What Makes Spiritual Seeds Different

Get Your Free Fruit Basket

Hi, friends!  I hope you’re having a great start to December!

If you missed my Facebook Live video this afternoon, you can watch the replay here.

I realize some of you don’t have a Facebook account, and that’s fine.  I understand!  I’ll give you the same information here in this post.

NOTE:  If you find yourself completely confused about any of this post as you read through, please visit Monday’s post about the Spiritual Seeds Planner Package GIVEAWAY! 

In short, I was itching to get started with my new Spiritual Seeds Planner – now and not wait until January.  I was thrilled to get an email from the Spiritual Seeds Planner “girls”, Leann and Julie, for their free December Fruit Basket download.

The Fruit Basket download is free for everyone (as are all their printable downloads)!

Simply visit SpiritualSeedsPlanner.com and go to the Free Downloads page (in the top menu bar).  Click the drop-down menu tab for Free Downloads.

Scroll down to find the Fruit Basket Project Calendar Download, click on it, and you’ll go to a check-out page.  Don’t worry, it’s truly free.  Just click through as if checking out (for $0), and you’ll get the download link.  Save to your computer, and print it out (colored ink recommended – wink).

You will choose a Fruit of the Spirit for your focus each day of December.  The download includes rectangles with fruit types labeled on them that you can cut out.  Use these cutouts for noting how you blessed someone through your fruit of choice for each day.

What Makes Spiritual Seeds Different

Set a basket or a bowl on your kitchen table, dining table, coffee table (you get it), or wherever you wish.  This is where the fruit basket part comes in.  Add your Fruit of the Spirit cut-out papers with your notes on them as you go through the month.  At the end of December, you’ll have a basket or bowl full of (spiritual) fruit.  🙂

What a fun way to get going early!  I began yesterday, so my fruit yesterday was LOVE.  Today’s fruit for my focus was JOY.  I actually used sticky notes to write what I did for today and yesterday and stuck it on my day planner page.  I’ll continue that throughout the month as I travel through the remainder of December.  But, you don’t have to.  It’s just something I added on my own.

I forgot to mention the part about the fruit bowl in my Facebook Live.  Oh, well!  (I get distracted by all the necessary details and leave out things sometimes.  Ugh.)

Please register to win the planner!  If you are just too shy to share and comment (as instructed here), you can purchase one on the SpiritualSeedsPlanner.com site.

I get no compensation if you purchase a planner at the Spiritual Seeds Planner site.  But you get the free planner package if you register and win!  So, check out my post with instructions for registering, then share it and comment on it, either on my blog post itself or any social media post about the giveaway you see – and be sure to do it by December 15th.

Remember, all you embracer sisters are winners in my book! 😉

Because He lives~


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