How to Boost Your Healthy Tea Time @

Boost Your Healthy Tea Time

In my last post (How Anything But Optimal Health Limits Us In All Seasons), I kept thinking, “With so many healthy additions to my meals these days, where do I begin?”  God gave us His perfect food to keep us healthy.  He designed our bodies with a restorative ability gleaned from the nourishing foods we eat.  The problem is that man changed the food, insinuating that fresh fruits and vegetables are plain, boring, not tasty, and not good enough.

The truth of if it is that we get very little nourishment from the popular foods of today.  It takes a targeted effort to include foods that pack a nutrient punch for optimal health.  When you stop eating refined foods and basically anything else that comes from a box, your taste buds change.  Things taste sweeter, richer, and well, tastier!

I eventually decided to begin at my beginning each day . . . hot, healthy tea rather than coffee.  (Nothing wrong with coffee if that’s your choice.)  Tea time first thing in the morning becomes, for me, sometimes-several-tea-times throughout the day.  Very often, tea time includes healthy snacks, desserts/treats, and even an occasional breakfast food that tastes like dessert.  You cannot beat that!

We’ll get to those other things later, but for today, let’s begin with making healthy  tea.

How to Boost Your Healthy Tea Time @

Three Main Contents of My Healthy Tea:

  1. The tea itself
  2. A protein boost
  3. A healthy fat


Two different types of tea are my favorites for building health – oolong tea and very young green tea leaves called “white” tea.  They are both healthy for different reasons, so I alternate them.  I’ll share the white tea option soon.  To avoid confusion, today we’ll discuss Trim Healthy Mama’s  Oolong Tea*.  Most of the time, I get two servings from each tea bag.

For the calorie counters among us, oolong tea has a higher calorie burn than most other teas.  Its powerful fat-burning properties help prevent obesity.  One study found that people who drank two cups of oolong tea per day burned over 157% more fat than those who drank the same amount of green tea.

Ancient Chinese writings state that oolong prolongs life.  The Trim Healthy Mama Plan* book (link from Amazon*) reports that oolong’s caffeine content is significantly lower than coffee but it robustly boosts vitality and energy.  Oolong lowers blood sugar, reduces stress, and decreases free radicals.  Study after study are discussed in the Trim Healthy Mama Plan* book.

God gave us His perfect food to keep us healthy. He designed our bodies with restorative abilities. Let's eat the nourishing foods God provides! Click To Tweet

THM products fulfill many of my health needs (and with much better prices than other on-line options without compromising quality and health benefits).  Since I’m a THM affiliate, I will receive a small commission for any of the links you click to purchase their products.  I promise that’s not why God led me to share healthy additions, y’all!

I have wasted so much money ordering on-line products that I used and didn’t like.  All of these THM products I use every day – and like them very much.  If you scroll down the product pages, you can review the health benefits of each item, but there is a lot more information in their book.


The first addition to my steeped oolong tea is  THM Integral Collagen*.  It comes with a scoop, and I stir half a scoop into each cup of tea.  Some people like a full scoop, but since I drink at least two cups of tea per day, half a scoop is plenty.

Back in the day, we cooked meat on the bone, and we got regular doses of collagen.  These days, everything seems to be boneless!  We miss out on the bone benefits.  Integral collagen is a healer of joint pain and arthritis, improves hair and nail growth, and improves skin elasticity. (Something we all need at fifty and beyond!)  There is a long list of benefits in the THM Plan book I mentioned earlier.

Spoiler for this next picture . . . there’s a future dessert/snack/treat recipe I’ll be sharing soon.  Drumroll . . . (wait for it) . . . Healthy Almond Joy™ Hack (coming soon, y’all).

Tea Time Treats

Notice the scoop of powder.  That’s the THM Integral Collagen.


Yes, I said fat.  Healthy fats are satiating.  Our bodies need healthy fats!

So they ate, were satiated, and were well nourished,
delighting themselves in your great goodness.
(Nehemiah 9:25b)

The final step to making healthy tea is to drizzle in a little (about 1/2 tsp) of THM MCT Oil*.  MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, the premium part of coconut oil extracted for the purest of the best!  MCT converts into energy quicker than glucose but without the sugar rush and subsequent desire to nap!  Among many other attributes, MCT is the lowest calorie oil that also suppresses appetite.  Read more about this brain-healing, trimming product at THM’s web page for MCT Oil*.

