Thanksgiving Meal, 2018

Healthy Thanksgiving Cheats and Links

As of today (this day of publishing), we have two weeks and one day until Thanksgiving.  Are you preparing your recipes?  Are you feeling the squeeze?

I hope what I share will help you get it all together with health options you may be seeking.

Last year, I was determined to have Thanksgiving dinner for my immediate family, with at least as close as possible to our usual Thanksgiving dishes.  The challenging part was making the recipes in a way that I could eat most everything – and taste like normal to everyone else.

Gluten-free and dairy-free and sugar-free.  Yes, it’s a thing.  No diet plan fits perfectly.  Not keto, paleo, or anything O.  All must be tweaked, for me, at least.

Could I taste a difference in my new-and-improved Thanksgiving recipes?  Everything tasted strange to me last year, so I couldn’t say for sure until I asked.  The fam said everything tasted the same – delicious like always before.  Score!  (Hope they were truthful because they are in for mostly a repeat this year.)

Thanksgiving, 2018

Notice my son is dressed for country life in the picture above.  Ha!  Girl, only in the southern sticks do we appear for Thanksgiving dinner with bare feet!  Often it is actually hot on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

You don’t see a turkey or gravy on the kitchen island because it was on the stove behind us.  (Hubs took the picture, of course.)  I was elated to find an organic turkey in the freezer section at Kroger last year.  Hopefully, Kroger will have them again this year.

The Key Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes Other Than Turkey and Gravy

The first challenge was my grandmother’s cornbread dressing recipe.  (Ahem…that’s stuffing for you northern embracers, I believe. Wink.)  Either way, you need cornbread to make the cornbread dressing, and how do you make cornbread without cornmeal and some sort of flour?  Yes, at that time, I was also completely corn-free.  Unbelievable, I know.  But corn can be a thing, too.

Would my family know?  I used this Keto Cornbread recipe, and the texture was perfect and cornbread-like. Ground flax seeds are the key to the texture and color similarities to real cornbread, I believe.

I hope to share my grandmother’s cornbread dressing recipe with you soon, but until then, I found a yummy-looking recipe by Dani at Clean and Delicious.  Her Cornbread Stuffing Recipe is, ahem, stuffing because she’s a Jersey girl.  Gotta love that, y’all!

The final thing I want to share with you today that is a usual tradition at Thanksgiving is . . .

Cranberry Sauce
YES, Cranberry Sauce!

I made (and tweaked further) Dani’s recipe for Cranberry Sauce.  I used Trim Healthy Mama’s Gentle Sweet (*affiliate link) rather than honey to sweeten it, and our sauce was perfectly delicious!

The cranberry sauce tasted so good, I made more in January and ate it on biscuits – and with a little almond butter.  The perfect sweetness plus slight tart with a hint of (optional) ginger zing.  Yummmmmm!

Cranberry Sauce on Biscuits

Speaking of biscuits, these are gluten-free.  Recipe coming to you soon.  Pinkie promise.

Honestly, I did some digging when writing this post and discovered something critical – that I forgot to share the biscuits with you in January!  So sorry, y’all.  (Chemo brain is a real thing, and I use that excuse whenever necessary. Wink.)

The next recipe I want to share with you will be published during the coming week.  It’s essential for other dishes you might have on your list for your Thanksgiving dinner.  It usually comes in a can and has chicken in it.  And, (spoiler) it’s creamy.

Any guesses? 🙂

What foods do you need to avoid?  Have you found an anything O that fits your needs for eating and recipe-building?  How about substitutions?

Did any of these recommendations help you today?  I hope so, my friend.  If not, tell me in the comments section below what would help you.  I am so thankful you’re here!

Thankful season blessings~

signature*Affiliate link.  If you click a link and order a product, I will receive a small commission.  Thank you, and here is my disclosure.  🙂


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