Healthy Halloween Entertaining

Healthy Halloween Entertaining

Fourteen years ago, little did we know our future Fall seasons would be so different than what we knew and loved in our old neighborhood in Marietta, Georgia. Before moving to what I call The Land of Making Do, Halloween was a huge neighborhood deal.  Not in a creepy way, but in a family fun way.  How sad we were when we realized, after moving to the country, miles away from our then-new-to-us small town, we would have NO little goblins visiting, bag-in-hand for candy additions.  None.  Ever.  Again.  Zilcho.  Wah!

Healthy Halloween Entertaining

Hubs and I visited our two adulting, boomerang kids over the weekend for their housewarming party at our son’s house he bought recently.  Yes, back again in the Atlanta area.  That’s why I call them boomerangs.  We took them from city/suburbia life, and they went right back after college.  Boomerangs.

Our son rents out a room to his sister, who helps keep the place clean and spiffy and decorated with that womanly touch – and also pays rent.  I can’t for sure say what gets done more often, cleaning or spiffing, but definitely a yes to the rent part (wink).

As far as this week goes, our daughter anxiously awaits trick-or-treat-ers again in their new neighborhood after fourteen years of having none.  She decorated the front entrance (weeks ago!) and is beside herself with excitement over handing out candy.

I surprised the kiddos Saturday night with a healthy addition to their gathering — and realized later that we didn’t snap a picture of Mr. Healthy Bones.  It was a platter of bite-sized veggies, all arranged in detail of ribs (pepper slices), arms (cucumber slices), hands (carrots), and then a fun area of guts (sliced mushrooms).  A dip bowl is the head (a face appointed by black olives), surrounded by curly kale for hair.

Who ever heard of a skeleton with hair?  Or guts?  Or big buttons of cauliflower lining his rib bones?  So cute, y’all!

Call me the copy-cat queen, since my creation was totally a copy of  THIS ONE  I received in an email from Kroger earlier this month.  You’ve GOT to see how cute is this Mr. Healthy Bones (my assigned name for him)!

I pinned the link and picture to my Pinterest Healthful Entertaining Eats board.  Click that board title to visit my board and see other fun and healthy entertaining ideas for many occasions.

Might I remind you (and myself) that we’re bumping into pre-Thanksgiving days soon  – days of planning, prepping in advance, and trying not to stress about all things holiday food and fun?

I don’t mean to worry you.  Let’s just spend a little time enjoying each season that comes along – and enjoying a little preseason planning.  Shall we?

Follow Embrace this Season with me on Pinterest for lots of healthful ideas, healthy recipes, as well as for spiritual inspiration – all for good soul-keeping and stewardship of God’s temple in us.  Happy week, y’all!

Because He lives~


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  • Dale S.

    Love,love,love your healthy “Mr.Bones!!”😃
    I am missing you this October! Remembering all the fun we had in years past during this time of the year!!🎃🎃🎃

    • Kim

      Thanks, D! I was missing your Mr. Bad-to-the-bone guy yesterday, and all our fun times. I hope your Halloween was very fun like back “in the day”. 🙂

    • Kim

      G, thank you for sharing Mr. Healthy Bones with your group of health stars! Kroger gets all the credit since it was their creation that inspired me. Hugs! 🙂

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