Tooth Brushing Powder

Amaze Your Dentist In 3 Steps With This Tooth Brushing Powder

“Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean.  Your filth will be washed away, and you will no longer worship idols.” (Ezekiel 36:25)

I went to the dentist last month for my yearly oral check-up.  It was the same story this year as it was last year.  As my dentist examined and dug all around in my mouth, trying to find anything worthy of clearing or scraping away from my teeth, he commented on how well I clean my teeth.

And then he said the most surprising thing.

I’ll give you the obligatory teeth cleaning as part of your normal yearly exam, but you really don’t even need it!

He said the same thing last year, but I’d never heard that from a dentist in my life until then.  Do you want to know the secret to amazingly clean teeth?  The easy (and cheap) processes I wish I’d known about nearly a lifetime ago?

Amaze Your Dentist!

Step One:  Begin your day with oil pulling.

You only need to do this for ten minutes once each day.  A larger amount is recommended (some sources say a tablespoon – yikes!), but I use a half teaspoon because the volume of larger amounts grows and grows with saliva pouring in for a huge mouthful that too easily seeps out of the corners.  I say that so you’ll know the amount to use can be adjusted if needed. 😉 Go ahead.  Call me the saliva queen (grin).

For oil pulling (aka swishing for ten minutes as you go about your morning routine), I use coconut oil (about 3 tablespoons in a tiny glass jar) with three drops each of peppermint, orange, and Thieves (by Young Living) essential oils.  Try different oils until you find what you like.  Don’t discard the oil into the sink after the swishing session.  Coconut oil hardens when cold, and you don’t want to clog your pipes.  Spit it somewhere other than your sink (or shower) drain.

One idea is to collect it in a jar under the sink and then dump occasionally into the trash.  I prefer to put mine into a paper towel rolled up – to quickly whisk away into the trash can.

The practice of oil pulling eliminated tooth pain I’d experienced for many years.  Who knew?  Years ago, I asked the dentist about the dark areas above the upper gums in my dental X-rays (in the pockets left by wisdom teeth extraction).  He said it was infection that would somehow absorb and dissipate.  Somehow?  Absorb by what and to where Well, it never did somehow, and when the pain started years later, I remembered those X-rays.  Argh.

Step Two:  Brush with this tooth brushing powder.

After eating breakfast and again before bed at night (and when leaving home to be with people during the day), I brush with my tooth powder.  This is what’s left from my first batch that I made eighteen months ago.  You’ll be amazed how long it lasts – with ingredients you probably have in your pantry/spice cabinet.

Tooth Powder

Three ingredients for tooth powder:

High Mineral Salt by Trim Healthy Mama*, on sale now through my affiliate link.  A great source for minerals in which most Americans are deficient.  Himalayan pink salt is a good source for even more minerals, so use your choice.
baking soda
ground cayenne red pepper

Don’t let the cayenne pepper scare you.  You can use the amount your desire, and I recommend adding one teaspoon at a time until you get the amount of zing without too much heat.  Cayenne provides germ-killing and pain-relieving properties, so please don’t leave it out altogether.  It stimulates the gums and reduces swelling, too.  Read more about dental health here.  (A very interesting article!)

Tooth Brushing Powder
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Amazing Tooth-Brushing Powder Recipe

Surprise your dentist when he can't find why he/she should clean your teeth!


  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup Real Salt (THM recommended) or Himalayan salt
  • 1-6 teaspoon(s) organic cayenne red pepper (no more than 2 tablespoons required)


  1. Grind salt to a fine powder in coffee grinder. Pour into half pint canning jar.

  2. Add baking soda and stir.

  3. Add cayenne pepper one teaspoon at a time, stirring mixture (or shaking lidded jar) and testing between additions. You want to feel a zing when you brush without more heat than you like. You'll know when you get there. The zing is actually refreshing!

  4. Lid jar and shake until thoroughly combined. Either use right out of the jar or fill another container you desire. for day-to-day use To brush, dampen toothbrush bristles and dip into mixture. Brush at least twice daily - morning and night - and enjoy!

    Tooth Brushing Powder with Zing!

Step Three:  Flossing

I’ve read that you don’t need to floss if you do oil pulling each day, but I’m addicted to the feeling that flossing gives.  It’s that feeling of squeaky-clean with nothing stuck between my teeth.  So, you be the judge.  You’ll know if you can’t stop flossing, as well.

This article tells us that good oral health is essential for overall wellbeing.  We always knew oral hygiene is important, and thanks to the interwebs ;-), we now enjoy learning the whys and hows.

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This brushing powder is all I use exclusively when traveling.  On overnight trips, I use a tube of organic toothpaste.  It’s just easier that way, but I always miss that really clean feeling until I get home to my tooth powder again.

Quick question:  If you do oil-pulling, how do you discard your oil after use?  Just curious.

His blessings~

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  • Robin

    5 stars
    I spit my oil directly into the kitchen trash can after oil pulling, since there is usually a paper towel or 10 in there already, to absorb it. I like your recipe and am definitely going to make it. I’ve been dealing with after effects from a root canal since 2009. I am supposed to go see the biological dentist on Monday because now that my crown is loose I might as well just do it. It’s a VERY expensive thing if I have to have all of that flushed out. I could actually be the root of all my health issues. So I have to do it if there’s an issue with it. I have no idea how it will get paid for though. Eeek!

