meat and coronavirus

Some Comparisons Between Meat and Coronavirus

Happy Faithfulness Friday!  You’ll find this Faithfulness Friday post to be different from the others so far.  Today’s faithfulness passages are from Numbers 11.

The difference between this post and the others is that I took the opportunity to discuss things on Facebook Live yesterday rather than putting it all in print for you today.  I put on mascara, which doesn’t make much difference, but mascara made me feel better – more put-together and fully dressed.

Side note:  Are you going without makeup these days, wearing your pj’s or yoga pants all day?  Do tell!

Back to our topic today, you’ll want to read the entire eleventh chapter of Numbers – or at least listen to it on your Bible app – either before or after seeing the video.

Numbers 11

How does our topic today relate to meat?

. . . now the Lord will give you meat, and you will have to eat it. (. . .)  You will eat it for a whole month until you gag and are sick of it.”
Numbers 11:18b-19a (emphasis mine)

Does the time-frame in this verse sound familiar?  That’s only one small hint of how meat and coronavirus relate.

Maybe you can think of other points that connect or even contrast these Covid-19 days and the topic of choking on meat.  Cough it up!  Ha, shameless pun intended, y’all (wink).  Seriously, share your additions in the comments below because I’m sure there are things my brain didn’t quite put together.  I’d love to hear your views.

I’d also like to know how you’re handling all this seclusion.  What’s keeping your sanity in check?

Thank you for being here.  God keeps my sanity in check, of course, but you do too.  I appreciate you very much!

Because he lives, we can face tomorrow~

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  • Robin

    I’ve been reading but haven’t been commenting lately. Something always gets in the way. Lol

    That was really good. I had never looked at this virus that way. And I liked the video. Call me lazy but I don’t always have time to stop and read. I can listen to a video and multitask !

    Not bored over here at all.
    I have a whole basement to keep me busy (No. STILL not done that dang floor redo lol )

    I’ve been busy listing patterns and fabric and making a little bit of mad money on eBay with all that. Oh and flips flops are a big seller. (Every summer I buy a ton of flip flops from Old Navy when they are $1.)

    Pjs … yes …. most days ! Yoga pants are my usual “uniform” ( unless it’s really cold them it’s sweatpants lol) and today I am wearing yoga pants.

    Waiting on my computer to cooperate so I can print out eBay labels and head to the post office.

    I’m hoping my son is home so I can drop off his organic blueberry bush. (No contact) because I will be in the area. I have to go to the produce store. He works on cars so he is working part time for a friend. I have some things for his GFs son, too. I’m sure homeschooling him is a full time job. Lol

    I thank God every day that we didn’t have something like this happen when my son was younger. Somebody might not have made it out alive. (Hahaha!) He was a tough one with his ADHD.

    Back to the blueberries…..We have an awesome blueberry farm in Hammonton NJ. People have come from around the world to buy them because they are so hardly in the cold weather. We haven’t “done” blueberries before. Super Teen planted seeds ( in November she won’t be a teen anymore!!! We will have to call her Super20. Hahaha) in her raised bed. And she has 4 blueberry bushes that have to go into the ground.

    I have been making more trips to the store than normal because finding organic stuff and the other things we can eat has been a royal pain since they are not always in stock. And I wind up paying more than our budget allows. It took me 4 weeks to find chlorine free TP, it was super expensive, and when it got here the boxes had been ripped and they fell out and were put back in kind-of, and the box was taped. A whole bunch were unusable. So I’m dealing with the seller who is dealing with the shipping company. The seller should know you can’t expect a 42 pound box of TP in flimsy cardboard to ship well. They should have put in inside another box like other companies do.

    But it is what it is. At least we have some and have food.

    As a family we pray more. As a church we pray more. We’ve had our share of internet issues as a church but that is what replay is for! Lol

    We’ve been a bit spoiled because we had (gluten free, sugar free vegan chocolate chip) waffles one Sunday and church started online before we were done eating. The “waffle lady” (ST) said “you get them when you get” them because it isn’t a fast process, so whatcha gonna do? Lol Quincy got a WOOF-Le and of course he almost bites your hand off. Ha!

    So I’m going to kid with the pastor and ask him if he is going to provide waffles during service once we are back in church. Ha!

    Quincy is doing well despite not hearing and cataracts. He does seem to hit his head more often now because he can’t judge distance as well. His “smeller” works just fine though! Lol
    You can’t sneak up on him too often. He smells you before you get there. Lol!

    Praying for you and yours!

    • Kim

      It’s so good to hear from you, Robin! ST is nearly 20? That’s nearly unbelievable (until I count the number of years since CQC days – ha). It’s nice to hear an update on Quincy. I guess he’s getting older, too! Poor guy, it must be hard to manage with sight and hearing issues. Maybe he needs a little helmet for protection? You are productive and not sitting around, eating bon-bons! Great to hear about your eBay ventures. Great work with the blueberry bushes. Impressive! I’m glad your family is doing well – or so it seems. Love and prayers for you all! 🙂

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