Contemplating 52 Questions

Contemplating 52 Questions

Did you have a blessed Valentine’s weekend.  I hope so!  And, maybe you had time to prepare for our wintry weather this week.  I hope you still have power and are warm! 🙂

Onward to today’s topic.  Do you receive devotionals but save them for later?  If I receive a devo as a gift when already into another one, I shelve the new one for the next year (or month, etc., whatever the duration of my current one).

Several years ago, I even received four devos at one time as a thank-you to hubs and me for hosting a DNOW weekend for our youth.  It took a while to read through all of those, and others were shelved along in there somewhere.

With no signature inside, I have no idea who gave me The Jesus Code.  I don’t always remember to write in them, noting who gave the book to me.  I’m so bad at keeping track!  All that to say, The Jesus Code appeared on my radar last week when (still!) organizing books after our move.  Endless, and not near finished, y’all.

But, that’s OK.

I’ve got time, especially on rain/sleet/ice days like today.  Rare in the south but a reality this week.

Lemons?  Make lemonade, remember? 🙂

The Jesus Code intrigues me, and I now plan to use it in conjunction with my Word for Year 2021.  (So helpful to regularly integrate my 2021 word.  I need reminders! Do You?)  The book poses 52 questions from the Bible, one for each week of the year.  With a late start, I may rush my contemplation of a few questions.  Or, I’ll stretch it into 2022.

What a thought, the year 2022.  What will that look like?  No need to contemplate 2022 since we can’t even imagine all of 2021, right?  Plus, why add to my list of to-dos in my Spiritual Seeds Planner* with monthly focus-Fruit-of-the-Spirit that I already contemplate each day?  I do love it all.

Why?  Because . . .

The Jesus Code author, Dr. O. S. Hawkins (BBA, MDiv, DMin), states he found more than 150 questions from Jesus in The New Testament alone.  Even more were spoken by Jesus but never written down.  ’52 of the written questions of Jesus’ is the basis for this book.  Or so I thought.

What a beautiful day to begin contemplating questions from Jesus.  Thank you, my Northern friends, for sharing your winter with us, more beautiful there with the snow, for sure.

Contemplating 52 Questions

Surprisingly, the first question to contemplate is from Genesis.  A question from satan.  (Gee, Dr. Hawkins, what a twist with which you begin!)  I don’t like satan.  I’d much rather hear from Jesus.  Wouldn’t you?

We’ll discuss it more later in this week’s Faithfulness Friday post.  (If you don’t currently get my posts by email, you can get them straight to your inbox in my right sidebar, at the very top.)

It’s always good to begin at the beginning, right?  Dr. Hawkins gives us something to contemplate immediately in the introduction:

Think about that.  Our omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing) Savior was always asking questions. . . . Those who continue to grow in spirit and in wisdom ask a lot of questions. We have reached a dangerous point in our spiritual journey when we feel that we have all the answers and we stop asking questions.  (Quotes by O.S. Hawkins in The Jesus Code.)

Yes!  Jesus didn’t need the answers.  He was prompting us to ask it of ourselves.  To know and understand Him.  And our faith.

If you’re interested in The Jesus Code, find it on Amazon*.  If you order with any of my links*, I get a small commission.  (Thank you, if you use my links – smiley face.)  Even with no payment, I would recommend this book.  It is a thought-provoking, faith-growing resource!

What a great idea it is to review the questions asked by Jesus!  To dig deep inside and contemplate our answers.  To grow our faith and trust in Him.  To conquer any doubts.  The reasons can go on and on.

Do other reasons for contemplating Jesus’s questions come to your mind?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  🙂

Because He lives~

By the way, 2021 Spiritual Seeds Planners* are still greatly discounted at half off.  I’m thoroughly enjoying mine for spiritual growth, and I think you would, too!

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  • Jennifer Smith

    Hi – I’m new to your blog…and have so enjoyed my short time already looking around! I have never heard of this book (although I do have a few devotionals shelved and in need of pulling out!) but it does sound so interesting – as does reading your thoughts on Friday! I will be back tomorrow:) Our winter weather was a bit underwhelming this morning. Lots of sleet (not fun) and no real snow. Just a cold mess. I did enjoy the fireplace though!:) God bless –

    • Kim

      Oh, Jennifer, I just went to your blog and read your testimony. We are soul sisters! The deep pain you endured is exactly why I started ETS – to encourage women in those tough, tragic seasons. I am so sad for what you went through! And, I’m sorry.

      My devastation came in a different form than yours, but God’s grace brought us both through. And, we now have compassion for those in deep pain like never before.

      Beyond that, we have so much in common. I also love mornings – all of them, even Mondays. I love Bible studies and editing (which can be a curse sometimes, especially when I look back and see errors of my own that I didn’t catch). Cognitive decline is a real thing! It’s so nice to meet you, friend. I feel like we just sat down to have coffee or tea and a chat. Wouldn’t it be great if we could for real? Thank you for leaving your comment. I look forward to hearing from you again soon and will surely do the same on your blog. Glad you are staying warm. Hugs, my new friend! 🙂

  • Jennifer Smith

    A hot drink and a chat (on your just lovely front porch) would be delightful!! I am thankful for this online way to drop by for a visit. Imagine me calling, “you woo” over the fence:) Happy Friday, friend!!

    • Kim

      I would love that! I’m thankful for this online way, as well, and love a visit from a neighbor, either virtually or for “real”, in person. Virtual hug, friend! 🙂

  • Lisa notes

    2022 – no, I can’t even imagine it yet! But maybe I should try to. Hopefully it’ll feel normal again. 🙂 Whatever “normal” is.

    I’ve not heard of The Jesus Code but it sounds very intriguing and a great way to integrate your word Contemplate. I definitely need reminders myself.

    We have enjoyed our snow but it’s almost all melted now. Thankfully we never lost power either, kind of a rarity for us.

    So glad you linked this at our One Word linkup!

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