casting your cares

Casting Your Cares

What do you do when all you hear is no after no from God?  Have you been there?  We can get weary in any season of life when we get continual answers of no.  And, in a tough season, you think the solution (for which you plead through prayer) would be the perfect ending.  The happy ending of a Hallmark™ movie.

And . . . by the way, God, how about now?  Please?

Since waiting in expectation of God working things out according to your plan is unrealistic (He IS God, after all), why not cast your cares onto Him and no longer worry about those problems that seem to consume you?

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
(Psalm 55:22)

When you cast a fishing line, you throw the bated hook away from you.  The goal is to get the hook far away.  Way out there, where you can no longer reach it or grab it back.  Getting a fish on the line at that point is no longer up to us.  It’s up to the fish to bite the bait.  Right?

It’s the same when casting our problems to God.  We cast them away from us and upon Him.  And then we wait and rest.  Our problems are no longer in our court (or boat), so to speak.  God is handling them.  (He always was, when we were trying to control it ourselves – insufficiently, I might add.)

castingy our cares away

Casting gives action to our trust.  When we cast our problems onto the Lord, we take action in our circumstances.  Casting our cares on God frees us from control, which is merely in our minds because God is ultimately in control of everything.  Not us.

. . . casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
(1 Peter 5:7)

We can rest when we are certain our future is in God’s hands.  When we don’t trust Him with our circumstances, uncertainty sets in.  Uncertainties cause us to fear the future.  I’m sure you are aware of all the verses in God’s word that tell us not to fear.

Where do your uncertainties and fears lie?  Finances?  Health?  Relationships?  We all have uncertainties – and in many areas.

Take action by declaring to the Lord verbally each day that you cast your cares upon Him.  Relinquish your inadequacies, yield to His ability to control things.  His divine, perfect, and mighty ability far surpasses your own.

Give up your grasp on control.  Cast your cares on your Heavenly Father.  Enjoy a sense of peace that comes from true rest in Him.

How have you been handling your cares in this world?  Would you like to try casting them in action and with faith?

Because He lives~



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  • Maria Isela Sandoval

    Thank you Kim!
    I’ve had a control issue for so long and I do struggle, because when I think I’ve let it down on the altar then something happens and It is here again!

    Loved the analogy with casting the fishing line: “It’s the same when casting our problems to God. We cast them away from us and upon Him. And then we wait and rest. Our problems are no longer in our court (or boat), so to speak. God is handling them. (He always was, when we were trying to control it ourselves – insufficiently, I might add.)”

    Your words give me hope and encouragement!

    Love you! Big hug and prayers!!


    • Kim

      I know it’s hard, Mari! And, I’m glad the Lord is sticking with you on this and helping you. He truly wants you to release it. Glad I could help. Big hug, and thanks for prayers!

  • Susan Angulo

    Really enjoyed this post and this blog in general, as it’s all true!

    I first met you on a Shoebox trip to Atlanta, and you were talking about creating a blog. Fast forward many years, and I’m tuned in to this “sister story,” while dealing with rrMS.

    I especially appreciate your Bible-inspired encouragement and your natural recipes & methods. Perhaps this “Casting…” post is my favorite, along with your 3-ingredient shampoo recipe/demo.

    Thank you, Kim, for sharing your story and journey!

    • Kim

      Thank you so much, Susan! Sorry to hear about the MS diagnosis. I hope I can encourage you in some way. We sister embracers need to stick together! I’m very happy to know you’re following along. Hugs and God’s blessings to you!

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