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Welcome back to Faithfulness Friday!  I hope you don’t mind, but today we see God’s faithfulness in one verse rather than one or more chapters of the Bible.  My, how God can grab us with as little as one verse!

How was your Mother’s Day?  I was thinking of you last weekend.  I want to encourage you today with the gift the Lord gave me on Sunday, but it hasn’t always been that way.

My old journals are packed away in a box I can’t get to right now, so I did my best to remember back to past Mom’s days when our daughter was on walkabout.  Of course, I was miserable and felt I had no hope for the future, no hope for better Mother’s Days ahead.  If your Mother’s Day was similar this time, I understand.

Maybe the fact that I understand your pain doesn’t mean much to you right now.  God understands, and that could mean the world to you.  He sees.  He knows.  God is faithful.

His faithfulness is shown through my story today.  But first, the buts.

You might think you’re alone, but you’re not.  God IS with you.  You might feel God isn’t good, but He is.  It’s OK to not think so right now, but here is your hope.  You can’t see God working, but He IS working in your circumstances, and He is GOOD!  The day is coming when you will see it.

I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)

I lived several years in the buts.  We know all the promises in the Bible are true for some people.  BUT, you feel like maybe they are for others and not necessarily for you personally.  I get it.

We longed to have our daughter back, but she wasn’t.  Having our family together again was God’s will.  We knew that, but we weren’t.  And, then there’s always that question of, “But, why not?”

I began praying today’s verse while our daughter was away.  At that point in our journey, God had revealed my sin of not trusting Him.  In January of that year, I committed to trust Him every single day – just for that day.  I couldn’t manage more than that one day at a time, and He was OK with that.  Every day I committed my trust in God verbally to Him.

This can apply to other types of hard seasons you may be experiencing, not only with a prodigal.

Psalm 27.13

The Lord answers when we pray in His will, and He gave me the trust I needed for each day.  As He built my trust, that verse sunk in further and deeper.  I still had questions, though.

Could I imagine living with anything other than numbness and sadness?
Could I see God’s goodness in my life again someday?
Could I stand on His promises?
Could I live expectantly for those promises?

Daring to step forward in faith can be scary.  God is faithful to help us be brave.

Skip five years to now.  As you probably know, our prodigal returned, and life is much better, at least on that front.  Praise the Lord!  But, well … and … there are other areas of concern, worry, and fear.  My life isn’t perfect, just as yours isn’t perfect.  Yes, I cry from sadness a little each day.  Yes, my family is healing.  And, yes, we still have a long way to go in some ways.  Some of them seem huge.

After praying Psalm 27:13 regularly, I now have learned to look for the goodness in spite of realities I see with my eyes.  With my natural eyes, I focus differently now.

I look for what I see right now, not considering the long-term things my brain fills in with big picture results of present behaviors.  Only God knows the big picture, and He’s working on the landscape of our lives on His canvas, in His timing.

That’s how you can manage to embrace tough
– by seeing the smallest blessings of today
and being thankful for even the tiniest.

My Mother’s Day gift this year was having our family together, and it was wonderful!  We haven’t seen one another in months.  We’ve all been at a distance, following all the rules.  The kids were worried they might make me sick, but we’ve been at our homes, taking precautions.

If your family lives close to you, seeing those you love is a regular occurrence.  Not so for everyone, so this thing that looks so small to you isn’t so small for some, like me.

That’s only one example, and there are many small gifts from God each day.  I only need open my eyes to see them.  And here’s THE BIGGEST YES to God’s promise …


Your day is coming!  If your Mother’s Day this year was a bust, cling to the promise of seeing God’s goodness in future years.  Wait expectantly for it.

My Mother’s Day was evidence – quite different from years earlier, and yes, some good finally did come.  I could say lots of buts are still in the way of yeses, but that’s no longer my focus.  The buts are now transformed into yeses now that my eyes are open and waiting expectantly to see God’s goodness.


Are your eyes open?  Do you look for the Lord’s blessings expectantly each day?

Because He lives,

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  • Rhonda

    Beautiful Kim. For one who dwells too much on the ‘buts’, I needed that reminder. to day. Want to look deeper into all you said but have a lot to work on at the office this afternoon. Been thinking about you and praying for you. We’ll catch up soon. In His love, Rhonda

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