Faithfulness Fridays

Faithfulness Friday Bible Study in 2020

In our tough seasons, we need to stand on God’s Word.  We should continually remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness to His people throughout the Bible.

A little back story:

The Jubilee Journey Facebook Group women and I read straight through the Bible together in 2015, and the group leaders allowed me to write a summary post for one day’s reading during each week, sometimes two.

It was my first time to read through the Bible in the way that we did that year.  I’d followed other reading plans but not straight through.  I enjoyed it so much that I returned to repeat that reading plan three of the four years since, including this year.

2015 was a pivotal year for my family.  The year began with our prodigal still on walkabout.  I was in a pit of deep despair.  But, I had hurled my stake in the ground and declared war against satan.

In Jesus’ name, satan would not win!

While I was a wreck emotionally during those early months of 2015, I was determined.  I dug deep spiritually and scripturally as God lead me through His Word.  I limped.  I stumbled.  But I persevered (by God’s grace) to maintain my blogging schedule and also the Jubilee Journey schedule of weekly post writing.

What did I discover?  Immeasurable blessings.  I found God’s faithfulness repeated throughout His Word.  Front to back.  Top to bottom.  Side to side.

His promises are exposed through the stories in His Holy Bible over and over again.  Promises we can depend upon and firmly stand on.  Those stories give us grounding back to our original source of strength, the Lord.

Dependable.  Faithful.  True.

Our prodigal began the gradual process of turning back to us mid way through that year.  Suddenly we were in a season of finding a new way again – and healing.  All good stuff, y’all!  Strange how we move on and forget the details of things we dealt with back thenBack when we were in the muck and mire of the ugly.

Earlier this month, Lysa TerKeurst’s new study Trustworthy was breaking out from publication.  While reading about the study and thinking it over, I thought of my personal Bible study in 2015 and wondered if hers is similar.  The vague memory of my old Jubilee Journey posts beckoned my return.  But, where were they, exactly?

They were in a sort of hidden spot on my laptop, but I found the old postings.  As I read the first one and then another, I had a head-slap moment.  All of those posts from four years ago helped build my trust in God so much during those days of waiting and questioning.   Why had I not thought to encourage you, my embracer sisters, with those posts?

I’ve let those old posts sit idle as if of no use to anyone.  God’s Word, His promises, are always useful.  Especially when seasons are hard.  Right?

Publishing those old posts is just the thing for me to do to encourage you, my sister embracers.

Beginning the first Friday in January of 2020, January 3rd, I’ll share on Fridays, those posts taken and reformed somewhat from the original Facebook postings. And so, Faithfulness Fridays will begin, and we’ll see where God takes us from there. 🙂  (Notice the new tab in the menu above.)

Faithfulness Fridays

If you were part of the Jubilee Journey group during 2015, you might think you’ll remember those posts.  But, you won’t (pinkie promise).  If by some miracle, you remember that far back, please . . . introduce yourself.  (I want to know who you are and how you do it!)   You might even glean more from the future Faithfulness Friday posts than you did from the originals.  Because that’s how God works.

At the beginning of each Friday’s study, I’ll include the book and chapters you’ll want to read for full context and back story.  Then, you’ll read the remainder of the post, which will highlight scripture treasures that exclaim God’s faithfulness to His people.  That’s us.  You and me, sister.

When reading these chapters (usually 2-3), the Holy Spirit will reveal things to you – sometimes different or additional ah-ha moments than the topic of my writing.  I’d love for you to share those things with us all in the comments.  Can you break out of your shyness?  That’s the beauty of community Bible study.  It will be an adventure!

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Since Faithfulness Fridays will be rather light-weight (no homework, one day weekly of study and not five), you can coincide the Trustworthy study with the Faithfulness Fridays, as well.  🙂

I pre-ordered Lysa’s Trustworthy study before it was yet released and began working through it as soon as it arrived.  So far, what Lysa brings out through her study of I and II Kings differs from the articles I will be publishing next year.  Completely.  Surprisingly.  But not really a surprise, y’all.  She IS the Bible study/writing expert!

Lifeway plans to offer (in January, 2020) the free weekly videos that companion Lysa’s Trustworthy study.  You’ll be able to sign up at at some point – to join the online study and for the coinciding weeklly video links to come into your email inbox.

While waiting for the sign-up, you can order Lysa TerKeurst’s Trustworthy study book through the Amazon* link below if you desire.  (Disclosure: If you order through this link, I will receive a small commission.  Thank you.)

The timing will be perfect to begin sharing my old posts in the new year.

For those of you who wish to work through Lysa’s Trustworthy study, my posts will be a bonus.  A supplement of sorts.  Not that Lysa TerKeurst at all needs my words to supplement hers.  No, y’all.  She does not.  Not.  At.  All.

Faithfulness Fridays

As always, thank you for reading my posts.  I’m so glad you are here with me, continuing to read what comes out of my fingertips. Traveling together through God’s Word will be such fun with friends like you along!

Please invite your friends to join us.  (Share this post by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this page.)  It will give us all something to look forward to in our new year ahead.  Hard to believe we’re already at year number 2020!

I think of you as my friend as I speak with you (write to you) each week.  My favorite thing about blogging is when you talk to me by sharing through a comment.  No pressure.  Just girl stuff, y’all.  Chatting.  How we girls love to do that!

Are you as excited as I am about this new way we will study together?

Because He lives~


*Affiliate link.  See disclosure here.

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