Psalm 116:9

Because…I Trust Him

I’m so sick and tired of Satan’s attacks.  Are you?  He starts with your own family, and when the devil sees he isn’t causing you to let go of your faith, he starts in on your friends.  Or, for you, it could happen in the opposite direction, or a mixture thereof.  Either way, we are commanded:  Do not fear!

A little over three years ago, I was in the midst of a family crisis when a high-school friend posted on Facebook that she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Her faith was strong and bold!  I was thrilled to see her handling her situation so well, and I sent her a private message containing the verses I’m reviewing today.

I return here often because I find that I need to hang onto these verses. . . to calm my fears. . . for strength. . . a steadfast heart. . . and to trust.

Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever.  They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.  Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; in the end, they will look in triumph on their foes.  (Psalm 112:6-8)

Repeat the verses again slowly with emphasis on never, forever, and they will.  Does that calm your soul?  How we long for no fear of bad news!  What’s around the bend?  With one trial (or ten) behind us, we know another is on the horizon.  But, how far away?  How bad will it be?  We do not have to live in fear and in dread of tomorrow.  Our hearts are secure.  God sees to it when we are faithful and obedient to Him (righteous in His eyes).

With God by your side, you need not fear.

When yet another friend calls with a new prodigal situation, I have a tendency to despair, lament, and cry out to God, “Why?”  We will never understand God’s ways.  He allows the hard seasons in order to accomplish His own purposes.  And, then it can be so beautiful in the end!  Meanwhile, during the waiting, the lamenting, the wringing of hands and fretting, it’s so hard to understand God’s purposes, which might include:

To draw you closer through His Word,
To display His power and glory through it all,
To bring you to reliance upon Him completely,
To teach you to pray more regularly, desperately, and fervently,
To provide lessons in the waiting,
To display boundless blessings in the valley,
To align your will with His own,
To loose the grip of your control,
To lift up your chin with tender care,
To show you His love…closely and clearly.

And so I walk in the Lord’s presence as I live here on earth (Psalm 116:9)…because I trust Him.  God is faithful and true!

Are you tired of Satan’s schemes?  When finding rest in the midst of trials, do you feel God’s presence beside you?  That’s my prayer for you today.  Our Lord is beyond sufficient, and He is with you.

Engulfed in His blessings~



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  • Gerry

    Hi Kim, I can’t tell you what an inspiration you have been for me. My prodigal son after one year has finally written a touching letter to me and very contrite I might add. This has only happened through a lot of prayers and novena’s. You are truly a blessing in this Satan filled world, and there are days that I have a hard time finding Jesus in others!!! When I read your blog I am lifted up and can look forward with optimism.. God bless you and may your health be restored.

    • Kim

      Thank you for your kind support, Gerry. I’m so glad I’ve been able to help you in some way. Your wonderful news is very encouraging, and praise God! 🙂

  • Pam Richardson

    Kim, thank you for shining the light of God’s goodness and glory. Your posts encourage me, knowing what you are walking through. None of us know what lies in the next second, but God does and He cares. My small group has been discussing and studying scriptures on fear and anxiety. We spent one session on Psalm 46:1. Blessings, hugs, and prayers sweet friend❤️

    • Kim

      It’s great to hear from you, Pam. I hope you and your family are well. Things are very good here. God is giving me amazing health. He is so good!!! Hugs! 🙂

  • Dale S.

    Thank you ,Kim for sharing this message and these verses! You have encouraged me today! Love you, friend!
    God is good! Great is HIS faithfulness! 🙂

  • robin

    Always encouraging. That is who you are. My friend sings “God said I got this”….and even though she hasn’t sung it in a while….those words echo through my mind every time I talk to or even THINK about my son. He had the kidney biopsy. Results next week. They released him Tuesday with meds. Evidently is is sooooo hard to get the meds for him (authorization) because young people usually do not require them. They SAY his kidneys have been damaged for a long time. I say THEY ARE FINE! In Jesus name! I will not claim any illness he has No lupus. No arthritis either.