    I used to use a Waterpik every day. (I got lazy. It requires distilled water and cleaning often). And I didn’t even need to floss at all! My teeth didn’t need to be scraped much if at all. I need to get back to that!

    I was one of those people who didn’t have a cavity. Ever. Age 38 came around, and … well… one little cavity… and one pregnant dentist later…. and drilling in too far…. and that is why I have a crown now. Then ya have the other dentist who couldn’t figure out why I had pain and sent me to the endodontist who decided it must be the tooth next to it ( even though the X-ray showed it to be fine) so he did a “preventive” root canal. There is no such thing. He just created another possible bacteria issue for me requiring another crown. ( I say God isn’t going to allow it!) People who gauge like that shouldn’t be allowed to continue practicing.

    Anyway…. lol

    Monday I’ll find out what the next steps are. TODAY is the dermatologist….I have a mole on my leg that is looking like an enemy and about 100 other “ freckles” and spots ( man we get so many after 50! Lol) that I can’t see because they are on my back so I’m going to basically have to strip down to nothing ( eeek. My bikini bod is long gone!) so she can check every inch to make sure we have no other enemy- looking suspects.

    I would have not noticed this mole had I not been wearing a certain pair of shorts and been standing in the kitchen while my husband was sitting. He saw it. So who knows how many months it was scheming against me while I was wearing PANTS

    I’ve got so many other things I’m dealing with right now that I don’t have the energy to drum up concern about this issue. Lol

    My son still has a lot of kidney issues and his meds are making him not able to work. He has to sell all of his car parts and who knows how he is going to pay his bills. My parents are now tapped out and can’t help him anymore. They all need prayer.

    And we’re being persecuted by neighbors. Yep. All because they found out my husband is a preacher. So what. They already knew we went to church. It’s very childish actually. I treated them like I do everybody else. Actually I’ve gone above and beyond for them by saving their runaway dogs and giving them dog food coupons. Even after they started cursing out my kid for walking the dog past their house on the other side of the street I was still nice. No one ever preached to them. No one ever said a negative word to them. No one ever did anything but be nice. Well now we don’t even look their way. And that makes them madder and they curse more.

    People who want to be tolerated and left to live their alternative lifestyle in peace are the most intolerant people of all. I want to live MY lifestyle in peace as well. But it’s a sign of the times. They are trying to take our religious freedom from us and make us conform to their beliefs. That isn’t FREEDOM.

    • Kim

      Hi, Robin! Thanks for sharing your process after oil-pulling. I’m sad you’ve had and continue to have such dental issues. It’s hard to trust the dentist after they make a big mistake to cause you problems. I am praying for a good resolution for your skin issues, your son, your neighbors, all you discussed. God will work it out. He fights our fights, so keep on living for His glory, girl! I know you will. We agree on the intolerance. Right is wrong, wrong is right. I keep reminding myself of that verse. It helps to know God knew it would be a thing before we knew it, and He warns us in His word. To Him be the glory. Hugs and blessings! 🙂

  • Robin

    5 stars
    I made this recipe before bed and just used it! Oh. My. Gosh!!! I feel fresh from the dentiSt! Now I’m a spice wuss so I only used 2 tsp cayenne pepper. For now. Tomorrow I’m making some of this for ST…the new HS graduate!!!!…and my husband. Then some for my parents. Then I will talk my son into trying it as well. This is super stuff!!! I’m soooo glad you shared this because I was determined to start using my Waterpik again and when I went to use it ….dead. Microwave also has an issue… and I have to now become an appliance repair tech since a repair tech is way to expensive. (I know to stay away from the capacitor). Here we go with the “let’s attack their finances and get them off focus” … yet again. This is getting old. Lol

    So… back to the teeth…now I don’t NEED the Waterpik anymore! ST and I go to the dentist in August. We will surely have a great report for you!

    My moles….toe is a normal mole. Thank goodness because THAT HURT! Lol I did NOT want to have any more needles jammed into a place with so many nerve endings again!

    Leg is a Spitz Nevus with atypical something or other (it’s written down in the other room) so I has to be totally removed. Doc said it’s one of those things that could turn into melanoma eventually. So it’s gotta go. I have to see a plastic surgeon because it’s more difficult since it’s on my leg. Calling my family doc in the am for a recommendation. God told me it was not cancer. The enemy kept saying it was. He also said to look up alternative melanoma treatments. At 1st I thought that was MY idea. But then I realized it was t. I said “NO! It’s not cancer so why would I bother? That is a waste of time and energy! “ He said “just do it so you have the info.” Nope. I didn’t. I was not in agreement with what he was sneakily trying to do. He wanted me to doubt what God told me. I put my faith in my Healer!

    • Kim

      I am shocked that ST is finishing high-school already! Bless her heart – and yours. I’m glad you like the tooth powder. Cheers to your crew shocking the dentist next time. I’m sorry about your appliance troubles. Glad you don’t still need the Waterpik, though. I’m so happy to hear about your good skin report! 🙂

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