day.  People on YouTube (like Joyous Health) can show the way.  (Warning:  Possible binge-watching ahead!)

Step 2:  Fuel Your Soul

Spend time with the Lord every day.  Meditation is all the rage these days.  Everyone is talking about it.  But, when meditation is Godless, what’s the point?  As Christians, our power source is God, and He is our counselor, comforter, focus, and guide.  I choose to meditate on Him and His goodness.  How about you?

In addition to meditation, reading scripture and time in prayer are refreshing as you renew your mind and soul.  Greet each day with praise.  (Get the Praise Challenge download and get started.)  Talk about transforming your mind, soul, attitude, and life!

God has a sense of humor that cracks me up, but I also try to regularly call friends and family for the purpose of laughter.  What friends or relatives can you depend upon for laughter?  Call them!  We all need a gut-splitting laugh regularly – every day is most optimal.  Although, you might not want to pester the same fun person every day.  Spread the love by calling several different happy people throughout the week.

Step 3: Strengthen Your Body

Include some exercise.  Take a daily walk.  It’s good for the body and the soul.  If you can’t walk easily (like me), Classical Stretch by Miranda Esmonde-White is a wonderful workout.  These videos are very helpful for muscle toning, balance, strengthening, and generally working every muscle group in your body – at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.  These videos (on Amazon*) for beginners are great for getting started without over-doing things.

Start small with the first DVD if you’d like to try it out first.  But, I highly recommend the boxed set so you have plenty of workouts at your disposal for a very long time.  These aren’t really workouts, though, not in the usual sense.  The term workout  brings cardio power sessions to mind.  Classical Stretch leads you through calm movements while enjoying serene music and beautiful scenery during targeted strengthening and toning.

Miranda Esmonde-White warns you to stop if a movement is painful.  She’s careful to keep you from injury while moving every muscle group in the body.  Each workout lasts about twenty minutes.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up.  These three main tips are that simple – ha!  (Not really simple when you change your entire way of eating.  There’s a learning curve, and at first you may feel like you’ll never get it all “figured out”.)  If you stick with it, you will learn and begin to see terrific changes!


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