30.10 Praise Challenge

30-10 Praise Challenge is Here!

This praise challenge is the perfect way to renew your mind and bring peace and joy to your life!

All week, I have been looking forward to sharing this with you – this thirty days of praise for ten minutes each day.  I’m so excited for you!  You will quickly feel renewed and energized – more in love with the Lord than ever.  Loving life again – afresh. 

30-10 Praise Challenge @ EmbraceThisSeason.com

Whether you’re a little sad these days, somewhat depressed, greatly shaken, or singing happily, praising God will transform your life.

What prompted me to write this challenge of praise?

I hate to admit I’d become very hard to live with.  (Poor hubs!)  My attitude reminded me of the old days of PMS.

“It isn’t me.  Why is everyone else  so hard to deal with?”

In the cycle of PMS horriblemones,  you eventually realize that it isn’t everyone else.  It’s you!  You’re the problem!  (Please tell me I’m not the only one who did this!)  Maybe my recent experience was a post-mental pause relapse of PMS.  I don’t know, but my attitude had to go.

Got those moods a swinging, tears a slinging, nothing fits me, when it hits me, ranting, raving, misbehaving, PMS blues.  (Dolly Parton)

When I finally realized my problem was nothing other than ME,  it was time for drastic measures.  The praise challenge turned out to be a divine cure.  Want to join in?

Praise ChallengeChange your focus.  Be transformed.  Find joy, peace, and a fresh perspective through the power of praise.  God’s power is truly amazing, and we release it somehow when we spend time each day in praise to Him.

God commands us to praise (Hebrews 13:15).  He defeats our adversaries through our praise.  He ordains it.  The book of Psalms is filled with examples of praise when we are happy, sad, having success, or in times of trouble and great distress.

This praise challenge is the perfect way to renew your mind and bring peace and joy to your life! Click To Tweet

I personally wrote and tested this praise challenge.  I’d intended to test it for a full month.  The problem is this:  I got to Day 3 of the challenge, and God used it to change my life to such an extent that I wanted you to have it right away.  I suddenly experienced joy in every area (without any changes to my problems or circumstances).

The changes were in me.  God is so good to renew our minds when we give Him our devotion, focus, and most of all – praise to our holy Father.

You might be afraid you’ll run dry of fresh ways to praise God after a few days of ten whole minutes each day.  To help you, I include a daily prompt with simple inspirations to get you started through your thirty days of praise.  My list of verses for praise isn’t all-inclusive, and I only scratched the surface.  There are many more examples in the Bible – especially Psalms – for praising our Lord.

God is so good to renew our minds when we give Him our devotion, focus, and most of al-- praise to our Holy Father. Click To Tweet

To start victoriously renewing your mind, click the image below to download the 30-10 Praise Challenge.  If you currently receive my posts by email, check your inbox – the link should be there for you now.  🙂

30.10 Praise ChallengeWarning:  You could get carried away with this.  Quickly, I found myself going longer than ten minutes and no longer noticing the time.  Very soon, you’ll realize you’re praising God all throughout each day.   It’s similar to keeping a gratitude journal, but there is so much power in praise, and God is our focus, not our blessings!

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30-10 Praise Challenge @ EmbraceThisSeason.com

So, what do you think?  Will you try it?  Are you with me?


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