• A Step in Faith
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    Steps in Faith

    A friend at church recently commented that I didn’t have my walking stick with me.  I told him I’d chunked  it!  At the time, I’d decided to keep the stick in my car rather than in my hand because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).  Can I get an AMEN? Granted, I’m not in a wheelchair.  I’m blessed to have only needed a stick for steadying my steps.    I’m NOT saying you need to chunk your stick necessarily if you need one to keep you from falling.  And definitely don’t chunk your wheel chair if you need it! Today, I’m sharing something God…

  • Soothing Tongue
    Christian Living,  Seasons of Illness

    Don’t Name It As Yours

    In a sort of sideways continuation of my last two posts about harmful thoughts and spoken words, today I’m addressing the statements we make about “our this” or “our that”. If you have an illness or a medical condition, do you name it as yours?  Do you speak of your diabetes, your autoimmunity, your heart condition, your…whatever it is that’s not working correctly?  I’ve learned that when we claim illness as our own, it becomes a part of us.  In other words, if we name it, we claim it. How can we heal from something if we accept it as part of our very identity? With so many Bible verses…