• A Motorcycle Trendsetter
    Christian Living,  Healthful Season

    Me, A Motorcycle TRENDSETTER?

    I love motorcycles with sidecars!  Not that I’ve ever ridden in one, but talk to me here.  Aren’t sidecars adorable?  How I wish for one of those someday.  Sort of.  I have a scary thought of rounding a corner and hubby forgetting to allow room for the sidecar, and SNIP!  I’m a goner – cut right out of the picture.  Ha!  What a fun way to go, though, right? God gave me a love for laughter.  How about you?  As I wrote my last post about our recent motorcycle trip, I laughed about what I must look like to other people.  (Here’s the trendsetter  part, y’all.) Imagine this.  You’re having…

  • Well, then. LIVE!
    Christian Living,  Healthful Season

    Well Then…LIVE!

    Why didn’t I write a post for nearly two weeks?  (Where does the time go?) My last post was for those of you in a prodigal season, The Best Remedy:  Live Your Life!  Well, that advice can apply to those in a season of illness, as well. I guess you might be wondering where the heck I’ve been and what the heck I’ve been up to. Here’s What I’ve Been Up To: I’ve found that when you eat healthy foods, you feel so good that you’re ready to start doing life  again.  Others might think you’re crazy and may advise against it.  But, I feel when you’re battling illness, you…