    I am also claiming that the the spot on my father’s lung IS NOTHING. His heart “issue” is NOTHING. His other health issues are NOTHING BUT A TRICK. The enemy wants him to have lung cancer, like my mother did. He already HAD his turn with cancer. He breezed through that Prostate Cancer treatment like it was NOTHING. I acted like nothing was wrong with him. God made me feel no fear. He wasn’t even tired from the radiation, like they said would happen. I had NO DOUBT then that he would be FINE. And now, The enemy is trying to place doubt in my mind. NOPE! God said “I got this.”

    As for me….somehow I picked up a cold. I woke up sick Wednesday with pain in my throat. No warning. I find that very odd. I usually get a scratchy throat or sniffy 1st. And I only get a cold once every few years. I’ve been resting more the last few days. (And BLOWING! LOL) I skipped prayer meeting/bible study Wednesday…not because I wasn’t feeling up to it…but because I did not want to spread GERMS to the older people.

    I did do some basement work. Moving stuff around…today. And Thursday ST and I went to get a cedar wardrobe for $30. Ya know I was giving a testimony as to what God has done, is doing, and things He promised TO DO for me. I can’t help myself. LOL This is my 2nd cedar wardrobe. I need 2 more. I’m using the older chrome wardrobes (That are covered with canvas…from Lowe’s) as rolling carts for my tubs of “stuff” . I took the canvas off and the clothes bar off. I can fit about 6 tubs on each one. I love the wheels….so easy to move the tubs now!

    ST wants a Bday bash (Nov 1st she is 18!) so I have to GET MOVING on the organization. JUst need to find 2 more cedar wardrobes CHEAP to get the clothes and seasonal bath towels/bedspreads/shower curtains/extra pillows and blankets/beach towels organized. Gee. I might need THREE with all that stuff! LOL

    Q says hi. He is such a good friend to Sampson, his classmate. He is helping socialize him so well. He let Sampson know he is fed up with his “kissing”. Q barked at him last week. Q barks at us all day, but he is extremely tolerant of dogs…barely ever barks. But when he has had enough….you know. LOL

    ST was at her friend Gabby’s….the one with Rocky, Q’s Yorkie friend. Rocky and Q have a “marking contest” every time Q is over there. That is ALL they do. So…ST’s bag was on the floor. Rocky must have smelled Q on it….and yup….peed on it. LOL! He is a brat. LOL

    • Kim

      So sorry to hear about your cold. I added the kidney issues with your son to my prayer list. Please keep me posted. You are smart to not accept disease as a part of who your son is, i.e. “his” kidney problem. Claiming it blocks healing, I believe. I can hardly believe it’s been almost another year already since ST’s last birthday bash. Time flies – 18! I know you’ll make it fun for her and her friends. 🙂 Have fun rolling your boxes around. Great idea!

  • Robin

    I hadn’t talked to him in a few days (losing track of time while feeling EH this week). So I texted him yesterday. I told him I was coughing. He knows from the past what goes on with me and the dern cough. Lol So he first asked if I needed anything. (Odd. He knows ST and Rev are here. And he lives 40 minutes away. And he shouldn’t be NEAR a sick person ) He thanked me for being with him while he was sick and crying with him when he was upset. (My eyebrows raised. ) Then he said ….I’LL SAY A PRAYER FOR YOU. I almost dropped the phone. I see a softening. Albeit quite small, it’s there. He also confided in my mom. He cried then too. The boy is not a crier. He is the tough guy who gets mad when he is hurt. Well, that is what he has been PORTRAYING. MY BOY is a sweet sensitive guy with a big heart. I haven’t seen that side in a very long time. When he was 2 I had a migraine and he said “ You go lay down. I’ll watch tv or a movie. “ He could operate the VCR. He was a technical whiz all the way back then.

    One would THINK that 15mg of steroids a day would make a person on the angry side. (I get roid rage with a tiny dose!). I’m amazed. Just amazed.

    And he has A PLAN. He never had a plan before.

    ONLY JESUS COULD HAVE DONE ALL THIS! And He is far from done!

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