The Paradigm

A Book You Won’t Want to Miss – and Why

I didn’t start out expecting to give you book reviews, but what I just finished hearing on Audible is one you won’t want to miss.

It seems that people are lost without the regular activities of normal life.  Things are definitely NOT normal right now, are they?  The Covid-19 epidemic has us in a quandary.  Fingernails tapping on the counter.  What to do.  What to do….

Listening to books on tape was something I used to do while cleaning house.  Cleaning house isn’t an all-day activity for me anymore, nor even for half a day.  In small snippets of time, I do laundry, cook, or run the vacuum, and then I sit down for a bit.  And, sometimes it’s for much of the rest of the day.

If you haven’t tried Audible and you don’t want to wait until Amazon is shipping  books again, this Audible link* (click image below) will get you there.  (And, yes, I’m an Amazon/Audible affiliate, so if you use this link, I will get a teensy payment.  So, thank you!)

I do like listening to my books by Audible.  Whether up or down, I enjoy being connected to something interesting and positive – like a good book, a favorite podcast, or music.  I realized recently that I haven’t read anything new by Jonathan Cahn in a while.  After viewing comments on his recent titles on Amazon, I chose The Paradigm for my Audible credit I received for this month.

That’s the beauty of Audible.  Once you get going, you make a monthly payment (the average price of a book), and you can accumulate credits for later or use immediately for your next audio book.  I have over 50 titles in my library at this point.  Some I enjoy hearing over and over.  The Paradigm is one to which I will return for repeated “listens”.  It’s that good.


Jonathan Cahn has a more recent book out, but since my mom already has the hard copy, I figured I’ll be reading it at some point.  Also, The Paradigm had high reviews, and I liked the comments from reviewers on Amazon.  It seemed like the perfect read.  And it is.

Why The Paradigm Is The Perfect Read

Reason One:

Aren’t we all needing more activities we can do (entertainment we can have) at home during our confinement from Covid-19?  That might be reason enough right there.  If you need more reasons, read on.

Reason Two:

A Paradigm is a pattern.  Cahn shows how ancient paradigms from the Old Testament (in this case, both books of each of The Kings and The Chronicles) are repeated in current day events.  The original pattern highlighted in this book, along with the repeat in recent history (and some quite current) are stunners!

Since I’ve studied King Ahab and Jezebel (and you have, too, if you read my Faithfulness Friday posts from Second Chronicles, When You Need to Stop and Make a ListThe Trouble With Alliances), it was very interesting to find out the current-day players.  You won’t be particularly shocked by the characters from what we’ve seen first-hand over the last thirty years.

The timing involved with the repeats of the pattern compared to the original paradigm time frames is uncanny!  I’m now inclined to return to my studies and see the original pattern again for myself – and more closely.

Reason Three:

Are you wondering what’s ahead for us?  As you complete this book, you’ll be interested in seeing what’s in our future – with current and future political players.  I know for sure I will look for new “players” on the scene and how they line up with patterns we can find in the scriptures.  It is eye-opening!

Cahn wraps up his book by helping us with future events yet unknown.  If you’d rather order the actual book, I understand.  Unfortunately, I hear Amazon isn’t shipping books as priority items right now.  So, if you can wait, order your book from Amazon by clicking the image below*.  (Again, I get a small commission if you do that, and thank you.)

At Christmas, my mother-in-law loaned me a book about the end times by David Jeremiah.  I’m no longer shelving it and got into that one immediately after Paradigm.  It’s comforting to know that the end times are farther away than we may think by looking at society today.  We feel we could be days away, but I see now that’s not the case.

It will probably be a while before finishing an actual book, but you may want a review of that one when I’m finished.  So far, David Jeremiah’s book is good enough to make me occasionally escape from TV time at night – when hubs lets me get away with it (wink),

I hope you are staying safe and taking care of yourself.   Confinement can cause us to have mental health issues.  Ask me how I know!  God is great at keeping your mind occupied on Him when you dig into His word.  Pinkie promise.

What is the hardest part for you during this time of social distancing?

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow~

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  • Rhonda

    Oh Kim!! You’ve certainly piqued my interest and I can’t wait to read it!!! I love to research history and especially to see the Bible’s place in it and how God wove and is weaving it all together.

    Since I’m considered an essential worker, I haven’t had a lot of extra time. I still come to the office every day but just not seeing clients face to face if I can keep from it. Without normal activities, I can’t keep straight which day of the week it is because I have no reference point for each day being any different from the others. All of this is surreal and I am wondering how and when we will ever feel safe again, not social distancing. I think about the repeated waves of the illness which are projected throughout the summer, fall and even next winter. I too believe that we will have some mental health issues to deal with, at least heightened anxiety levels for everyone. Makes me wonder how the English (and others) handled the constant threat during WWII and appreciate all those who sacrificed so much of what we would consider ‘normal life’ during that time.

    But we can say, “I don’t know about tomorrow, but I know Who holds my hand”.
    Love and blessings,

    • Kim

      Amen, Sista. Our faith is in God Who is above all things! I’m glad you don’t have clients “in your face”, spreading germs. Prayers for the Lord’s protection while you carry on your essential tasks. Thank you for continuing your job while fearful for so many! Hugs, friend. 🙂

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