Did God Really Say...

Did He Really Say . . . ?

It’s Faithfulness Friday again!  I’m so excited about this topic today, y’all.  I can get so jazzed about God’s word upon examination and/or complete immersion.  Our text today is from Genesis.  It might be helpful to view the entire third chapter of Genesis before reading this post.

I mentioned in Contemplating 52 Questions that we would discuss more about the beginning contemplation point in the book, The Jesus Code*.  This devotional is so good!  I love that I get a whole week to ponder one question.  (A perfect way to use My Word for 2021.)

This question from satan might be fairly familiar to you.

The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the Lord God had made.  One day he asked the woman, ‘Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?’ (Genesis 3:1)

Our contemplation point:

Did God Really Say . . . ?

Boom.  Deadly doubt cast in one simple question.  As the author points out, no need for satan to force Eve to eat the apple.  Planting that seed of doubt is all it takes.  Our minds take it from there.

Why didn’t satan approach Adam rather than Eve?  God gave the directive directly to Adam.  Satan, in his craftiness, knew that.  Male or female, when we hear something secondhand, we’re not as sure of what was actually stated.

Of course satan went through Eve!  Women are particularly inquisitive and open.  Eve took it a step further.  She added to what God said, claiming He said to not even touch it (Genesis 3:2-3).

Don’t we do that?  Do you get excited and embellish things to make the story more flowery?  Maybe not you, but, I’m sorry.  Me!  And others, too.  (And not only women, y’all.  A man’s big fish story comes to mind – wink.)

Also, are we not the more compassionate of the two sexes?  More open to suggestion?  I can see how my hubs would have given Satan a resounding no!, end of story, back-off before I knock your block off, things like that.

Also, Adam doesn’t get a pass on his response.  He could have spoken up, maybe even stopped Eve before she ate the fruit.  He could have refused when she offered it to him.  Why did he go along with it and not say a word?  (Was Adam blindly lovesick, madly in lust, or what?)

Que the part where we’re supposed to take every thought captive.  Uh…now would be the time.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, (2 Corinthians 10:5)

If we allow satan’s deceit to control human desire, the next step leads to the next, and the next, and boom!  The thought becomes sin in action.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.(James 4:7) Click To Tweet

That one simple question, if we let it, can get us going.

Did God really say…?

Did God Really Say...
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Then we see the temptation more clearly.  This ages-old process is still our pattern for sin.

  • SEEing is the first step to sin.  Eve saw that the tree had delicious looking fruit.
  • COVETing is the next step.  The pleasing looking fruit offered knowledge and wisdom.
  • TAKE-ing was Eve’s fall.  She reached out to take the fruit.  Eve ate it, and it was good.  She offered it to Adam, and he had the same response of seeing, coveting, and taking.  And then, what did they do?
  • HIDE!  Their eyes were no longer on God but on themselves, suddenly aware of their nakedness.  So, they hid.

What is our response when we sin?  In what ways do you cover it?  Does it lead to more sin?

What did David do when he saw Bathsheba from a distance on the rooftop?  He could have looked away and not allowed the sight of her beauty to take root.  He could have held captive those thoughts before they became sin.

David’s thought (from seeing her) became desire (coveting), which led to sin (taking her).  How did he hide it?  David had Bathsheba’s husband killed in battle; he negotiated a specific target for his demise.  To hide his sin.  So he wouldn’t be found out.

David’s example is one of a million ways we can hide our sin.

In what ways do you hide even the simplest of sins?  How do we hide the fact that we gave in to temptation?

We lie . . .

We cheat . . .

We steel . . .

We kill . . .

What else?

Because of our sin, God is faithful to redeem us.  He gave up His son, Jesus, who died on a cross as our sacrifice for sin.  He arose again and lives in the hearts of all who have faith in Him.

This was all in our Lord’s faithful plan from the beginning.  Our beginning was the perfect and beautiful garden.  Perfect warmth and contentment there . . . in perfect relationship with God, as well as with all the animals . . . all in creation perfectly harmonizing God’s grand design for relationship with Him.

Until . . .

God knew we would fall.  He knows our worst enemy and of what he is capable.  Our faithful Father has provided ways for us to fight, block, and nullify the enemy.  It’s written in His Word.

I’m much like Eve, aren’t you?  Easily deceived.  Led into temptation.  Satan wants to take God’s place in our lives.  But he can’t, not without our consent.

In our hearts we can stop asking,

Did God really say . . . ?

Because I know what our faithful God said.  It is written in His book.  All I need do is read and apply it.  And make new habits accordingly.

Does this give new perspective on four simple words of satan?

Because He lives~

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  • Mary Foley

    Hello Kim
    Happy that you reached out to me this morning! I too have pondered this and asked how could this have happened so quickly in the garden… That beautiful place of innocence and purity… So it goes back to God who allows us all to be tempted and tested for us to see where we are in our faith and to challenge from time to time. Faith comes by hearing Gods Word which is All Truth.
    But if we can maybe picture the scenario of how this would have taken place, the scriptures only say that God came down to walk with them in the cool of the day, no other visitors, and so the serpent appeared and made himself appealing and “like” he was “good” and knowledgeable which had to be of some interest to Eve to have a conversation with. So many variables to consider how Adam overlooked and didn’t question why the serpent was communicating with them. Both Adam and Eve had not been exposed to evil at this point, Adam did not recognize the threat of being challenged, although he was highly intelligent.
    I know God foreknew all that happened, but He still had Mercy for them and all who were born since that time. Maybe God was saying to us all in the beginning, that this was a testing and we who profess His Son Jesus which is the Word made flesh and our faith in His Written Word, not if we will be tested but WHEN we are tested and undergo trials and hardships, we can know He is Faithful and Just!
    Have a wonderful Friday Kim!

    • Kim

      Yes! Imagine Eve being approached by one of the friendly (no fear among creatures in the Garden) serpents/companions, without guard against a danger she didn’t know could exist. Surely anyone would have been just as naive. Praise the Lord for His love and mercy! I enjoyed all the points you bring out. This post could have been so (too) long, so I depend on friends to bring out more points to prompt more contemplation. Thank you for visiting again. I love hearing from you. Blessings, sister!

  • Jennifer Smith

    Faithful Friday – I love even the title of this series! And happy Friday to you! I hope that you are enjoying a sweet day. Oh how much like Eve we all are…it is hard to criticize or even wonder “how in the world” when we take a serious look at ourselves! But certainly, the only way to really answer, “Did God say?” is to KNOW what God said. To be women in the word is the only way to stop the enemy before he can say another word! Loved the thoughts and the encouragement this afternoon!

    • Kim

      Thank you, Jennifer. I really enjoy our chats! Surprisingly, I was in a mess in the past and didn’t know it. Being in God’s Word daily is no “guarantee” to always recognize satan’s lies, like in my case. I guess any of us could find ourselves with an element of Eve-like naivete. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!) But, the Lord is faithful to break through and rescue us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  • Laurie

    Wonderful post, Kim! Oh, those seeds of doubt. They are insidious. They creep in when we least expect it. One sin leads to more sin. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

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