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Healthy Eating/Clean Ingredients

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

It’s been a long while since I published a healthy recipe, and I deeply apologize for that.  I could go through a long explanation of reasons/excuses, but let’s not do that.  OK?  🙂

With our current state of staying home, I reckon now might be a good time to share someone who tells us what we all need for building a strong and healthy temple.  That is, he tells his viewers what ingredients are healthy and which ones to avoid.

Introducing Bobby Parrish and his wife, Dessie.  Rose is their adorable baby girl who is often on Bobby’s hip in his videos.  He’s a dad in his early 40’s and clearly in love with his wife and daughter.  (Rose gets lots of daddy kisses, which I love!)

This is their new cookbook.  I haven’t ordered it yet because I’m still getting a ton from their YouTube channel.  You will, too.

Flavecity Cookbook

My mom has tried to educate me over the years.  Some details I’ve been able to remember, but don’t we all forget many things we need to hear on repeat?  Bobby’s videos are so handy to return and view over and over until you know it – or until you finally write some notes.  Ha!

Honestly, it takes a while to clean out all the pantry items you thought were OK.  It’s a process, so don’t stress about it.  I thought I was doing good but realized I had a little ways yet to go, too.  There are so many ingredients and labels to comb through!  I had a few favorites I had to ditch.  But, it’s OK.  I’ve now replaced them with things I can feel good about eating.  All for good health!  Right?

It may seem overwhelming at first.  Take things at your own pace and methodically work through your pantry staples for cooking.  Or, you could attack the snack items first.  Your choice.

Bobby does a lot of on-site videos at Trader Joe’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, Aldi’s, and others.  I’ve lost count.  We don’t have access to all those stores, but learning the best ingredients (and worst) helps you shop anywhere and everywhere.

Granted, now’s not the time to shop the stores, but getting your pantry cleaned out might be a start now while stuck at home.  Or, at least make a list of desired items to replace the things you’ll discard after you can shop again.  Or, do like I’m doing.  Shop on-line and do curb-side grocery pick up.

I’m not exactly happy you’re having to live in hiding right now because of Covid-19, but you may get a taste of what living with ill health could be like.  Staying home in seclusion to avoid viruses and such can get pretty lonely.  If you don’t want your life to be similar (or permanently that way), then take my advice and restore your body to optimal health.  Not perfect, but do the best you can.

No stress because that’s unhealthy, too.  Keep calm and carry on ….

The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them. (Romans 14:3) Click To Tweet

Bobby explains what is Paleo, Keto, etc.  None of that matters to me, but maybe your healthy lifestyle includes one of them.  His information is very thorough and so, so helpful.

The basics Bobby covers in this video are so important that I couldn’t resist showing it to you.  When my health issues started, each time I asked a doctor (whether an MD or eye doctor) what was causing a particular issue, inflammation was always their answer.  Well, now I know why – and how to reduce it through diet.

I hope this tiny dip into Bobby’s ocean of information is small enough not to scare you if you’re just starting out.  And, maybe if you’re a pro, these are good reminders.  (Again, repeat, repeat….)

With our current health situation – the virus, cancer, diabetes, heart issues, and all the other illnesses we battle in our society, we can serve others and the Lord better when restoring our temple (God’s Temple in you) to a healthy state.

While I’d hoped to give you the information first-hand myself, I’ve found with my current battles, others do a much better job.  I can at least share their information with you.  What a relief and blessing that is to me.  The pressure is off! 🙂

How did you like this first video?  Would you like to see more?

I hope to see you in a couple of days for our Faithfulness Friday focus.  Jesus is our peace in troubling times.  Where would we be without faith in Jesus?

Because he lives~



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  • Barb

    Kim — Such a great post and such a great video you shared. Thanks for introducing me to this incredible resource. Thank you for glorifying God in sharing such valuable information to help us live a more healthy lifestyle. Thanks again and praying for your journey and adventure to more healthy ways of eating to His glory. Kindly, Barb

    • Kim

      You are welcome, Barb. Of course I want others to get FlavCity’s info. So helpful to know what’s in our food, the good, the harm, etc. Our food supply has changed drastically from God’s original design. We need to know! I hope to find others that are as packed with good information – and will share, as I discover them. I appreciate your encouragement very much. Blessings to you, and hugs! 🙂

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