THM doesn’t claim the brain healing part particularly, but this source explains the brain benefits of MCT.  Research is always beneficial!  I use MCT oil for brain health (to help restore the nerves damaged by MS in my brain).  MCT Oil helps fight yeast growth (the harmful type called candida) and aids other bacterial issues, as well.

Many brands of MCT Oil have a similar bottle (and packs a much higher price than THM’s high quality MCT).  The MCT container itself is a little heavy, clunky, and not easy from which to pour.  I found this pitcher at Tuesday Morning, and it’s perfect for pouring and refilling securely as needed.  The cork lid comes off easily without falling out while pouring.  That would be a mess!

MCT Oil Container

As with other oils, a ceramic or dark tinted glass is preferred to eliminate any damaging light from filtering through.  Any solid pitcher would work, though, so use whatever works best for you.   A lid of some sort is nice.

That completes our healthy tea!  I listed many benefits of using quality products for making healthy tea.  It is only a short summery compared to the information in the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book.  If you geek out  on details, good for you.  Here’s the book link* from Amazon that shows the front cover.

Also of note when buying healthy products is the questionable quality of some non-reputable on-line sources.  Why take a chance?  THM is meticulous about purity and quality, and I trust them.  I hope you don’t mind me sharing all the links for products.  That’s not my usual, for sure, but how better to show you how to get started easily and successfully?

It takes a little while to gather the products that benefit your health, but you’ll get there.  You’ll soon see a difference in how you look and feel.  I did.

How to Boost Your Healthy Tea Time @

I remember, after including THM’s health boosting additions for two months, my skin had a glow.  It confused people because they’d learned of the MS and lung cancer diagnoses.  I guess I was supposed to look closer to death, but I had a new vitality and energy that was unexplainable to others.  But I knew.  It was in large part from the Lord!  And a small part from the way I was eating – obediently, healthfully, and without hunger or guilt.

So they ate, were satiated, and were well nourished, delighting themselves in your great goodness. (Nehemiah 9:25b) Click To Tweet

Next Saturday, I’ll review quick and healthy breakfast ideas.  Then we’ll move on to lunch and dinner recipes for savory meals.  Along the way, I’ll throw in some special but healthy treats to enjoy.  How does that sound?

I hope to see you next Wednesday for a true story of how we can be Jesus to others.  Warning:  prepare for a tear-jerker.  It was for me as I remembered and wrote – and my empty tissue box proves it.  Happy Saturday, happy weekend!

Because He lives~

Update:  The tea is very good iced, as well.  Read comments below about that.  🙂

*Affiliate link.  See disclosure here.

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  • Rhonda

    Kim, You know we love our iced tea here in the South. I am not a fan of hot tea. Have you made/can you make iced tea from the two you recommended and how many tea bags do you use?

    • Kim

      I was making my lunch just now and finished swallowing the few drops of leftover tea from breakfast. It’s cold, but I like it just as well cold as hot! I was wondering why I didn’t mention that in my looooong post. (Head slap!) And, then I read your comment. I’ll go in and add that cold fact somewhere because, yes. It is very good cold! I prefer sweet tea when drinking cold tea, so I personally would add some Stevia – and possibly a squeeze of lemon. 🙂 To make a 2-quart pitcher, I would use 3-4 bags of the oolong tea. (Add to four cups of boiling water, steep, and pour into a 2-quart pitcher. Fill to top with water – or leave at full strength. Bottom line, fill water in brewed tea until it’s the strength you like). Oolong continues to bleed out its goodness during a long steep time. I’ll review the white tea later. It’s not as strong as the oolong, so you get one cup per tea bag of white. Thanks so much for the reminder. We southerners do love our sweet tea! Happy Saturday hugs!

  • Diane

    Thanks Kim for the great information and for sharing your recommendations. I have started drinking green tea first thing in the morning. Will definitely check out oolong.
    God is good,

    • Kim

      You are welcome, and thank you for chiming in with what you do. Green tea is very good – even better in some ways than Oolong, so keep it up! Yes, God is so good. 🙂

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