Treasuring God's Word

EnJOYing God’s Treasure

Whether we’re in a tough or triumphant season, we need things in our life that bring us joy.  (Also, my Spiritual Seeds Planner Fruit of the Spirit focus for the month of March is JOY.)  Some of you know how much I love the creativity world.  That is my happy place, and I always (when I was able) loved to craft and create things.

After focusing completely on health self-care for three years, I broadened my scope a bit and started watching crafting videos again last September.  These days, watching online crafting videos brings me JOY.

Several crafters online are my favorites. Some are young and cute and energetic. Others are closer to my age – and as energetic as I was in the old Curtain Queen Creates days (my former home decor diy blog). How I miss it!

Rather than dwelling on the past and pining away over what I can no longer do, I choose to JOYfully relish others showing crafted things for the home.

My blog tagline was create the home you love to live in. Why?  Because that was always my quest – making our home one that my family loved.  And, I wanted to include and hopefully inspire other women in that quest, along with taking the opportunity to “sneak in” some Christian influence.

If  you’ve been around a while, you know we moved last year.  My reduced physical abilities forced us to consider a smaller, one-level home, one in which I could more easily live. A bonus was the new house is near family and long-time friends.  (As a people person, living in a remote area wasn’t optimal, especially when dealing with illnesses.)

While I had to discard many of the old projects and supplies before our move, some items remain that make our current home one that we love to live in, regardless of the size. Remnants from the old days still bring me joy.

I get many ideas and inspirations from the videos, and a few of them I can actually accomplish, in time.  For example, one of the videos I watched in early December told about the idea I used for A 2020 Christmas Day Alternative.

Christmas Giving 2020

A few weeks ago, I discovered Hiedi Scott at DiyDreaming (check out her awesome projects on Facebook here).

On Sundays, she does a Christ & Crafting project where she ties in a spiritual aspect of some sort, usually involving scripture.  With this new fave, Hiedi’s video prompted me to use an old box I had painted and gold-leafed “back in the day”, using it in a whole new way.

My usual pile of index cards on the table beside “my” chair is now replaced with something a little more appealing to the eye.  My old box has been used and worn, ruffed-up to reveal some of the teal paint beneath.  I love things that look well-used and loved.

Treasuring God's Word

What an improvement! (Thank you, Hiedi.) Since I can no longer run around collecting supplies and then complete projects like this one, I was thrilled to have my old, completed box on hand to repurpose with Hiedi’s idea – to hold scripture cards.

You know how I love to use scripture cards.  I have so many groupings of scripture cards (like for Praying for Your Prodigal and The 30-10 Praise Challenge verses written on index cards), connected with a key-ring type of metal ring. Now I have all the different groupings in one box. So convenient.

If you use scripture cards, where do you keep them?

Do you have a box on hand to use for keeping your scripture cards?  It doesn’t have to be gold leafed, but some sort of decorative box you like that’s the right size.  Or, do you want to follow Hiedi’s example and diy one of your not-so-decorative boxes with her gold-leafing project?

Either way, have fun with it.  EnJOY God’s Word, His treasure! 🙂

Because He lives~

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  • Ginger

    Your box looks beautiful! What a wonderful use for it! I will be looking for something here to use myself. You have inspired me!

  • Jennifer Smith

    I love your box. I keep my scriptures in a plastic 3X5 box. Practical but not attractive at all. I am going to look around and find a pretty way to keep my scriptures close at hand! So glad you are finding joy with your creative side:) (pretty sure my creative side is sound asleep!!) Have a beautiful week!!

    • Kim

      Why did I never think of using some sort of box before? Your plastic box works well, I’m sure, and is practical. Good luck finding the perfect size if you want to go for beauty. Thanks for your input, Jennifer! 🙂

  • Lisa notes

    What a wonderful idea to have a special place to put your scripture cards! WAY back in the day I used to love cross-stitching and knitting and other kinds of creating, but it’s been years since I’ve done any of it. I so admire people who can create things from their hands and make the world a more beautiful place.

    • Kim

      Yes, cross-stitching was a thing in the 80s and 90s. Ha! I finally learned a little knitting about 15 years ago but never accomplished much. I so envy those who can make REAL and useful things. Time has a way of changing our priorities. Life happens! Hope you’re having a great week, Lisa. 🙂

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