Even THERE – 3 Steps to Going Deeper with God Again

If I take the wings of the dawn, if I dwell in the remotest part of the sea, even there Your hand will lead me, and Your right hand will lay hold of me. (Psalm 139:9-10, NASB)

For years, it seemed like people used their busyness as a badge of honor.  I bristled at the words I’m so busy! and vowed to never include them in a sentence myself.  Busyness felt so braggy.  We all have busy lives, even those who don’t say so.

Nowadays, busyness has almost become a dirty word of sorts.  I get it.  Much of the time, busyness is of our own doing.  From the inability to say no and overloading the calendar … to our weekly schedules taken over by a constant flow of activity after activity.  Run here, run there.  Ugh!  I ask you, Sister Embracer,

Where is your margin?

Being a good steward of our time can be a real challenge.  And, in a season of ill health, doctor visits and testing can seem to consume your life.  Hubs and I found out quickly that having cancer is a full-time job.  Self-care is, too, when dealing with serious illness.  Even more so for the 24/7 caretaker!

It’s easy to get out of the habit of sitting quietly with God when you literally have no time to sit quietly at all, with God or anyone else, or in any specific space of regularity.

No matter your busyness, God wants to converse, commune, and sit with you often.  Relating with God doesn’t require the formality of what may be your usual – like leisure Bible reading, along with prayer and coffee on a cool, crisp morning in your porch chair.  Who has that kind of time 365 mornings a year?

The Lord can meet you anywhere!  We need Him always, especially in our toughest and/or busiest seasons.  Besides, He wants to comfort you, show you His love, strengthen you, and guide you.  He simply desires His presence in your life.  In your heart.

After a while without daily time with the Lord, what do you do in order to relate with Him again?

How do you get started with relating to God again?

Your relationship with God is like that of an old friend, where you can go without being with one another for a while, and then pick right back up where you left off, as if no time has passed.

3 Steps to Relate With God Again

Step One:  A New Habit

The hardest part is creating a new habit, a habit of snippets.  Come clean with the Lord and tell Him you want to commune with Him again.  You miss Him, right?  This scripture prayer can help you get started by stating what you know to be true – because God’s Word says so.

Father, no matter where I am, whatever busyness has captured me, “even there Your hand will guide me, and Your strength will support me” (taken from Psalm 139:10, NLT).

In your season of hard, God can magnify His Word to reach into your heart and penetrate – wherever you are.  Even there.  Wherever you are.  A favorite place of mine is in the shower, of all things!  Talk to God in the car, while waiting in line, or at the doctor’s office.  Or at home, in your kitchen as you stir while standing at the stove top, or while washing dishes, folding laundry, rushing to swish toilets.

Step Two:  Prayer Steps

Never heard of Prayer Steps?  That’s because I made it up one day last week.  The devotional on my phone was prompting me to take a prayer walk that day.  I imagine that’s well and good normally.  But, I know that if I take off to the mailbox (a half mile away) for a prayer walk, I may not make it – or may not make it back to the house.

The steps we take in normal life activities (like laundry and such) can be times of prayer, not only when walking.  I started using this process while pulling weeds years ago, but only now named it as prayer steps, or prayer stepping.

For those of you who have no walking issues, take advantage of that prayer time for prayer walking.  Yes, even while walking down the street to get to your next appointment.


Step Three:  Intention of Worship

Listening to praise music is worship!  Whether through your earbuds or while in the car, steal those moments to sing out in praise.  Your soul cries for the release of worship to your Lord.

If I take the wings of the dawn, if I dwell in the remotest part of the sea, even there Your hand will lead me, and Your right hand will lay hold of me. (Psalm 139:9-10, NASB) Click To Tweet

Taking advantage of small bits of time requires intentionality, but little snippets with the Lord are better than none at all.  Right?  Your Father certainly understands.  He knows your circumstances.  He waits by your side for you to turn to Him and open yourself to His goodness . . . and soak Him in.

Last year, when I started having ten minutes of praise each morning (and created The 30-10 Praise Challenge), I began the practice of praising God before I crawled out of bed each morning.  I would simply lie there for ten minutes to praise the Lord before rising to start the day.  Focusing on God’s greatness reduces any anxiety you may have for that day, removes all fear, and sets your mood as positive excitement in Him.  Because God is faithful in all things.  Yes, all things.

Once addicted to this process, I added praising God as I began trying to sleep at night.  And, forget the ten minutes.  Who needs to keep track of time when your goal is to fall asleep?  The Lord doesn’t keep track of time, and we don’t need to do it in this situation, either.

Simply basque in peacefulness God bathes within you as you drop off to sleep in praise to your heavenly Father. Click To Tweet

Ahhhh . . . now, doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Can you think of other ways to include the Lord into the small spaces of your life for snippets with Him?

Because He lives~


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  • Barbara Karth

    I missed the 30-10 challenge and since I am already a subscriber it won’t let me sign up for that challenge…. Do you have the prompts in 1 place so I can just start there?
    thank you for each of your posts…. you help me have courage to keep going…
    take good care of yourself Kindly, Barb

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