Hi! I’m Kim Hood. Thanks for stopping by.

My husband and I are empty nesters living on farm land in North Mississippi with three horses, two dogs, and a homing pigeon that appeared after the last hurricane on the eastern coastline.  We have two grown children but no grands yet.

God introduced me to the Embrace This Season website name when I was smack in the middle of our prodigal season.  I was deeply entrenched in running a blog for creating the home we love to live in.  A new website?  What was God thinking?  Months later, the Lord gave me a book title.  What was going on?  I wasn’t a book writer!  Three years later, our prodigal had returned when I suddenly faced two major illnesses.  That’s when God began to unfold His new direction for me.

Seasons we experience in life can be stinkin’ hard sometimes!   Devastating blows can come through job loss, financial hardship, divorce, infidelity, infertility, prodigal child, sudden illness, disability, death of a loved one, loss of a home, or any number of things.

In a life-long list of hard seasons, I’ve experienced pretty much all of them except death of my spouse.   (I don’t expect that to happen any time soon, but we never know.  With my illnesses, Hubs has a high chance of outliving me, and I’m fine with that.)  Our prodigal season was by far the most devastating, emotionally traumatic, and heartbreaking.  In those long months of brokenness, I learned to trust our Heavenly Father completely.  After that season, I knew I could handle anything else.  Not because I’m tough or special.  It’s because my God is Tough and Special!

No one expects (nor desires) to hear the words, “You have cancer.”  But, we never know what’s coming next.  Do you live in fear of your future tough seasons?  I believe God has allowed me to walk through all the valleys of my life to encourage you through similar seasons and valleys in your own life.  If experience makes me an expert, then call me a tough season expert!

God created us for His good work through the tough and triumphant seasons.  In His strength, we can go forward boldly no matter our circumstances.  We must choose to continue learning, growing in faith, and moving forward gracefully through each season before we meet our Glorious Jesus in heaven some day.

I pray these blog posts will encourage you and inspire you to endure and even embrace your hard seasons and be bold for the Lord as you live with Christian authenticity through all of life’s seasons.