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I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day as we paused to ponder the gifts of life and service from our military service men and women.  It’s hard to imagine our thanks being enough for the sacrifice of so many.

Thank you all who added to my list of hard seasons we face in life (in this post).  After adding your suggestions to my list, it grew from fourteen to twenty one!  You’ll see the finalized list in the book when it’s finished (hopefully later this year).

God first gave me this book title in January of 2015, only it was to say “Scared to Sacred (with the stroke of a pen)”.  A transcription swirl would show the switch of the C and A to change the SCARED to SACRED.  After learning about ease of understanding book titles, I adjusted things slightly.  Hopefully, this gives a clear understanding of what the book is about.

I like to play around at PicMonkey and iPiccy for making my own designs.  After the first play session, I knew I needed to note the author, and I tweaked the wording of the subtitle a little more.  Embracing is what I’m all about these days, so I decided to use it – again.

I expect to get the book cover professionally done, so this is only for your benefit today.  It was fun to play around with, though.

There are seven chapters in my outline, but the way God is changing things along the way, I have no guarantee of sticking with seven chapters.  So far, each chapter is simply longer than expected, so it may outgrow the size of an ebook.  We’ll see . . .

Tell me in the comments below.

Would you like to see a listing of the chapter titles (or at least what I have so far)?

Here’s a hint.  After the introduction, the word S-A-C-R-E-D is spelled out with the first word of each chapter title and then ends with a wrap-up chapter, totaling seven.

All this is tentative, you understand.  God has control of this thing, not me!  I made the outline under His direction in the beginning, and having a starting point and a guideline is very helpful.  But, you know how God throws surprises at us sometimes.  🙂

And, when He does it’s always amazing and wonderful.  Because HE is amazing and wonderful!

Because He lives~



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  • Pam Richardson

    Kim, I love the title…it is perfect. I am so excited for you writing this book and I will be anticipating reading it. Wishing you a beautiful day and blessings always my friend!

  • Eva Faris

    Had no idea you were writing a book ? It sounds so good, can’t wait to read it. Love the fact that God is leading the way and you are following His lead. Hope you are having a good day and yes summer is definitely here. In my younger days we had definite seasons and couldn’t wait for summer, as I’m older now , the cooler weather is best. Still, part of me does like summer, flowers, trees, humming birds and bees. Early morning and late afternoons ARE best. Take care, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Kim

      Thank you, Mrs. Eva. I don’t know how we stood the heat during summers! We had no a/c in our high-school and burned slap up when school started in August. Everyone took typing one period per day because that room was air conditioned! I agree with you about the things we enjoy these days during summer. Hugs! 🙂

  • Heather

    We are still in winter/early spring here. It is currently 65 degrees and looks like it could rain at any moment. An extended family member just wrote a real (paperback) book and has it on sale through I am wondering how he published it.

    • Kim

      Wow, your weather is so much cooler there! Part of my delay in writing is because I took a course about publishing e-books. It was very helpful, and I hope to carry that out. 🙂

  • Belinda

    Love it all!! That is so amazing and thank you so much for allowing God to direct you every step of the way. It is such an encouragement to me as I feel like I’m missing something in my life and I want God to direct me as well. He has directed us that this is the year for us to put our house back on the market so we did (after it not selling 2 yrs ago but that’s another God story) and our house sold in 2 days!! Now I’m realizing what a “secret hoarder” I am and the amount of wasted money, time in moving the ‘stuff’ all around, etc. Wow!! I am so thankful!
    God bless until next time,

    • Kim

      Thanks, Robin. I appreciate your encouragement. I hope all is well with you and your family. Give Quincy a belly rub for me! 🙂

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