Favorite Books and Bible Studies

Favorite Books and Bible Studies

As some of you know, I love to consume books using the Audible app.  I turn up the volume and pleasantly vacuum my house in mental escape mode.  No more complaining about running the vacuum after months last year of finding it difficult to vacuum.  Now I joyfully vacuum and praise God through it!

I cannot count the number of books and Bible studies I’ve worked my way through since January.  I wanted to tell you about my favorites in case you’d like to read them, too.  This all ties in with examining where we need to be, spiritually, and how God would have us seek Him through His word and other written works – Christian books and Bible studies.  I’m referring to my recent post, “Are You Where You Need To Be?”

The books I’ve either read or heard (on audible.com) that I’d like to recommend are as follows (and linked with Amazon*).  If you purchase through the link, I will be compensated as an affiliate of Amazon.

I didn’t know what to expect from The Land of the Blue Burqas* by Kate McCord, but it helps us to know how to approach others from a Muslim faith.  The author gives many first-hand examples from her experience living among Muslims for ways we can speak “the same language” and make specific points of agreement with them about our Father God.

Kate McCord has wonderfully opened my eyes to the beauty of women of the Muslim faith (and their oppression under it).  This is an eye-opening book!

My cousin read (years ago), remembered its impact on her, and recommended Proof of Heaven* by Eben Alexander, M.D.

The author was formerly a neurosurgeon who experienced a sudden brain malfunction and subsequent miraculous recovery after his time in Heaven.  I don’t usually read much about the afterlife, but this book gives a lot of detail about Heaven that intrigues me.  Do you often wonder what Heaven will be like?

Favorite Books and Bible Studies

As far as Bible studies, my favorite was Psalm 23* by Jennifer Rothschild.  (Again, an Amazon affiliate link.)

Psalm 23 is a wonderful study of how our Shepherd protects and cares for us.  I got so much out of this Bible study, and I think you will, too.  I loved how Jennifer Rothschild examined specific word meanings for deeper dives of exploration.

I particularly remember defining the words in Psalm 23:4 and then re-writing it using those definitions.  It was a wonderful way to look deeper into the meaning of the verse.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4)

When examining the word meanings for walk, valley, shadow, death, fear, and evil, the rewritten version was more thorough (yet long).  But I loved looking at it this way.

Yea, though I move at a pace slower than a run (walk) through the long narrow lowland between mountains (valley) of the rough image cast by an image blocking sun rays (shadow) of termination of life (death), I will not feel agitation or anxiety (fear) caused by the presence of a danger that is morally bad or wicked (evil).

Did you get lost in that translation?  It’s a bit wordy, but the process gives you deeper meaning to the verse.  I see this as a new way to study.  I realize you may already be doing this, but it was new to me.  If you complete this study, you will constantly be reminded of God’s love for you as you reflect back on the focus of each verse in the sections of this study.  What a blessing!

Have you read any good books lately?  How about Bible studies?  Any favorites you’d like to share?  Please share and let’s chat about it all!

Because He lives~


*Affiliate link.  See disclosure here.


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