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Christmas Blessings

Merry Christmas!

If you came to be with me here from my blog at the former Curtain Queen Creates, you might remember Rocky Henriques.  He’s a preacher and author who offered us his Kindle e-book freebies from time to time.  I still enjoy his books!

Rocky is very giving and offered to help me with needs like designing book covers in the past.  I visited his Facebook page here recently, where he shared this wonderful image at no charge for non-profit use.  Of course I took him up on the offer so I could share it with you.  😉

Rocky Enrique Christmas ImageImage Source

With the addition of L-O-V-E, this image Rocky designed grabbed my attention immediately.  Because of God’s love, we have reason to celebrate on Christmas.  Our celebration encompasses more than just Jesus’s birth.   As Christians, we see the complete picture of love in the birth, sinless life, ministry, and sacrifice of God’s son.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus with also His sacrifice and resurrection in mind…the blessed LOVE gift of our Lord!

Without His Holy completion of our redemption story (Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection), his birth would be meaningless.  The absence of the sacrificed Lamb of God who arose on the third day means there would be no purpose for Jesus’s presence on this earth at all.  But, Praise God, He arose!  We are in awe at His joyous birth and His glorious resurrection.

One of Rocky’s books that I read was one I didn’t get to share at the old site because my body fell apart suddenly last year.  I had no idea at the time how I would need this book later for encouragement in the fire!  You can click the image below to read about Rocky’s book of 45 devotions at Amazon*.

I feel bad about wishing everyone Merry Christmas as if we all are in a season of making merriment.  I know many people who have lost loved ones this year, and that makes Christmas impossible for merrily joining in on the celebrations as if everything is the same as before their (your) loss.

So, to all of you I say:  I wish you a blessed little Christmas.

In the darkest of times, our Lord provides blessings to show Himself to us…to show us His LOVE.  Christmas blessings to you all, each and every one whom He loves.

Because He lives~

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