Gluten-Free Veggie Fritters

Delightful Veggie Fritters

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

Last month, I joined my long-time Christian women Facebook friends who formed a group for supporting others (and one another) in their quest for better health, fitness, weight-loss, or whatever their goals may be, health-wise, and also for fun and fellowship. Isn’t it always easier to do the hard things when we have our friends along?

While I don’t follow a “diet plan”, I strive to feed my body what it needs for the most healing benefits (for MS and lung cancer).  The weight-loss goals of most women are understandable.  It can be such a struggle, and I know because I’ve been there.  I enjoy reading successes of others and cheering them on, even though my goals are different now.  The fitness encouragement and reminders from the group are always helpful, too.

Soon, my friends at Jubilee Journey – Faith-Fitness-Fellowship were sharing new recipes I could try.  And, you know how I love trying new recipes!  I apologize for not sharing this one sooner.  Let’s just say, it’s been a busy summer.  You know.  I’m sure that’s the case for you, as well.  And I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer!

Healthy Veggie Fritters

I suspect these fritters may make new healthful believers out of your family and friends.  They are so delightful.  There was truly no better word to describe them.  Hence, the name of this post (grin).

Cooking fritters

This Easy Gluten-Free Veggie Fritters recipe from Alyssa at Simply Quinoa comes with a warning (my warning).  These fritters are addictive!  When you make a batch, expect to eat them ALL yourself.  Not necessarily in one sitting, but you will long for the time for your next meal when you can have more.

If you are like me, you’ll make excuses for snitching between meals as if it were CHOCOLATE.  Yes.  I know.  (And these fritters are so healthy, eat away – no guilt!)

I only made one substitution to Alyssa’s recipe, which you may not think is necessary.  I used grapeseed oil for cooking since my taste buds have begun to say “ewe” if I use too much coconut oil.  I have acquired a taste for many healthy things, but coconut oil appears to have traveled the opposite direction.

Since these fritters require a good bit of oil, I thought grapeseed oil was worth a try.  And, it was a success, as you can see from my addiction status.

Are you ready?  Grab Alyssa’s recipe here and notice her fritters are perfectly round, expertly shaped.  But, don’t worry.  It’s no shame to have wonky fritters like mine.  The taste is so perfect, you won’t care if yours are imperfectly shaped.  🙂

Gluten-Free Veggie Fritters

Have fun with this new, healthy, tried-and-true menu item.  It’s perfect for a side dish, and I often chop up a couple of leftover fritters to add to a lunch salad.  So yummy.  Or, have them with eggs for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast:  In my somewhat lax blogging schedule this summer, I snapped random pictures of my breakfast plates along the way.  In my next post for strengthening our temples, I plan to share those breakfast inspirations with you.  A friend recently asked for ideas, so I thought you may also want to see those ideas.  Would you like that?

Do you eat strange things for breakfast sometimes?  Like what?  Surprise me.  🙂

Please remember:  No matter our season, we can face tomorrow . . .

Because He lives~


P.S.  I hope to see you over at the Jubilee Journey – Faith-Fitness-Fellowship group for some health encouragement, fun, and fellowship.  (Click the JOIN button, and you’ll be in the group as soon as your request is accepted.  And, of course, they will accept because you are my friend.)

P.S.S.  And, thank you, Alyssa, at Simply Quinoa, you cutie-petutie!  🙂



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  • Debbi Saunders

    The Veggie Fritters look delicious Kim! I just printed out the recipe for myself and a good friend that suffers with gluten intolerance…. I can’t wait to try them…. You continue to be in my prayers and I hope that are doing well ….


    • Kim

      I hope you and your friend like the fritters, Debbi – as much as I do or even more, if that’s possible. Thank you very much for your prayers. I hope you’re having a wonderful week! 🙂

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